When Being Pretty Isn't Pretty

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Everyone gets nervous when Fancy is delayed, Endora has to rescue Norma and Edna, Tabitha reminds Julian that things are more complicated than he thought.

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At the prison/wedding chapel, Paloma walks down the aisle to the sound of the familiar wedding march. Eve admires how beautiful she looks, but it's hard for Pilar to be happy when she knows that her son will die after the wedding. When Eve turns to say that she's sorry, Julian shoots her a concerned look. Checking herself, she only tells her old friend that she is sorry for her loss. Meanwhile, Kay tells Miguel to think of their wedding rather than his brother's impeding death. He wishes he could just think of good things and gives her a kiss. Tabitha admires how cute Endora looks as a flower girl. Norma suggests that she could be the flower girl for her and Edna when they get hitched.


When Paloma gets to the altar, she has to stand waiting with everyone else while they await Fancy's appearance. They all suspect she must be preparing a dramatic entrance. Ethan tells Theresa that his sister is just making herself look perfect; nothing will stop this wedding, just as nothing will stop him marrying her. Luis, however, starts to wonder if Fancy has realized that marrying a man about to die isn't a great idea. Father Lonigan seems to get tired of waiting and suggests that they perform the weddings one at a time. Paloma won't hear of it and Theresa walks off to check on Fancy. Soon, Pilar and Miguel come up to the altar and the whole family worries if the wedding will go on.


Norma and Edna wander out to and down the corridor to steal food. Norma wonders if Fancy has a sister called 'schmanzy'. Tabitha walks over to them and tells them that her sister's name is Pretty, but what drove her away isn't pretty at all. As the two ladies get drunk, Norma takes her 'love muffin' Edna away to find a bathroom. As Norma begins singing, her voice trails through the prison until one of the guards hears her. He flashes back to when he worked at the mental hospital and Edna, Norma and her skull were in a talent show there. With another guard, he sets off on their trail. They run around the prison until the guards catch up with them and put them in straight jackets. They are then locked in a cell and taunted by the guards. Endora appears and the ladies beg her for help. The guards laugh at the idea of some 'dumb little kid' helping them escape. This makes the little witch angry. She zaps the ladies out and imprisons the guards in the cell in a giant ball of cotton candy. They start to try and eat their way out until Endora puts chocolate gags in their mouths. As the guards cry out for help, another guard appears. Endora zaps him into the cell as well, along with a table full of candy that he starts stuffing his face with.


Julian wanders away from the delayed ceremony to have a talk with Tabitha. She asks him about his son. He's surprised that she knows about Vincent. She wonders why he isn't stopping Luis from being executed when he knows the truth about the crimes. She's a witch, she reminds him, and she has done worse things than either he or Alistair have ever done, but she wants to help him; she doesn't need to see him moping around in 'inner turmoil' for making the wrong choice. He doesn't want to see his son get hurt anymore than he already has been. Tabitha reminds him that his daughter, Fancy, will hate him forever if she finds out that he let Luis die. So which child will he protect?


In the dressing room, Pretty lashes out at her sister for turning her into a monster. When Fancy tries to look away, her sister forces her to look at the scar she left on her face. Fancy breaks away and claims that she never wanted this to happen. Pretty starts to remember the past. When they were younger, Fancy tried to seduce a boy named Harrison. When he rejected her in favor of Pretty, Fancy started a fight with her sister and threw pool chemicals in her face to prevent any man from wanting her. Fancy says it didn't happen like that. She accuses Pretty of trying to choke her and only grabbing the chemicals by accident. 'I never would have done it on purpose. I love you,' she pleads. Pretty refuses to believe this. People cross the street when they see her; young and old men cringe at her; even homeless people find her repellent. Fancy stole her happiness and if she doesn't call off this wedding, Pretty will have to tell Luis everything. Fancy asks her not to ruin Luis' last hours, but Pretty thinks she is doing him a favor. Fancy begs her sister to let her make Luis happy for his final hours, but Pretty doesn't care: Her sister needs to know how it feels to have no control of her future. Theresa starts to knock on the door and threatens to come in. Fancy shouts at her to stay out and promises to be out once she fixes her mascara. After Theresa walks away, Fancy assumes that her sister has given in but Pretty promises to follow her straight down the aisle.

Theresa returns to the altar and tells everyone that Fancy will be there soon. Luis is relieved, but he's still nervous. He wants to walk her in himself. As he rushes off, Noah tells Paloma how much he looks forward to being married to her and Ethan tells Theresa that nothing will keep them apart. Pilar starts to pray for a miracle and Eve tries to suppress the guilt she is feeling. In the corridor, Ethan wonders if Fancy is just waiting for Ivy to show up. Seeing that Sam is uncomfortable at the mention of her name, he understands: He could never forgive a woman who lied to him about his children.


Outside the dressing room, Sheridan and Vincent listen, smiling. Inside, Pretty tells her sister that every plastic surgeon she visited told her that her skin was too disfigured and she would have to stay like this forever. 'It's like a sick, sadistic joke' to be disfigured when you're named Pretty. Suddenly, Luis starts to knock on the door and begs Fancy to let him in to see her. When Sheridan sees this, she starts jumping up and down in excitement. Before he can open the door, Fancy slams it shut. He doesn't think she needs to be superstitions; it's not like their luck can get any worse. She sends him back while Pretty promises her sister that Luis will go to his death thanking her for stopping this marriage.

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