He's Coming

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Chad decides to end things, the warden has suspicions about Fancy, Theresa gets a surprise, things get stranger with Gwen.

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Chad drifts around his apartment when he gets a message from Vincent asking to meet him at their usual place. 'I told him to lay off and he wouldn't listen. He's left me no other choice,' he decides. Unfortunately he said this out loud and Whitney overheard him. He tells her that it was just business and she says that he works too hard. The doorbell rings. As she answers it, he gets another message from Vincent saying that he will have to come after him if he refuses to meet him. When Whitney answers the door, she finds someone she wasn't expecting. In a panic, Chad rushes to the door, but it's only Eve. They're surprised to see him so jumpy. He tells them that he has some problematic clients and will be having a guard placed at the door. As he wanders off, Whitney tells her mother that she wishes that he would take some time off and get rid of his edge. Eve tells her that Valerie has tracked down her son with Julian. Whitney becomes excited about meeting her half-brother. They sit down so that they can plan Chad's surprise party as he puts on his jacket and leaves. Eve tells her daughter that she was softening to Julian when she found out about her son, but then she found him in bed with Ivy. Whitney should thank God that she is in love with a man who believes in fidelity. 'I do', she says, sure that she 'will never walk in on Chad in bed with another woman.' Eve tells her to cherish her time with Chad. She should be giving her mother relationship advice. Whitney tells her that she did the best she could; she just trusted the wrong people. Meanwhile, Chad arrives at the motel with a gun. 'It's over today. It's over for good,' he says to himself.

At the prison, Sheridan continues to pressure the warden to find her niece. He tries to assure her that no one will get in to see Luis. She doesn't like his attitude and tells him that all of the dirt that Alistair had on him didn't die with him. If he doesn't find Fancy, she will destroy him. The phone rings. He tells her that there was a disturbance in solitary: Luis had to be subdued. As he goes to check it out, Sheridan announces that she will go with him. He angrily refuses to allow any civilian down there and makes her wait. 'If Fancy has anything to do with this, I will kill her myself,' she says.

In his cell, Luis and Fancy think fast as the guards come down the corridor. They set it up so that it looks like he's attacking her as the guards come in. After throwing Luis on the bed, they start to beat and shock him as Fancy watches. The warden arrives as Fancy cries for the guards to stop. He asks her why she seems to care so much about what they do to him. She tells him that at the prison she used to work at, they took brutalizing the prisoners seriously. Leaning into her, the warden tells her that they are searching for Fancy Crane. 'What's that got to do with me?' she asks. Getting closer, the warden asks: Why is she is, a new hire, in Luis' cell when she wasn't even assigned to it. He pulls off her hat and asks her if she is Fancy. She laughs and says that she would have sued her family if they named her that. He doesn't relent and demands an explanation. She makes an excuse and the other guards back her up. The warden reluctantly accepts this and plays with her chin before telling her that she can go. She's worried about Luis' injuries so the warden sends him down to the infirmary. Fancy asks to guard him so that she'll have a chance at payback. He agrees and they go down before he calls Sheridan and tells her that Luis is going down to the infirmary. She drops the phone and runs.


In the infirmary, Luis wakes up and sees Fancy standing there. They put on a show for the other guard until she tells him that he can go. Alone, she tells him how awful she feels for getting him beat up like that. 'Sheridan knows,' she says. And this means that soon she won't be able to see him again. Sheridan suddenly appears and drags her niece away. Fancy begins taunting her aunt, claiming that Luis really loves her. Sheridan suggests that she's not nearly as sure of that as she'd like to be. 'He only kissed you because he felt sorry for you,' Fancy smugly states. Her aunt reminds her that every life she touches ends badly. If she loves Luis, she needs to walk away. Fancy reminds her that she broke Luis' heart, destroyed Chris' life and Antonio died for her. She had her chance with Luis, but now it's over. Sheridan throws her hands up and says that she won't argue: When she exposes Fancy, she will be thrown in jail and that will leave Luis for the taking. Fancy doesn't think that she would ever do that: Luis hates vengeful behavior. Sheridan tells her to dream on. She will do whatever she has to so that she can have Luis back.


In Alistair's secret room, Theresa and Ethan are in bed watching the blackmailer on the phone. They tell them that they will destroy them and everyone they love. They also threaten to tell Ethan the secret she has been hiding. Ethan turns to her and begs her to finally tell him the truth. She tells him that it's nothing and tries to get back to Jared. This all seems wrong to Ethan but he can't stop her.

Theresa goes back upstairs to Jared. He asks her where she's been. She claims that she just went to see Sheridan. He tells her that he's been having fun with little Ethan and they are becoming closer. He then tells her that little Ethan ran into a clown in a half-man/half-woman costume. Theresa drops her glass of water. She picks up the glass and assures him that she's just a klutz then suddenly leaves for 'a conference call'. He realizes that something is wrong with her. When Theresa goes to her office, she calls security to watch over little Ethan. Getting off the phone, she turns to find the blackmailer standing there. They grab her phone and threaten her with a knife. Theresa protests and claims that she's done everything she can. She tries to threaten the blackmailer for going after little Ethan but they are unfazed. They remind her of everything that she'll lose if she doesn't do as she's told. When they hear someone calling, the blackmailer runs off. Jared walks in and asks if everything is alright. She hugs him and tells him that she loves him.


As Rebecca talks to Gwen on the phone, Gwen, tied to a bed, screams out for someone to stop. Rebecca asks her who is hurting her. Gwen says that she is alone and the phone hangs up. Rebecca runs off and finds Ethan drinking. She tells him that Gwen is in danger and someone seems to be torturing her. He finds that hard to believe, particularly since she was able to answer the phone. She's won't be his step-mother for much longer, he says, and he won't get involved. Rebecca pouts and he takes the phone. When he calls, it picks up and he asks Gwen if she's okay. Gwen tells both of them to leave her alone. Ethan continues to argue with her, saying that he's done everything possible to talk to her and be her friend but she's kept pushing him away. She accuses him of stealing Jane and tells him that she has new people in her life now. As she calls out that 'he's coming' she hangs up the phone. Rebecca wonders what that could mean and whether she's gotten herself mixed up with a new man.

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