Plans Are Put Into Motion

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Kay gives Miguel an eyeful and Ethan gets one, too, Tabitha is on a mission and Luis finds Fancy face-down in the Crane pool

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Heidi Mueller

Kay drops her towel in front of Miguel, then acts as though it was accident. When she leaves to get dressed, Miguel calls Luis, asks if maybe he should wait to talk to Kay. Luis tells her to talk to Kay now. Downstairs, Kay tells Tabitha that she's going to set the scene to make Fox jealous. Back upstairs, Kay rejoins Miguel in the bedroom.

Julian tells Tabitha that he's suing Theresa for custody of little Ethan, says if Tabitha won't let him see Endora, he'll sue her, too. Tabitha is on a mission to keep Julian away from Endora, not wanting him to find out about them being witches. Just as she tries turning him into a rat, Endora counteracts Tabitha's trick! Julian leaves and Fox tells Tabitha he's going upstairs to see Kay!

Ethan arrives at the Sea Cliff Inn looking for Stewart Allen, but gets the wrong room. Ethan walks in on Jared and Theresa making love! Theresa asks what the hell he's doing, and Ethan leaves the room. Theresa feels awful that Ethan saw her with Jared, says she didn't want to hurt him. Jared doesn't want her worrying about Ethan.

Ethan runs into Stewart who questions whether Ethan is going to represent him against Crane. Ethan takes the case, says he's looking forward to screwing Crane!

Spike leaves Chris just as Sheridan comes home. She sees that the orchid that Luis gave her is on the floor, ruined. Sheridan is upset, says the orchid means a lot to her. Chris tells Sheridan he doesn't understand why Luis thinks he's involved with Spike. Sheridan says she'll never doubt Chris's love for her.

At the station, talking to Luis, Paloma sees Roberto. Paloma tells Roberto not to worry about her, that being a cop makes her happy. He asks about her family and she fills him in on all the recent events.

Fancy asks Luis to lunch, but he declines, says it's against the rules to fraternize with cadets, leaving her no choice but to go home for the day. Later, Luis gets a call and leaves the station. Spike arrives at Fancy's house and hides when she comes in. Fancy hears a noise outside, then looks to the doorway in shock. Luis shows up at the mansion and finds Fancy face-down in the pool!

Next on Passions: Jared and Theresa have no regrets, Tabitha feels strange and Luis tries reviving Fancy!

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