Execution Day

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Theresa is electrocuted, Luis is given lethal injection, Eve tries to get free to stop the execution, Spike is tortured while he tries to warn Tabitha about the bomb.

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At Tabitha's, Norma and Edna are talking about the major new show coming to DirecTV's Channel 101 on September 17th. After the theme music from Passions plays, we can hear Spike screaming upstairs as Fluffy attacks him. He tries to turn the bomb's timer off, but Fluffy keeps clawing at him. He manages to run downstairs while the ladies sit around eating breakfast. He tells them that there is a bomb upstairs, but they don't take any notice, calling Fluffy over to attack him again. 'Don't play with your food, eat it,' Tabitha says as he tries to fight her demonic pet off with a chair. Spike continues to scream about the bomb so she finally calls Fluffy off. He starts to thank her and kiss her feet before she asks him about the bomb. When he tries to run away, she stops him, reminding him that dying isn't a big deal-- she's already done it a few times–they have worse things in mind for him. 'This whole place is going to go!' he screams. She mutes his mouth and they all laugh as he screams silently and makes ludicrous gestures. Endora zaps him into a gilded cage in the corner and Tabitha starts to sing while threatening to turn him over to Sam. The ladies begin to tease him as he continues trying to explain about the bomb.


At the prison, Noah explains how the lethal injection machine works as Kay and Paloma cry. Miguel wonders how this 'travesty of justice can go ahead.' Meanwhile, Julian finds Vincent in the hall and asks him where Eve has disappeared to. He suggests that she's running errands. In fact, Vincent has locked her in a closet where she bangs on the door begging for help. After awhile, Julian hears her but the door is locked. He finally pulls the door open and walks into her waiting arms. When he begins kissing her, she pushes him back and reminds him that they have to save Luis. He vanishes; it was all her imagination.


Gwen has to remind her mother that they are searching for Ethan, who just happens to be talking to an inmate with information about his son. The inmate offers to reveal the details to him, but only in exchange for his legal services. Ethan refuses to be blackmailed, yet continues to demand the information. Rebecca runs up to interrupt them, placing the inmate's hands on her chest to grant him 'his last request.' When the lights begin to flicker, he asks her what happened. She tells him that she's electric. When Ethan asks her what she's doing there, she explains that this is her own personal charity work; granting men's final wishes. Whispering to the inmate, she promises to get him out and get him the best lawyer money can buy as long as he keeps his mouth shut. When Ethan tells Rebecca to step away, the inmate changes his story and now claims that he doesn't know anything after all. An annoyed Ethan walks away while Rebecca chats with the inmate.


In one of the execution chambers, Sheridan has strapped Theresa into the electric chair and finally flips the switch. Theresa is mildly electrocuted before Sheridan remembers that she didn't put the wet sponge and electrodes on her head. She flips the switch back and looks around for the necessary equipment. 'I guess any woman who is in love is a little nuts,' Sheridan admits. Theresa keeps begging her to stop this, but Sheridan explains that her dying is the only way to save Luis' life. Theresa claims that her children need her. 'Children bounce back,' Sheridan says. After she has everything set up properly, she reminds Theresa that she's done crazy things for love herself so she should understand this. Offering a final apology, she flips the switch again. Theresa convulses before going unconscious, but the lights begin to flicker. When the power breaks down for a moment, Sheridan becomes frustrated, realizing that she had to switch the power lines and bypass the general prison electrical line. After switching things around, Theresa comes to, begging her to stop, but Sheridan can't stop now. When Theresa reminds her that Luis is in love with Fancy now, it only make Sheridan angry. She flips the switch again and Theresa starts to fry. Sheridan, realizing that she can confess everything to the priest and be forgiven, tells Theresa to go with God and then walks out, leaving the door open. Gwen soon walks by, seeing Theresa convulsing in the chair. She assumes this is just a sick joke until she touches her enemy and gets a shock which knocks her to the floor and the strap off of Theresa's head.


The warden leads a procession down death row as Luis, in a somber blue outfit, walks to his death. Suddenly, Pretty calls out, demanding to speak to the prisoner so that she can reveal the truth about Fancy before he dies. Before she can say anything, Pilar knocks her out and Fancy drags her into the corner. When Luis turns around, she tells him it was just her calling out to him. The warden continues the walk to the death chamber while Ivy and Pilar drag Pretty into a cell and leave her on the floor. They go into the viewing room to watch the execution. Pilar cries on Sam's shoulder while the warden demands that they all be quiet and keep away from the glass dividing the viewing room from the death chamber. When they are seated, Luis promises his mother that he is okay and he tells Fancy that he loves her. The warden reads the sentence as Father Lonigan enters. He takes Luis' hand, though it is forbidden; he gives him final absolution and tells him to have courage. Once the priest has been led out, everything is prepared before Luis makes his final statement. Everyone knows that he is innocent, he begins, while wondering where Theresa is. He asks everyone to look after his mother and requests that Fancy lead a full and happy life in honor of his memory.


When the warden asks his men to check the equipment to make sure that nothing goes wrong, Fancy begins to bang on the glass and scream that this is already all wrong. Once she has sat back down, they proceed. When the power starts to malfunction, Sam asks the warden to let Luis speak to his family while they fix things. The family stand up and go to the glass, saying goodbye again. Paloma tells him that her first son will be named Luis. Pilar and Fancy say how much they love him. He tells them that he will always be there in spirit to watch over them. The warden orders them all back to their seats and they start again. Julian arrives and stands with Ivy to watch. Sheridan arrives at the last moment, kneeling down by Vincent, telling him that Theresa is dead and they need to stop this now. 'What do you expect me to do?' he asks. Ethan then walks in, wondering where Theresa is. It's too late though: Luis is dead. Sam and Miguel hold tight to Pilar as Fancy cries into the glass.

Next on Passions:
Ethan finds Theresa's electrocuted body.

Spike sends Endora upstairs to stop the bomb.

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