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Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Tabitha takes Endora to Good Witch school, Kay tries out more magic, possessed Jared tries to kill Ethan while Fox tries to kill Miguel.

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At home, dressed in proper witch wear, Tabitha prepares breakfast for her daughter while she worries about the evil that's been unleashed. A perky Kay comes down and greets her witch 'sisters', eager to use her powers to make her life better. Tabitha doesn't like the sound of this. When Kay tries to conjure up scrambled eggs, a stream of egg yolks fall from above onto her head. Tabitha laughs and tells her that egg yolk is good for her hair. This just proves that she shouldn't be trying to heal Fox if she can't even make breakfast. Kay won't listen and storms off. Right now, Tabitha is more interested in finding a way to protect Endora from the onslaught of evil on the way. She decides Endora needs lessons in self-protection and casts up a vicious beast and then asks Endora to try and make one. Endora conjures up a puppy instead. Tabby shakes her head; she has to take drastic measures. Endora sends the pup to the president, he could use a friend right now, she says. They try again. This time Tabitha creates a crow and her daughter makes a parrot. Shaking her head, Tabitha realizes that there is only one thing to do now: They're going to have to betray everything she ever believed in. Snapping her fingers, they vanish. The Demon Elf zaps himself in, disappointed that Spike doesn't have enough evil to power his demons after all. He's sure that he'll find something around here to help though.


Upstairs, Miguel bursts in on Fox and tells him that they need to settle things once and for all. Kay walks in and tells Miguel to leave, his mother is waiting for him. After he leaves, Fox's head aches from a bump on his head (a painting fell on him during the 'earthquake'). She offers to cure him and has him lay down. As she prepares to use her magic, the Demon Elf stands outside, ready to use her magic to fuel his demons. While Kay casts her spell, the house starts to shake as a giant ball of magic appears in the room. Kay is knocked to the floor and Fox is knocked unconscious while the elf runs in to grab the ball and run away. When Kay gets up, she assumes that her spell has worked and happily runs off. Downstairs, she decides that it's time to get Miguel back. Accidentally, she freezes him when he walks in. After checking out his body, she wonders what she should do with him. She turns him into a Spartan warrior from 300, but when he tries to spear her, she turns him back. Trying again, she decides that she needs a massage and conjures up a table. After she unfreezes him, he notices the table and she asks him for a massage. 'To Hell with the massage!' he says, throwing off his shirt and jumping on the table with her. Meanwhile, back upstairs, the elf calls his demons in and, after one leaps into Fox, sends them off to do his dirty work. The demon tells Fox that Miguel must die and then leads him down to where Miguel makes love to Kay. With a little push, Fox grabs Miguel and pummels him into the floor.


At the Good Witch School, the teachers happily begin the class with a series of gleeful greetings and promises to conjure rainbows. All the children bring their teachers up apples and the teachers transform them into apple pie for everyone. Forming a circle, they start to dance and chant 'happy happy happy'. Suddenly, Tabitha arrives with Endora. All the good witches are horrified to see her. She asks for her daughter's help and they conjure up some unicorns and other cute things to convince them that they aren't pure evil. The good witches wonder what's going on. Tabitha says that she is mad, bad and dangerous to know, but her daughter just might be a good witch. She needs to learn how to protect herself and she doesn't seem to be getting the hang of dark magic so she needs some help. The witches aren't sure about all of this and remind Tabitha that only one person can decide if Endora is allowed into the school. As they run off to get her, Tabitha shakes her head: 'The terrible things we do for love.' The good witches imagine that when Tabitha comes face to face with her old nemesis, Esmeralda, it will be a disaster. Esmeralda beams herself in and smiles down at Endora.


Ethan and Theresa, hand in hand, run into the sun room, beaming at their engagement. He wants to tell Jared right away, but Theresa says that he can't. This is too much for Ethan; he can't take her constant indecision: 'Y'know what? We're through,' he announces. She insists that she loves him, they just can't do anything until the blackmailer is captured. He doesn't want anymore promises. He finally relents from ending things with her, but she'll be getting the fastest divorce in history when the blackmailer is caught. As they kiss, Whitney walks in, glad to see someone happy. Ethan skips off and Theresa breaks the news that she's marrying Ethan. Her friend tells her that this time, she should do the right thing for once and tell everyone the truth right now. That's highly unlikely, but with all the evil in the world, they deserve to be happy. Theresa just prays there aren't any other threats around.


Jared, alone in bed, rolls over and wonders where his wife is. He feels odd. He had this horrible dream that Theresa and Ethan were engaged. Looking in the mirror, he wonders if the dream could have been real. As he becomes outraged at the thought, a demon flies into him. When he goes downstairs, he finds Ethan and clobbers him. When Ethan gets up, he tries to make the crazy looking Jared back off, but Jared picks him up and throws him across the room instead. Theresa runs in and Jared throws her across the room when she gets in the way.

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