I Shudder to Think

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Father Lonigan convinces Pretty not to tell Luis, Eve stops the execution and breaks the truth, Vincent is arrested.

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At the prison, Father Lonigan tells Pretty that there are evil forces at work and something must have gotten a hold of Sheridan to make her try to kill Theresa. He warns Pretty not to let evil get its hold on her too; she should let Luis die believing that Fancy is really good. She refuses; Fancy hasn't suffered enough and if Luis is dying for a lie, like everyone says, than at least he can die knowing the truth. The priest thinks that the truth will only make things worse for Luis. The suffering he is enduring is enough. Pretty is sure that she is not evil; she is just evening the score. He can't see what she is now that she has been deformed. After having more reconstructive surgery than all of Hollywood combined, she is still hideous and it's all her sister's fault. After some more debating with the priest, she starts to wonder if she should change her mind though. Lonigan offers to give her and her sister counseling. She agrees and admits that her fight is with her sister, not Luis. When the priest leaves, she begins to look at her scar in the mirror.

In the death chamber, the warden reads the sentence to Luis and asks him if he has any final statements. He doesn't, other than to reassert his innocence. The warden nods and his men strap Luis down as his family stands around the glass crying. Sheridan runs to the glass screaming. The warden warns them all to calm down. Whitney arrives to comfort Theresa while she waits for the execution to begin. The women cry out as the drugs start to flow into Luis' veins. He tells Fancy that he loves her and Sheridan almost begins to hyperventilate. 'He wasn't supposed to die,' she starts to gasp.


Julian sits with Vincent, warning him when he sees Chad arrive. Chad moves to Whitney's side. She can't believe that no one has come forward to save Luis. In the meantime, Eve is still trapped in the closet. As she pounds on the door, she tries to find a way to break out and save Luis. She prays to Grace to help her do the right thing. Finally, she breaks the door open and runs out and into the execution room. 'Stop the execution!' she shouts. Vincent wonders what his mother is doing. 'I shudder to think,' Julian says. Eve runs into the execution chamber and takes out a taser, threatening the warden and the guard away from Luis. The warden calls Sam in to take her out. Everyone rushes in behind him. Eve explains that the first injection only made Luis unconscious and they can still save his life. She begs Sam to trust her on this and tells everyone to back off while she revives Luis. The gathered crowd starts to realize that if Eve would stop the execution, she must know who is really guilty.


Simone arrives and Kay stops her before she can go any further. She explains that Eve is trying to save Luis. Simone is baffled: Why is her mother trying to save the man who murdered her lover Rae? Whitney comes out and hugs her sister, breaking the news to her that they've finally found their long lost brother: It's Vincent. Simone cringes a bit and, looking back to see him sitting there watching, wonders what he is doing there at all.


As Luis wakes up, he wonders if he is in Heaven. Paloma tells him that they were all so upset they were going out of their minds. 'Some more than others,' quips Theresa. The warden commands them all to step aside and demands that the execution continue. Sam intervenes, demanding that Eve be allowed to explain how she knows that Luis is innocent. Julian and Vincent get nervous while Eve begins to explain. She points to her son, Vincent, and says that he confessed to both murders. Vincent turns and starts to walk out when Simone runs after him, grabbing him in a headlock. He wrestles away and tells her that he killed Rae on purpose just to make her suffer because she got all the mother's love. Simone grabs him by the throat as Sam demands that the guards take him away. Sam goes back to Eve and asks her how long she has known this. Everyone becomes outraged when she admits that she's known the truth for some time. She wanted to come forward before, but she felt too guilty for failing her son. Julian knew as well, she adds. Everyone turns on him. Pilar screams at him and smacks him across the face. He protests that he was only trying to protect his own children. Eve continues apologizing and people give her credit for finally coming forward, but even Ivy finds Julian's behavior disgusting.


As Vincent is cuffed, Chad reveals that Vincent also tried to kill Whitney at the courthouse. He calls his former lover the devil and Vincent begins to taunt him. Simone wonders how he can be such a monster. Vincent doesn't feel like a villain though; it's Eve that's the villain in all of this, he insists. She abandoned him like he was just a mistake. Chad tries to use all of this to lay the blame on Vincent for the affair, but Whitney won't accept his excuses. Eve steps forward, announcing that her son did more than just murder and arson. Julian wishes that she would shut up, but she can't stop herself now. She tells everyone that Vincent is the notorious blackmailer. Everyone is shocked (except for Sheridan of course). Vincent tried to burn Ethan and Theresa alive; had sex with Jessica; tried to kill Fancy at the hospital; abducted Ethan; shot Jared and forced Theresa to marry him. Vincent gloats as Sam arrests him for murder. As he's dragged out, he calls out to Julian for help. He promises his son that he will do what he can. Julian shakes his head; how could Eve betray their child again? Now he'll be condemned to be the poster child for murder and mayhem. Eve doesn't think that he cares about their son; he's only worried about what this will do to Crane Industries.


Fancy and Pilar walk Luis out of the execution chamber. Simone apologizes to him and then everyone turns back to Sheridan's attempt to murder Theresa. She says that she was forced by Vincent to try and kill Theresa to save Luis. She just couldn't lose him. 'You've already lost me,' he points out, accusing her of turning into Alistair. When Sam is about to arrest her, Theresa stops him and refuses to press charges. She can understand Sheridan's behavior. Sam says that the DA will have to decide what to do. After Sheridan walks out, Sam turns to Julian and Eve. She's ready to accept all of the consequences. He tells Sam to talk to his attorney. Luis thanks everyone for standing by him and happily kisses Fancy.


After leaving the room, Sheridan finds Pretty and tells her what has happened. Now she needs Pretty to tell Luis the truth about Fancy. This is the last chance she will have to get him back. Meanwhile, Father Lonigan returns to his church to pray for the soul of Luis and that Vincent will be revealed. Suddenly, the angel statue becomes animate and begins to talk to him. They tell him that the worst isn't over. In fact, the worst is on the way. Harmony will reek of evil.

Next on Passions:
Sheridan pressures Pretty to help her fight back.

Vincent strangles Eve.

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