We'll Name Our Daughter After You

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Fluffy chews on Spike, the blackmailer is chased around, Vincent feels betrayed, Luis' family and friends say goodbye, Sheridan puts Theresa in the electric chair, an inmate has a secret for Ethan.

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Endora zaps Tabitha and the rest of the crew back to the house. She's sad that the wedding was ruined. Tabitha starts to gossip with the other ladies but is glad that they got out before Luis died. He may not be the only one who dies in the prison tonight, however, she hints. Suddenly, they hear Fluffy attacking someone (Spike) upstairs. He tries to hide under the bed but Fluffy drags him out screaming. 'Seems as if Fluffy's pulled a rat,' Tabitha says. It seems Spike didn't learn his lesson the last time he was there. Tabitha starts to cheer as Fluffy chews on Spike. The ladies drink and think about doing a musical special until Spike runs down the stairs screaming. Tabitha freezes him in place and tells him that he'll be getting what he deserves for breaking in. She zaps him into the hall and Fluffy attacks him again while they stand around and watch. He begs Norma to help him, but when he accidentally calling her 'sir', she throws an axe at him. Fluffy drags him away while he screams that there is a bomb upstairs.

At the prison, Ivy asks Pretty to reconsider letting Fancy marry Luis and have a little happiness. 'Why would I do a damn thing for Fancy when she deliberately did this to me?' Pretty asks, flashing her scar. In the chapel, before the guards can break up the non-wedding, the blackmailer suddenly appears. As they run off, Luis tuns after them and the guards begin to shoot. Luckily no one is hurt in the crossfire. Sam tells the guard off for shooting around civilians. Everyone begins to run through the halls while Julian continues to refuse Eve's pleas to turn their son in and save Luis. He tells her to go after Vincent while he leads everyone else on a wild goose chase. As the group runs up, he sends them in the wrong direction. Ivy looks out as the warden runs by. He asks her if she's seen anyone in bizarre clothes. 'Besides Tabitha Lenox?' she asks. When she tells Pretty about the blackmailer, her daughter quickly runs off.


'What was Vincent thinking coming here dressed as the blackmailer?' Sheridan asks herself as everyone continues searching. Eve and Julian manage to stop the blackmailer, offering them help until Sam and Luis jump on them and hold them down. 'How could you be so stupid?' Sheridan asks. Vincent suddenly appears beside her, completely confusing her. Luis unmasks the blackmailer. To everyone's shock, it's Rebecca! Pilar begins threatening to kill her as she gets up. Ivy strides over and tells her that violating Fancy 'was sick even for a sicko' like her. Rebecca can't understand what's going on and claims to be innocent. Sam says that she is telling the truth. Rebecca was sent the costume by a new fashion designer, she claims. This was obviously a trick. Sam explains how it couldn't be her, but Rebecca wants a strip search from him anyway. When she sees that she won't get one, she flicks her hair and walks away. Ethan says that this must be proof that the blackmailer is still free, but the warden says that there are no more appeals. Now all these wacked out wedding guests need to stop the funny stuff so they can put Luis to death. Pilar cries, Sheridan feels crushed and Pretty smiles at seeing her sister suffer, despite her mother's continued pleas to feel sympathy.


As Luis is taken away, Julian stands with Eve and their son. He points out how awful it was to see how everyone reacted to Rebecca when they thought she was the blackmailer. They can't do that to their son. 'What about Luis?' she asks. 'Cranes trump the great unwashed every time,' he tells her. Eve is more sure than ever that she needs to turn her son in. Walking over to the phone, she arranges to meet with the warden. Moments later, Sheridan confronts Vincent alone. He says that he just set up Rebecca to lighten things up a bit. Sheridan is angry that he's betrayed her and Luis is still set to be executed. He promises her again that if she kills Theresa, Luis will go free.


Theresa still isn't sure that Rebecca isn't behind all of this. Rebecca reminds her that Sam says she's innocent and he has a lot of experience under his belt, 'among other things.' Ethan is then given a note saying that an inmate has information on Luis' case. When he leaves to check it out, Gwen tells her mother again that she will wait until Theresa least expects the truth to come out. When an inmate is led by in chains, Rebecca recognizes him and bribes the guard so she can talk to him. He's one of her old lovers. He tells the two women that one of the inmates has information on Theresa and her son and is looking for Ethan. Gwen goes into a panic; she doesn't want some inmate to reveal the secret. Meanwhile, Ethan has gone down to see the inmate. He used to be a driver for the Cranes and heard a lot of things. While he doesn't know anything about Luis, he does know something about Ethan. He'll only tell him if Ethan agrees to represent him though. Ethan isn't going to make a deal until the man blurts out that he knows that he has a son out there.


Theresa re-appears and wonders where everyone has gone to. Sheridan bangs her on the head with a plate and then drags her unconscious body away. She takes her to an execution chamber and straps her to the electrical chair, apologizing the whole time. Sheridan doesn't have a choice though: She needs to get Luis back. 'Maybe we'll name our first daughter after you,' she offers. Theresa starts to wake up. As she puts her hand on the switch, Sheridan tells her to close her eyes and think happy thoughts.

Paloma cries as she says goodbye to her bother. Noah promises to take care of everyone. Sam then hugs his friend and asks him to tell Grace that he loves her. They go down to the execution chamber and look in, waiting for Luis to be strapped down. Meanwhile, Pilar clings to Luis and cries. He promises her that he will greet Antonio for her. Kay and Miguel stand close by, sadly watching.


Julian searches around for Eve. She is waiting in the hall for the warden. Vincent finds her and accuses her of stabbing him in the back again. She asks him to let Luis go. 'Luis is going to die and there is nothing you can do to stop it,' he says, pushing her into a closet and locking the door. As she bangs on the door, he refuses to let her out of the closet and smiles while he thinks of Luis' death.

Pretty finds her sister and begins taunting her, suggesting that Luis has had a lucky escape. Ivy tells her daughter that she has done enough and this needs to stop. Pretty isn't done though, not by a long shot. Fancy goes on to Luis and tearfully says goodbye. The warden comes in to announce that the execution needs to go ahead. Luis embraces his weeping mother again until Miguel and Kay lead her away. A broken Fancy stumbles away and into her mother's arms. Pretty tells her sister that she can't let Luis die without knowing who she really is and runs off.

Next on Passions:
Sheridan flips the switch to execute Theresa.

Fancy demands that they stop before they kill and innocent man.

Fluffy continues to torture Spike.

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