Surprises Are Around Every Corner

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Theresa has unexpected company in her bed, Fancy tricks Luis, Jessica gets attacked and Kay plays on Miguel's emotions

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Lindsay Hartley

Gwen overhears Ethan tell Stewart that he's taking the case. Gwen wants to know what made him change his mind. Ethan says he shouldn't have a problem getting Stewart what Crane owes him.

Jared tries comforting Theresa who's upset about Ethan seeing them make love. Jared suggests to Theresa that they stay the night at the Inn and she agrees. After sharing some champagne, they begin to dance, but the power goes out. While Jared goes to check on the problem, Theresa climbs into bed, naked.

Downstairs, Gwen tells Ethan that she booked them a room at the Inn. Gwen heads up first, leaving Ethan with thoughts of Jared and Theresa exploding in his mind. Walking through the Inn hallway, someone knocks Jared over the head. A drunk Ethan enters a room, thinking he's climbing in bed with Gwen, when in all reality it's Theresa. Theresa starts kissing him thinking he's Jared!!!

Luis jumps in the pool after Fancy. Frantically he begins mouth-to-mouth and Fancy wakes up, kisses Luis! Fancy faked being drown, tells Luis she thought of it as a practice drill, wanted to get him over to her place. Luis accuses her of setting him up to get around the PD's rule of no fraternizing. They splash around in the pool until they land in each other's arms. Chris and Sheridan decide to go for a swim, but don't expect to find Fancy and Luis in the pool. Sheridan is clearly bothered by the scene and leaves.

Spike brings Jessica an extravagant bracelet, telling her how much he loves her. She tells him although he had forced her into marriage, she always hoped he would have true feelings for her. And the gifts, Jessica says, proves that Spike really loves her. Spike tells her he's taking her out to dinner. At the restaurant, Jessica runs into Paloma and Simone. They tell her Spike doesn't deserve her. Outside, Spike is being threatened for owing someone money. In exchange for the money he owes, Spike tells the dirtbag that he can have Jessica in trade, that he could do what he wants with her! The man takes the deal! Jessica goes outside to look for Spike and is attacked by the man who Spike owes money to. Spike watches from around the corner

As Kay is seducing Miguel, Tabitha freezes Miguel to tell Kay that Fox is on his way upstairs, to move fast. Tabitha unfreezes Miguel and Kay tries kissing him but Maria starts crying. Miguel goes to get her. Fox comes in the bedroom, takes Kay in his arms as Miguel walks back in. Miguel apologizes and Fox tells him to shut the door on his way out! Downstairs, Tabitha starts developing spots on her body, the witch's virus. Upstairs, Kay distracts Fox, asking him to get her some ice cream. Tabitha appears, wanting to help Kay. Outside Miguel and Martin talk about love, why it has to be so hard. Miguel tells him he wants to be with Kay, but Kay seems confused. Martin tells him to fight for Kay. Suddenly, Tabitha calls out to Miguel, says Kay wants to speak to him in her room. When Miguel enters Kay's room, she throws herself in his arms, her lips on his.

Next on Passions: Fox sees Miguel and Kay on the floor, Fancy and Luis steam up the pool and Theresa and Ethan are blinded by darkness!

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