Out For Blood

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Fox wants to kill Miguel, Luis asks Fancy to give up the academy and Theresa vows to fight Ethan

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Adrian Bellani

Tabitha warns Kay that Fox may go after Miguel. Upstairs, Fox throws a blow dryer in the shower with Miguel. Kay comes in, sees Miguel lying in the shower after being shocked, asks Fox what he's done! Kay jumps in the shower, accuses Fox of killing MiguelBut it's just Fox's imagination, Kay isn't in the room at all, he never threw the blow dryer in the water. He hears Kay outside and leaves the bathroom. Kay walks in and Miguel pulls her to him, tells her not to fight her feelings They kiss! Tabitha does a spell, hoping to wipe away Kay, Miguel and Fox's memories of the last day. Although Miguel doesn't remember why Kay was in the shower with him, Fox remembers it all. But he doesn't let on to Kay. After they make love, Fox vows, to himself, that Kay will never be with Miguel again. Downstairs, Fox sneaks up on Miguel in the kitchen with a butcher knife in his hand.

Luis comes back from his walk, and tells Fancy that she deserves an answer in response to her questioning whether or not he was using her to replace Sheridan. Luis says yes, he was using her, but now, he realizes that he does have feelings for her. He wants a fresh start, wants to be with Fancy. He takes her in his arms and passionately kisses her. Fancy jumps in the pool and Luis goes in after heruniform and all. Suddenly, he tells her he can't do this, can't break the PD's rules. He asks her to give up being a cadet, forget about being a cop, to go out with him. Fancy says she's not quitting the academy and Luis admires her dedication.

Theresa begs for Ethan to tell her he's really not representing Stewart Allen, that if he destroys the company he'll destroy her. Ethan advises Stewart to leave, that he'll be in touch. While Gwen gives Theresa a piece of her mind, Jared comes to her rescue, tells Gwen to shut up. Ethan says he believes Stewart Allen has a legitimate reason for suing Crane, that this job could make him partner in the law firm. Ethan tries to leave, and Theresa says what he's doing is wrong. Theresa asks when he decided to take the case, was it after he saw Jared and her making love? Gwen wonders, too! Gwen is furious that Ethan didn't tell her. Theresa says he took the job out of jealousy, but Ethan denies it. Stewart comes back, and Ethan tells Theresa that she needs to think of him as opposing counsel. Theresa again asks how Ethan could do this to her after Gwen says, AFTER WHAT? Jared pulls Theresa aside, tells her she needs to be ruthless to win the case and she agrees!

Next on Passions: Katherine tells Sheridan not to give up on her feelings for Luis, Theresa plans to fight Ethan and Fox has a change of heart.

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