Rae's Funeral

Monday, March 26th, 2007

Almost everyone attends Rae's funeral, Jared has another plan about getting married, Valerie has more news about Eve and Julian's son, a cop goes after Luis.

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Fox collapses

After Fox collapses on the floor, Kay tells Miguel to call an ambulance. When Miguel gets on the phone, Fox stops him and crawls off the floor. He still wants to go to the funeral, but Kay tells him that he'll need to be examined after. Tabitha stands by and says that 'horrible, horrible things are in store for Kay.' They all go off to the funeral. After the mortals go in, Tabitha and Endora stop outside. Tabitha takes out her special witch technology: 'NBC. The Netherworld Broadcasting Corporation' (it's a camera that lets them see inside the church). She's very happy and rubs her hands together, only to notice that Endora has slipped inside and waves at the camera. It must be her human part that lets her in a holy place, nevertheless Tabitha demands that her daughter zap herself back outside.


Simone lashes out

Simone is at Rae's funeral. She had to beg Rae's family to let her plan the it. Since they had disowned her for being a lesbian, they had wanted to just turn her over to the state for an anonymous burial. TC tells his daughter that the bigots of the world will pay one day. 'No parent should ever turn their back on their child,' he says as Simone weeps. Just then, Valerie walks into the church, saying to herself that 'even Julian will be shocked to hear the news' about his son with Eve. Sam arrives to pay his condolences and tells Simone that killers often show up at their victim's funerals. Simone begins to lash out at Luis, but Sam reminds her that he is innocent until proven guilty. As Simone begins to rant about Sam being a homophobic cop just trying to get his friend off, her parents try to calm her down. When she walks away, Sam calls Fancy and tells her to go over Luis' arrest record and make sure that everything is perfect. Turning around, he's surprised to see Julian there. They take pokes at each other as Julian promises to make sure that Miguel is punished for what he's done.


Julian doesn't take threats seriously

Pilar greets Fox by telling him that he looks awful. Some of his hair falls out as he and Kay walk way. Miguel tells his mother that it looks like Fox really is sick after all. Inside the chapel, Julian approaches his son and tells him that he is only suffering from stress; he isn't really sick. Fox still needs to know if he is taking the placebo or a real treatment. Julian tells him just to be happy that he is still 'up and running' and that 'bald is in these days.' Leaving Fox behind, he joins Eve and Valerie for the 'good news' while TC looks on, worried. Valerie tells them that their son is in Harmony. The parents are happy to hear this. Eve rushes off to see Simone while TC comes over to threaten Julian to stay away. Eve finds Simone with Vincent. He tells them that he knew Rae for years.

Sam and Paloma find Jessica sadly standing and looking at flowers. She doesn't want another intervention; once the funeral is over, she's going home to her husband. After she stomps away, Sam vows to keep trying until they get her home where she belongs.


Jared is eager to go

In her office, Theresa is impressed that Jared has pulled himself out of the hospital to marry her, but she isn't about to do it right now. Jared can't understand. He wants to start the ceremony as soon as Judge Reilly arrives. She tries to get him to go back to the hospital, but he loves her too much to wait any longer. Thinking fast, she reminds him that it is time for Rae's funeral. Jared begins apologizing and offers a compromise: He and Chad will go with them to the funeral and then they can all go back to the hospital and get married. Tess takes Whit aside, unsure of what to do now. Whitney tells her that she no longer has a choice: She has to marry Jared. They all proceed to the funeral. Whitney tells her sister that she should be proud, but Simone can't stop herself from saying that Rae would still be alive if it wasn't for Theresa's brother. After Simone angrily walks away, Theresa becomes concerned that Whitney isn't convinced of her brother's innocence. They soon start talking about boys instead, embarrassing Chad when he comes to take Whitney to her seat.


Simone says goodbye

Chad sits down with Jared and tells him that he can't stop thinking about his situation. Jared repeats that he needs to take care of it right away. As Chad looks over, he spots Vincent watching him. The ceremony begins while, outside, Tabitha tells Endora that the grim reaper will be back soon for someone else. After the ceremony ends, Simone gets up and thanks the minister before laying a flower on Rae's coffin. TC tells Eve that he's glad he had a stroke; it made him take a look at his life an realize what really matters: Love. Chad and Whitney get up to comfort Simone when Vincent follows to say that 'you Russells are an amazing family...Rae was always talking about how much she loved Simone just like Chad is always talking about how much he loves Whitney.' TC smiles and says that Chad couldn't stop loving Whitney 'even when it seemed wrong.' Vincent pats Chad on the back. 'That's the kind of guy Chad is,' he says. 'He can't quit true love.' Chad isn't thrilled about the attention.


Tess runs out of options

After the funeral, Theresa is concerned to see that Whitney refuses to say whether or not she believes that Luis is guilty. Her friend tells her that none of that matters; either way, she still has to deal with the blackmailer. Just then, Theresa gets another note from the blackmailer telling her to marry Jared. Coincidentally, Jared appears and suggests that they stay there, wait for everyone to leave and let the minister marry them. Tess starts to panic.

The bartender from the Blue Note takes Simone aside and tells her that Rae left him with some information for her. Simone assumes that this must be the proof that she had on the peeping tom. Looking through his pockets, he realizes that he forgot it at his apartment so he gives her his address so that she can pick it up. When he's walking out, Tabitha and Endora can see that he is being followed. 'Something tells me that the Blue Note is going to be needing a new bartender soon.'


Fancy is off-kilter

Upstairs, Ethan receives news from the DA that they'll be pursuing the death penalty for Luis. Sheridan is agog at the news. He begins asking her about Fancy's suspicions that she is after Luis. She assures him that Fancy is wrong. At any rate, it hardly matters now: Luis is not going to be anywhere that he can have a personal life. The DA only seeks the death penalty under two conditions. One is that they are sure he is guilty; the other is to send a signal to the public and there is nothing worse, for the public or the police, than a bad cop. Right now, they have to get Luis into protective custody before the other cops start taking things out on Luis. She begins blaming everything on 'whacked, off-kilter' Fancy. After reminding Ethan that she is 'blissfully happy' with Chris, she points out how off center Fancy has been and reminds him of what she did to Pretty. Ethan doesn't want to remember that, but Sheridan says that it only shows what Fancy is capable of. He tries calling the DA and talking them out of the death penalty, but it doesn't work.


Luis asks for help

Luis is awoken in his jail cell by a cop. The cop promises him that he'll be going down; he hates cops that go bad. After calling Luis to the bars, the cop smashes him in the gut and tells him that his lawyer can't save him. When Fancy comes downstairs, she chases the cop off of Luis. After getting in his cell with him, he asks her to let him go. 'If you love me, you'll help me escape.' The cop returns and Fancy jumps out of the cell. He says that, from what he just heard, Luis is going to get exactly what he deserves. 'They're going to put you down like the rabid dog you are,' he says as Fancy's jaw drops.

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