A Kiss In The Night

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Luis and Sheridan share a kiss, Fox holds on to Kay for dear life, Spike continues to blackmail Chris and Theresa gets frightened...

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Galen Gering

Outside the station, Sheridan regrets coming to see Luis. When Luis and Miguel come out, Sheridan overhears their conversation, Luis giving Miguel advice on love, telling him to fight for his love of Kay. She hears Luis take the blame for his relationship with Sheridan, his regrets. When Miguel leaves, Sheridan says to herself that she'll never stop loving Luis. Luis hears a noise, freaks out, but it's only Sheridan. She tells him she shouldn't be there, that she has to leave, but Luis won't let her, wants to know what's going on. Luis tells her he loves her, that he'll always love her.

Chad and Whitney share a touching moment, looking down on their baby, happy for their life together. They talk of Alistair, happy that he's dead, he can no longer tear them apart. Chad's phone rings, he goes outside, says to the caller that he'll see them tonight, that he's missed them, too. Chad doesn't want Whitney to get suspicious, gets off the phone. He tells Whitney he has to leave to go to work for a bit, and heads out to a motel. When he gets there, Chad hears the shower running, strips and heads for the bathroom.

Fox tries to sell Kay on eloping, but she doesn't want to disappoint their families by missing the wedding. She asks Fox why he's in such a hurry to move up the date. He just says he loves her, can't wait for her to be his wife, says nothing about what he saw going on with her and Miguel. Fox has a surprise for Kay. He takes his hands off her eyes, and surprises her with a romantic setting! Outside, Miguel looks in, sees Fox and Kay, but he still wants to tell Kay that he loves her, that they're meant to be together. Inside, Fox takes Kay in his arms, says she belongs to him.

Theresa tells Jared that no matter what, she's going to protect Crane. Jared is impressed with Theresa's confidence. Theresa says that Ethan is jealous that she has Jared in her life, that she's no longer pining for him. Jared says she can trust him, tells her he's falling in love with her.

Spike shows up at Chris's office, wanting to know when Chris will be getting him his money. Chris doesn't want to get caught, needs to figure out how to embezzle the funds. Chris says once he gets Spike the money, he better leave Chris alone for good. But Spike says Chris will do what he wants for as long as he wants or else he'll tell Sheridan about their deal. Chris explains his plan to Spike, that he should be able to avoid a paper trail. Spike tells Chris that Sheridan and Luis are hot for each other. Chris gets furious, says that that would drive him to murder if he ever saw Luis and Sheridan together! When Chris leaves, Spike goes back into Chris's office to look at the access code book. Spike hears a noise outside the office and hides. Theresa comes in, sees the code book, and locks it back up. As she leaves, someone jumps out and scares her!

At the station, Sheridan tells Luis to stop, that she can't do this, she's married to Chris. But Luis doesn't let her turn her back on him, tells her to look him in the eyes, to say he's not the love of her life. She can't! Sheridan tells Luis he is the love of her life. They share a passionate kiss and Chris sees them!!!

Next on Passions: Miguel tells Kay they belong together, Theresa asks to please be let go and Sheridan tells Luis she can't come back to him.

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