Emotions Are At Their Highest

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Julian romances Eve, Ethan and Theresa are in for the surprise of their life, Luis and Fancy have a peeping Tom and Tabitha keeps Siren company, awaiting the end of her curse

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Tracey Ross

Julian romances Eve, wanting her to know how much he loves her. Eve apologizes for paying so much attention to TC. While having dinner, Eve gets a call from TC's nurse, saying that TC threw her out. Although Eve worries about TC, she tells Julian she's sorry for the interruption. Just then, the nurse calls back and Eve excuses herself to take the call. Julian becomes irritated with Eve and her phone call. After Julian screams at a waiter, Eve asks what's wrong with him and he tells her SHE'S the problem. Eve expresses her confusion with Julian's change of heart. Julian says he wants her to quit worrying about TC, that she puts TC above everyone else in her life, enough is enough. He tells her to get out.

Ethan enters the Inn room, thinking he'll find Gwen in bed, it's Theresa! They passionately kiss, not knowing that they are in bed with each other. When they DO realize who's been sleeping in their bed, they are speechless, it's too late! Once over the shock, Ethan realizes that he entered the wrong room. While Theresa says it's a disaster, Ethan says maybe it was fate that landed them in that room, that there's no denying that they made love and it felt great! Theresa tells Ethan to forget what happened, that it was a mistake, that she wants to move on with Jared. She begs Ethan to leave, for fear that Jared will return at any second. She pushes him out of the room, then goes looking for Jared. That's when it happens Someone grabs Theresa from behind!

Tabitha stays with Siren while Kay is upstairs working to complete the last part of the spell, not wanting to leave Siren alone until the curse is broken. Siren plays on Endora's love for Fox, making her believe he'll get hurt if Tabitha and Kay go through with their trick. Just when Tabitha thinks that Fox has seen Kay and Miguel making out, Siren gets Endora to whisk him down a black tunnel and out of the room, not seeing a thing. When Fox questions whether he's going crazy or not, Tabitha ensures him that he just fell through the laundry shoot, convincing him to leave. Tabitha pleads with Endora to help her get Fox up to see Kay and Miguel, but she won't. Upstairs Kay begins to wonder what's keeping Fox. As things get hotter, Miguel tells Kay he loves her. After Fox comes back, Tabitha tells him to go up to Kay, hoping to finally break the curse. Upstairs, Kay and Miguel strip of their clothes and Fox comes in, sees it all!

Luis and Fancy think someone's spying on them. Luis pulls his gun out, screams FREEZE, and sees that it's Sheridan and Chris watching them from afar. Luis feels silly for pulling his gun out. Sheridan explains that she saw Luis and Fancy in the pool, then decided to forget about her swim. Luis invites Sheridan and Chris to join them. Fancy tells Sheridan that she's in love with Luis, and Sheridan wants to know if Luis feels the same. Fancy admits that Luis isn't in love with herYET, but soon he'll be hers! Sheridan tells her not to rush things. Chris questions Luis about why he did a background check on him. Luis says it's his job, that he needs the truth, asks Chris if he was involved in Pilar's shooting. Of course, Chris says no, and Luis says he'll get to the bottom of the case. As it gets late, Sheridan and Chris decide to leave, but Sheridan can't take her eyes off of Luis and Fancy in each other's arms in the pool, pain clearly taking over her face.

Paloma sees Spike's dirt-bag acquaintance trying to rape Jessica and comes to her rescue. But the man pulls a knife out on the girls. The man throws Paloma to the ground, but Robert knocks him over the head with a garbage can except it doesn't keep him down. The man gets away. Jessica stops them from calling the police, not wanting to deal with the repercussions of her past being brought up. Paloma tells Jessica to wake up, that Spike is to blame for all of her problems. The dutiful wife she is, Jessica defends Spike to the fullest, says Spike would never hurt her. Jessica leaves Paloma and Robert outside.

Next on Passions: Luis tells Fancy she can have any guy she wants, Gwen asks Ethan if he was with Theresa and Fox tells Julian he's going to kill Miguel.

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