Let The Backstabbing Begin

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Gwen questions Ethan's whereabouts, Kay breaks the spell, Sheridan tries burning Luis from her heart and Fox plans to murder...

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Liza Huber

Gwen finds Ethan in the hallway. They hear Theresa screaming for help and Ethan goes to her. He finds Jared holding Theresa in the dark, and Ethan punches him to the ground. Gwen asks Ethan what the hell he hit Jared for! Jared says he didn't attack Theresa. He heard her screaming, says someone had knocked him over the head. Gwen questions Ethan whether he was with Theresa while she was waiting for him back at their room, and Ethan says he got lost in the dark! Jared is concerned about who had it in for Theresa. Suddenly, Stewart walks in, says he'd love to hurt Theresa. Jared charges for Stewart Allen, but Ethan holds him back. Stewart says he'll make the Crane's pay, that he's taking the company to court and he has the best attorney for the job. When Theresa questions who he's hired, Ethan steps up, says he's representing Stewart!

Siren tells Tabitha that she and Kay won't be able to break her spell. Upstairs, Fox watches as Miguel and Kay are getting it on. Fox remembers Julian telling him to control himself, to not show anger. Back in the room, Kay pleads with herself for Fox to come in the room. Fox goes outside to find Julian, tells him about walking in on Miguel and Kay, says he wants to kill him! Upstairs Kay tells Miguel to stop and leaves the room. Outside, Julian convinces Fox to calm down, but Fox vows that Miguel will never be with Kay. Downstairs, Kay helps keeping Tabitha grounded, as Siren heads upstairs to find Miguel. Finally, Kay ties Tabitha to the chair. Upstairs, Siren starts singing to Miguel as he showers, mesmerizing him, as she undresses and kisses him in the shower. Outside, Fox admits to Julian that he felt jealoushis words echoing through the air. Kay did it, she broke the curse! In the shower, Miguel is shocked that Siren is in the shower with him, tells her to GET OUT! Fox enters the bathroom, furious with Miguel, as he crepts up on him with a blow-dryer in hand.

At the pool, Fancy asks Luis what it meant when he kissed her, was he doing it to make Sheridan jealous? Luis tells Fancy he likes her, but she doesn't want to get burned. Fancy wants a man who wants her, doesn't want to be a fill-in for her Aunt Sheridan. Luis leaves her, goes for a walk, says he needs to clear his head.

Sheridan thinks back on Fancy and Luis in the pool, wishing she could let him go. She goes to the fireplace and places a picture of Luis in the flames, saying she needs to move on. Outside Sheridan's, Luis looks in on her through the window, watching as she burns away her memories of their past. Luis is clearly upset by this and Sheridan wonders if she'll ever get Luis out of her heart.

Next on Passions: Theresa tells Ethan by destroying her company, he'll destroy her and Fox teaches Miguel a shocking lesson.

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