Is it a Miracle or Just Endora?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Ethan finds Theresa and Gwen electrocuted, Father Lonigan tries to talk Pretty around, Luis' family and friends grieve, Endora turns back time.

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Pretty wakes up in a cell at the prison after being knocked unconscious by Pilar. As she gets up from the floor, she finds Father Lonigan walking down the hall. He already knows that Pilar was forced to knock her out to stop her from ruining Luis' last moments. She is defiant and still wants to ruin her sister's life. The priest tells her that she's too late. Pretty is disappointed; she wanted Luis to know that his angel is a monster. Lonigan tries to excuse Fancy, but Pretty can accept no excuse. Spotting a monitor that broadcasts the execution, she sees that she really is too late. He tells her that she should be praying for Luis, but she's busy smiling while she watches her sister cry over her dead lover. She gloats over her sister's grief before the priest reminds her that she used to be a nice and happy girl. She certainly was, but all of that was stolen from her. He knows what that is like: He was blinded and that made him bitter, but he knew that if he gave into that bitterness, he would lose his soul. Beauty comes from within and the only person who can take that away is yourself. She starts to think that he may be right. Enthusiastically, he tells her that she may still be the Pretty she once was. Then she snaps, claiming that the person she was is as dead as Luis and hoping only that Fancy twists in pain for the rest of her life.


In the execution viewing room, Sheridan begs Vincent to stop the lethal injection. He tells her that it's too late. She's killed Theresa and lost the man she loves. He tells her to look on the bright side; at least she got rid of terrible Theresa. 'I couldn't have done this all for nothing,' she cries. When she looks at Pilar, she feels even worse. 'She looks like a survivor to me,' he shrugs. In the death chamber, Luis flatlines and his family begins to cry and pray. Pilar can't understand what kind of God would let her innocent son die like this. Ivy walks up to the glass to try and comfort Fancy as she cries. Miguel feels sick and walks out. Ethan leaves in search of Theresa. The warden pronounces Luis dead, but becomes annoyed when Eve is nowhere to be found. He starts calling for her through the intercom. Julian wonders where she is, much to Ivy's annoyance. As the warden commands the blinds shut, Fancy runs back to the glass to cry.


Pilar begins to speak to God, accusing Him of not being the merciful father that she believed Him to be. 'You took my son!' she screams. Now she doesn't know if she can ever have faith again. Paloma rushes into her mother's arms as they cry. Moments later, she prays to God for His forgiveness. She's in a lot of pain, but she still wishes that she had died rather than her son. Still, she will continue to have faith 'miracle or no miracle.'


Down the hall, a wandering Ethan discovers Gwen and Theresa's bodies. Stepping over Gwen, he tries to revive Theresa and yells at Gwen. When Gwen starts to wake up, Ethan asks her what is going on. She can't remember. Theresa starts to wake up as he demands to know who did this to her. 'It was Sheridan,' she says weakly. He thinks that she must be confused, but she explains that it really was Sheridan who electrocuted her. Gwen didn't see her, she only saw Theresa shaking and, when she touched her, she was knocked out. When she was shocked, her body must have fallen back and knocked off the power switch: Gwen saved Theresa's life, Ethan realizes. Gwen doesn't want any gratitude: 'I would never intentionally save your life,' she makes clear. She doesn't want her dead...well, not yet anyway, she thinks to herself. Theresa tries to stand up so that she can get to Luis and say goodbye, but Ethan stops her: It's already over. She begins crying in his arms.


At Tabitha's, Spike continues to struggle in his cage as he tries to warn the ladies of the bomb in the house. While Norma and Edna start to engage in bawdy banter, Tabitha reminds them that there is a child present. When Norma brings up her daddy, she begins to cry and Tabitha sends the child up to bed. A wheezy Spike warns them that the bomb will go off in a minute, but Tabitha suspects that he is just looking for a way out of the cage. They finally start listening to him, asking why they should listen to him at all. He insists that it's true: He planted the bomb itself. Tabitha plugs her ears while he continues to scream and jump around frantically. Upstairs, Endora crawls under the bed and looks at the time bomb. She reads the numbers as they count down but reverses them before they hit zero. As the bomb starts to count up, Norma and Edna find her and bring her out so they can read her a bedtime story. They take her down to kiss her mother goodnight first. Before she can go to bed, a news bulletin comes onto DirecTV. It says that Luis has been executed. They're all speechless for a minute, even Spike. Edna is glad that Beth isn't there; it would break her weasel heart. Norma wonders what they'll do with his skull. Edna suggests that Tabby bring Luis back from the dead and do something good with her magic for once. She won't do it, but Endora thinks that she can pull it off. Tabitha wishes they wouldn't put pressure on her daughter. Endora wants to do it anyway and begins to wave her hands. She sets time back and then announces that it's done. Tabitha leaps up and looks in her bowl, finding that Luis is alive again.

Next on Passions:
Theresa demands that Sheridan confess.

Vincent taunts Sheridan, suggesting that she'll be the next one executed.

Tabitha finds the bomb.

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