Passion And Magic Fill The Air

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Ethan engages Theresa with a kiss, Siren is on her last fins, Chris further manipulates Sheridan and Spike pulls a knife on Luis

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Lindsay Hartley and Eric Martsolf

Ethan overhears Theresa say she's falling for Jared, wants to spend the rest of her life with him. After Theresa hangs up the phone, he comes into her office, paying a visit on Julian's behalf. Theresa is furious that Ethan is siding with Julian for getting partial custody. As Ethan goes on about Julian's rights, Theresa's inner voice screams to tell Ethan that's he's little Ethan's father. Theresa tells him she'd do anything for little Ethan to have a real father, but Ethan doesn't follow what she's saying. Theresa wants nothing to do with Julian. Ethan's jealousy comes out when he brings up Theresa bringing Jared into little Ethan's life. He even goes so far as to say that she needs to get rid of Jared, that he'll break her heart! Theresa defends Jared, says that Ethan can't stand that Jared is so right for her. Ethan says he doesn't want her alone and Theresa wants to know who he thinks the right guy is for her. She tells Ethan that he left her for Gwen, now he needs to let her go. Suddenly, Ethan takes her in his arms and engages Theresa with a passionate kiss!


Brandi Lynn Burkhardt

Kay, Endora and Tabitha work to free Fox from Siren's curse. Fox overhears Kay say, "I hope Fox doesn't realize what we're doing," questioning her with Siren by his side. Tabitha covers, saying they were planning a birthday party for both Siren and Fox. When Kay gets Fox to leave the room, Siren sees the spellbook. Kay and Tabitha trick Siren into going in the other room, pouring water on her. When she turns into a Mermaid, they tie her up! When Fox returns, Kay tricks him into putting on a cupid costume, says it's for a daycare center calendar. Fox needs to be the one to shoot Siren with the arrow in order to be free of her curse. With much persuasion, Fox agrees to put on the costume. With their plan in place, Fox in his costume, Kay, Tabitha and Endora are on their way to getting rid of Siren!

Luis and Fancy try figuring out how Spike and Chris are connected. Luis leaves to talk to Spike, telling Fancy to stay at the station, but Fancy follows.

Spike threatens Chris, saying he'll tell Sheridan about their plan. Chris says he'll take the job at Crane as long as Spike keeps his mouth shut. Spike takes off just as Sheridan shows up by Chris's side. Chris now knows he has to take the job at Crane. Sheridan talks to Chris about her new job at Crane, says Gwen was impressed with Chris turning down Sheridan's offer to get him a job. Just then, Chris says he changed his mind, he now wants her to help him get into Crane. Sheridan says he'll be resented by the other employees if she gets him the job, but Chris says he doesn't care. Sheridan agrees to help him.

Luis is hiding behind a door when Spike walks into the storage room. With Spike in a headlock, Luis demands he tells him what happened at the mansion! As Luis strangles Spike, Fancy blows in to stop him. Luis whispers to Fancy to follow his lead, that he knows what he's doing. Spike denies Luis's claims. Luis tell Spike that he knows who he's working with, that his accomplice is talking to the cops as they speak. As Luis leaves, Spike yells for him to stop, says he'll tell him whatever he wants to know. Spike acts as though he's going to tell Luis all, then calls him a sucker, says he has nothing on him! When Spike asks about Pilar, Luis attacks him! Spike pulls a knife out on Luis, but gets his butt kicked! Spike threatens police brutality, says Fancy is his witness. She says she didn't see a thing. Luis and Fancy leave, telling Spike he'll soon be rotting in a jail cell. Back at the station, Luis is impressed with Fancy's cop instincts.

Chris calls Spike to tell him that Sheridan's getting him the job. Spike says as soon as he's in, Chris is going to get him the money he needs.

Next on Passions: Kay and Tabitha need to pull their plan off and Jared tells Chad that Ethan is yesterday's news, that he's Theresa's future.

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