Small Price to Pay

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Fox and Esme have a drink, Spike gets himself into more trouble, the wedding has a few surprises.

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At the Book Café, Gwen is telling someone on the phone that she just wants to hug and kiss them. Overhearing this, Rebecca grabs the phone away, expecting to finally find out who her daughter's mystery man is. As she demands to know who is on the line, they hang up. Rebecca demands that her daughter tell her who it was, but Gwen's waiting until the time is right. None of this is making sense to Rebecca. It is all part of Gwen's plan though, just like her plan to destroy Theresa. She only has to wait until the time is exactly right, when Theresa is in the middle of a big tacky wedding wearing a virginal white wedding gown. Rebecca finishes her coffee and then runs off to the prison wedding.


By the water, Fox thinks over Spike's failed attempts to kill Miguel. When Spike saunters over, Fox grabs him and begins to shake him, demanding that he finally finish the job. Spike wants to do it, but he doesn't have any ideas. Fox jokes that he should just put a bomb under Miguel's bed. Spike starts to freak out at the thought of going anywhere near Tabitha's house. It's too evil and he's afraid of Endora. Fox assures him that no one is home right now so he'll be safe. Spike rushes off to do the deed. When Fox hears footsteps, he expects Spike to have returned bum, when he turns around, he finds Esme there. She is looking for his sister. He tells her that Fancy is busy getting married before the groom is executed. 'What is the point in getting married if she is going to bury the bridegroom before she beds him?' Esme wonders. Fox says that people in love do crazy things. She knows; she's heard about him faking his terminal illness. They go to a bar and he orders her a drink. He admires the way that she always lives life on her own terms. She giggles, saying that she couldn't have done it without her daddy wrapped around her finger. Unfortunately, he just got married to a real witch and they want her to get a job. He teases her and offers to get her a job on a fishing boat. Working doesn't seem to be 'in the realm of possibilities' for her. She's not amused that he seems to find this so funny, but he understands what it's like to be cut out of the family fortune. She thinks that she'll talk to Fancy about getting a job in fashion after the wedding/funeral. She and Fox toast to being friends. She asks him when he'll give up on 'that nasty little Kay.' He reminds her that she is still his wife. 'Not a very good one,' Esme says. He loves her though and that makes people do very strange things. She suggests that they forget their troubles and just get wasted.


Spike breaks into Tabitha's and begins searching around with his flashlight. Nervously, he creeps around the house with his dynamite. As he makes his way into Miguel's room, Fluffy comes looking for him. Inside, Spike sets up the dynamite with a timer and attaches it to the bottom of the bed. He hears a strange pawing at the door. Imagining it is just a little cat, he opens the door. Fluffy clobbers him.


At the prison wedding, Pilar wonders what is going on with Fancy. At least as long as the wedding is postponed, Luis' execution will be postponed as well. She begins to pray that a miracle will come and save her son. Whitney sees her mother sitting alone and sits beside her. Eve feels sick knowing that Luis will die when he's innocent. She almost spills the truth to her daughter but stops herself and begins crying.


In Fancy's dressing room, her sister refuses to let the wedding go ahead. If Fancy goes through with the wedding, everything bad she's done will be revealed. Pretty walks out and Fancy runs after her. Sheridan and Vincent watch and giggle. Down the hall, watching Ivy stride in, Ethan tells his father that keeping a father from his child is the worst thing a person could ever do. Theresa becomes uncomfortable when she hears this. In the 'chapel', Ivy is happy that she hasn't missed the wedding. Tabitha is surprised to see her there. If she hangs around long enough she can see her daughter become a bride and a widow, she jokes. That sounds awful to Ivy. 'How else are you going to put it?' Tabitha asks, encouraging Endora to start throwing her flower petals.


At the altar, Noah tells Paloma that he's sorry she has to wait so long. They can't wait to get married. Luis arrives and announces that Fancy will be out shortly. The bridal march begins again and Fancy starts down the aisle on Julian's arm. This is the happiest time of Luis' life. Julian shakes his hand at the altar once he's brought his daughter up. 'I'm the luckiest man alive,' Luis smiles. As they are about to begin, Sheridan is ready to run in but Vincent keeps holding her back. When Father Lonigan asks Fancy if she will take Luis as her husband, she shocks everyone by saying says 'no'. Everyone wonders what's going on and the priest asks her what's wrong. She tells Luis that she wants to marry him but she can't. He understands; he only has two hours to live. She begins to cry and hugs him.

Eve tells Julian that they can't sit there anymore and watch Luis go to his death. He tells her that they have to think of their son first. He then begins to wonder if there is some other way to stop the execution without incriminating Vincent. He gets up and goes to talk to Endora.
Meanwhile, Eve goes out to the hallway after spotting Vincent. She expects that he is there to turn himself in. She will go with him to the police and make sure that he is not sent to prison but to a mental institution. That still doesn't sound terribly attractive to him.


Pretty returns to the dressing room, happy that she has finally gotten some revenge. Suddenly Ivy walks in, shocked to see her. When she tries to hug her daughter, Pretty backs away. She doesn't want her mother to pretend that she's missed her; it's been years since they had any contact. Ivy says that she and Julian have been hoping for years that she would come back. Pretty doesn't believe it; she knows they sent her away in the first place because she didn't fit the family's perfect image. She reveals her scar. She's already seen all of the top surgeons but this is the best they can do. When she tells her mother that she returned just to ruin Fancy's wedding, Ivy is disgusted. 'It's a small price to pay for ruining my life,' Pretty says.


The warden arrives and asks Sam what's going. Sam tells him that the wedding was canceled. The warden orders that Luis be taken back to his cell: The execution will go forward as planned. Sheridan gets in his face, telling him that this is insane. He shrugs: 'The state has spoken.' All of a sudden, the blackmailer appears in full costume. Eve suspects that her son has finally given in and is ready to save Luis by telling the truth.

Next on Passions:
Fluffy attacks Spike.

Luis and Theresa attack the blackmailer.

Sheridan and Fancy scream as someone shoots at Luis.

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