Things Don't Add Up

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Luis starts to doubt Chris, Ethan makes Pilar a promise and Jared has a new job

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Galen Gering

Ethan wakes up from dreaming about making love to Theresa. Gwen questions if he's really moved on. He points out that he would've never agreed to help Julian if he was still pining away for Theresa, but Gwen doesn't believe he can let Theresa go.

Theresa offers Jared the executive position at Crane Industries. After a bit of persuasion, Jared accepts Theresa's offer. When looking over the contract, Jared notices Ethan's name on it. He questions why Ethan had turned the job down, wonders if Theresa is trying to fill Ethan's spot in her life with Jared. Theresa says she's trying to move on, to put Ethan in her past. Jared settles for that, and starts his job at Crane. Jared takes over a conference call for Theresa, showing off his skills. Just as she kisses him, Ethan walks in seeing them and leaves. Once Jared is gone, Ethan comes back, overhearing Theresa on the phone saying that she's falling for Jared!

While in bed, Sheridan dwells on Pilar's shooting. Chris tries to make sense of it for her. Sheridan tells Chris that Luis won't rest until the people involved are caught. Sheridan thanks Chris for being there, telling him she knows he'll never hurt or disappoint her.

Luis shows up at the station, saying when he finds the person who shot his mother, he'll deal with them in his own way. The Chief reminds Luis to remain calm or he'll take Luis off the case. When alone, Luis questions if Fancy wrote up his report. Fancy admits she did it to help him. The Chief informs Luis that Fancy did an excellent job with the repot, forcing Luis to thank her! When Fancy leaves, Sam and Luis discuss the shooting. Luis expresses his mistrust of Chris, and Sam wants to know what Luis knows about Chris that he doesn't. Sam accuses Luis of being suspicious of Chris just because he's Sheridan's husband. Luis denies it, says he doesn't trust Chris. Fancy overhears Sam ask Luis if she'll be a good cop. He replies that he's not sure if Fancy can make the sacrifices that cops have to. Looking over a report, Luis sees that the bullet used to shoot Pilar, also came from the gun that shot Chris.

At breakfast, Sheridan tells Chris she wants to get a job at Crane, to take over Fancy's job in fashion design. Chris thinks it's the perfect idea. Spike shows up, overhearing Chris and Sheridan's conversation. Sheridan suggests that she get Chris a job at Craneas an accountant. Chris turns down her offer, says he wants to be his own man. Just as Gwen shows up, Chris gets a text message from Spike and goes to find him. Gwen tells Sheridan of her worries concerning Ethan's feelings for Theresa. Chris tells Spike to leave him alone, that Luis is watching him, but Spike tells Chris that they are in this together! Spike demands that Chris take the job that Sheridan offered him, to embezzle millions for him, or he'll tell all that he was in on the plan with Spike.

Ethan visits Pilar where she tells him that he belongs with Theresa, to leave Gwen. She tells Ethan that little Ethan is his son!!! But then corrects herself, saying he's 'like' a son to him. Ethan says he loves Gwen, but Pilar keeps repeating that he belongs with Theresa, makes Ethan promise that he'll think about it. And he does.

Next on Passions: Ethan overhears Theresa say that Jared is the guy she wants to spend her life with, Luis attacks Spike and Kay tries to stop Siren

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