It's You!

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Sheridan sees the blackmailer's face, Ethan proposes to Theresa, Gwen and Jared are possessed, Jessica survives and Spike is thrown in jail.

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As everyone stares down at Jessica's dead body, Kay wanders away to see Tabitha and the Demon Elf. This is just the beginning, the elf promises as his demons fly off into the night. Kay feels awful, but, as Tabitha points out, this is all because she never listens. Returning to Miguel's arms, she watches as Sam tries to revive his daughter. Eve arrives and starts looking Jessica over while Spike hopes that she is really dead. Suddenly, Jessica begins coughing after Eve gives her oxygen. 'Dammit!' curses the elf. Now his demons will be coming back after losing the power of possession. He stomps off angrily to find someone else to boost the power of his demon brigade. Kay is smug to see him go, but Tabitha wouldn't count him out yet. Meanwhile, Spike tries to act concerned and swears that he will make whoever did this to his precious wife pay. Jessica swats him and then kicks him in the groin before revealing everything that he did to her. Sam places him under arrest and they drag him away. Watching this, the Demon Elf thinks that he's just spotted someone to give him his power back.


Tabitha follows them all to the station and watches through the window as Spike is dragged to the cells. Upstairs, Jessica thanks everyone for their help. Miguel asks her why Spike would do this to her, but she can't say. When Kay leaves, Miguel offers to go with her but she tells him to stay behind. Downstairs, when Spike gets put behind bars, Sam promises him that he'll never be a free man again and tells the guard to shoot him if he causes trouble. When Spike sits down, the Demon Elf transports himself into the cell. He's found a mortal so foul that his demons can feed on his evil and still have energy to spare. The flock of demons fly in and begin to circle him before plunging in, feasting on his evil. Spike goes into convulsions as they possess him. His eyes turn black and he growls. Back upstairs, Sam hugs his daughter before sending her home with all her friends. He thanks Eve for all her help and wonders what to do with Spike. When he goes downstairs to the cells, he finds that the door of Spike's cell has been torn off. Spike is gone and the guard is tied to the upturned cot.


In her cottage, Sheridan continues telling the blackmailer that she won't kill Theresa until a demon flies into her and changes her mind: She'll kill Theresa and enjoy it, and she announces suddenly. The blackmailer is happy at this; now they can both be with the men that they love. 'Fabulous! Let's do it while you're in the mood,' the blackmailer says, suggesting that she smother Theresa and frame Jared for it. Before they can get out the door, the demon flies out and Sher-Sher backs out of the deal. This enrages the blackmailer who begins to furiously choke her. She battles them off, pulling their mask off in the process (we don't see the face). 'Oh my God! It's you!' she shouts, surprised and shocked. She threatens to turn them in and save Luis. When she grabs the phone, the blackmailer reminds her that if Luis is let out before Pretty returns, he will stay with Fancy.


In the sun room, Ethan tells Theresa that he's been more than patient with her. Gwen is right; she's caused him nothing but anguish for years and he needs to finish with her now. 'You can't leave,' she begs. He needs a reason to stay. They can't be together while she's married: This is all wrong. He heard her making love to Jared and she must be knocked up by now. It seems to be too late. Too late for what? she asks. He takes out a diamond ring and presents it to her tearful eyes.


Outside, Gwen watches as a demon enters her. Theresa has to die tonight, she says as Rebecca moves in next to her. Rebecca thinks they should tape it and put it on YouTube. But something is seriously off with Gwen. She turns around and begins strangling her mother. Suddenly the demon flies out of Gwen and she snaps out of it. Rebecca is shocked that her daughter just attacked her, but Gwen can't remember anything that just happened. Her mother imagines that Theresa must be driving her crazy again. Gwen just wants to let this revenge thing go, she already tried to tell Ethan the truth about exposing him to the tabloids. Rebecca points out that that would only push him and Theresa together. If they find out Theresa's secret though, they can ruin Theresa for good this time. They need that USB stick; it's the only way to protect their 'rather firm' behinds. Gwen watches as Ethan proposes to Theresa. When Theresa accepts, this is the last straw for her. The demon returns and flies into her. Rebecca starts to tingle while Gwen describes how much she wants to kill Theresa.


A demon flies into the sleeping Jared. As he wakes up, he realizes that Ethan has to die. By the time he gets downstairs, the demons fly out of him and he is completely disoriented. Once he puts a shirt on, he wonders where Tess is. As he wanders across the mansion, he spots Ethan and Theresa together. He hears Ethan admit that he was going to propose to her, but he's glad that he didn't now that he knows what the answer would be. Jared is happy to hear this at first, but shocked when he sees his wife accept the proposal. As Ethan and Theresa kiss, the demon returns and hovers over Jared while he curses the 'two faced, lying b***.' The demon leaps into him: 'Ethan must die by my hand.'


Tabitha and Kay go home while Kay gloats about how powerful she is. Tabby rolls her eyes and tells her not to be so sure that they've averted disaster. As Kay goes up to check on her daughter, Tabitha calls Endora down and tells her about everything that's been going on. She casts a protection spell on the house to keep them safe from the demons. When Kay comes back down, she's eager to use her magic again. Tabitha shakes her head while Kay wishes Endora sweet dreams and goes up to bed. The boys in the basement start to rumble and Tabs wonders if this is a sign that they're in danger.

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