Surprises Are Around The Corner For Everyone

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Jared plans something special for Theresa, Kay comes up with a plan, Fancy gives Sheridan an out and Ethan gets an offer that Gwen won't let him refuse

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James Stevenson

Theresa tells Jared she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Jared asks Theresa if it's going to be awkward with Ethan's office downstairs. She says it won't be a problem, that she doesn't care if she sees him again. Jared observes how upset Theresa is, suggests they go get a bite to eat. Jared takes Theresa to a room, surprises her with a romantic lunch.

Siren tells Kay to keep trying to rescue Fox, then whispers it'll give her more time to seduce Miguel. Kay tells Siren that she better enjoy her last hours out of water. Kay finds out the key to the last part of the spell. She needs to make Fox so jealous that he turns red. Not knowing how she'll make that happen, suddenly, Kay looks to a picture of Miguel. She has an idea.

Spike comes to the Crane Estate to see Chris. Spike tells Chris that he's going to do exactly what he says to kill Luis! Chris tells Spike he won't kill Luis, won't embezzle money from Sheridan or Crane, but Spike says he will if he knows what's good for him.

Sheridan accuses Luis of checking on Chris out of jealousy. Luis denies her accusations, says he has good reasons to be investigating Chris, that she can't stop him. Fancy tells Sheridan to go home, that she agrees with Luis. Sheridan is floored with Fancy when Luis and she say that Chris is protecting Spike. Sheridan defends her husband, even tries reasoning with Luis to get him to leave Chris out of it. He says no! Miguel shows up, taking Luis aside. Miguel asks for Luis's advice about Kay, admits he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but he doesn't know what to do, doesn't want to hurt Fox.

Fancy asks to talk to Sheridan, asks if she still loves Luis. Fancy says she'll back off Luis if Sheridan still loves him. Sheridan says she'll never get back with Luis, that she loves Chris. Fancy says she can see how Luis feels about Sheridan, but Sheridan gives her the go ahead, tells Fancy she won't stand in her way where Luis is concerned.

In his office, Ethan vows to find dirt on Jared. Stewart Allen comes through the door. He wants to hire Ethan to stop Crane for stealing his ideas, wants to sue Crane. Just as Ethan is about to turn down the case, Gwen walks in, asks why he won't take the case. When Ethan tells Stewart that he has to turn down the case, Gwen asks if it's because he doesn't want to hurt Crane or is it about hurting Theresa? Ethan tries telling her if he took the case it would hurt a lot of people. Stewart says if Ethan doesn't take the case, he'll find an attorney who will. Ethan says he needs time to think over the offer. Gwen begs him to take the case, says it could change their lives for the better. All Gwen cares about is hurting Theresa.

Next on Passions: Luis sees Fancy face down in the Crane pool, Kay drops her towel in front of Miguel and Ethan walks in on Theresa and Jared making love!

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