Hidden Motives

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Luis does a background check on Chris, Theresa has had enough of Ethan's games and Kay and Tabitha are two steps closer to stopping Siren

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Marsh Mokhtari

Luis teaches Fancy the first lessen in frustration involving police work, knowing that Spike shot his mother but can't prove it. Luis decides to do a background on Chris, still thinking there's something not right with him. Luis wants Sheridan to be safe, and Fancy only wishes he would someday worry about her as much. Luis and Fancy go to the shooting range where he gives her a lesson in gun safety. She melts under his touch as he shows her how to hold the gun, fantasizing about kissing Luis. Back in the station, Luis is angry to find out he has to wait for the results of Chris's background check When the database suddenly goes down!

With Sheridan's help, Chris gets ready for his interview at Crane. His phone rings and Sheridan leaves him to his call. Someone tells Chris that Luis is doing a background check on him! Sheridan questions Chris about his phone call, and Chris tells her he had another job offer. Sheridan tells him she got him the job at Crane! After Sheridan leaves, to go to the police station, Chris tells himself that he'll make Luis pay, that he better watch his back!

As Luis calls a favor in to a friend at inner pole, he tells Fancy he's going to get his background check on Chris. Just then, Sheridan overhears, asking why Luis is doing a check on her husband!

While shooting hoops with Chad, Jared tells Chad that Theresa is the woman he wants to settle down with. Chad reminds Jared of Ethan and Theresa's past. Jared reassures Chad that Ethan's yesterdays news.

Theresa breaks free from Ethan's kiss, furious that he's playing games with her! Theresa tells him he needs to let her go. Ethan says he couldn't help it, couldn't help but think how things would've been if they had stayed together. He tells her he loves her, that he's loved her for so long! Again, he presses his lips to hers! Theresa pulls away, wanting to know why he's doing this! Ethan tells her about his promise to Pilar. Theresa asks Ethan if he wants to spend his life with her. He replies by saying she's in his heart, that he dreams of being a family with her and the kids, but he can't turn his back on Gwen! Again, Theresa tells him to let her go, that she's moved on. She orders him to get out of her office!!!

Detracting Fox, Kay points for Tabitha to pour more water on Siren's legs. After Fox shoots the arrow and makes a bull's-eye, he wants to know why Kay was throwing water behind the target. She worms her way out of it, pushing him out of the room to go change from his cupid's custom. Kay continues trying to lift the curse, but to no avail. Siren breaks free, tries to leave and take the spellbook, but Endora makes Siren disappear to the outside, leaving the spellbook with Kay and Tabitha. They realize that in order for the curse to be lifted, they need to manipulate Fox into doing some crazy tricks! With Endora crying, acting upset, Fox gives in to their plan, jumping up and down, enabling Tabitha to strap his legs together. Suddenly Siren comes down the fireplace, stopping them from completing the spell. But not for long Tabitha and Kay work fast and complete the first two parts of the spell while distracting Siren with seafood, but Tabitha warns Kay that the hardest part is yet to come.

Jared finds Theresa upset, crying, in her office, taking her in his arms. With Chad outside the office, Ethan comes back. Chad nods to the open door, and Ethan sees her in Jared's arms. Chad accuses Ethan of being jealous.

Next on Passions: Theresa is done with Ethan, Ethan is after dirt on Jared and Chris continues to hide his involvement with Spike.

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