So Much Interference

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Julian and Ethan gang up on Theresa while Jared offers her an alliance, Spike names Chris as his alibi and Fancy and Luis find themselves engaged in a hot, steamy kiss!

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Ben Masters

Jared comforts Theresa at the hospital. As they share a kiss, Gwen notices Ethan's jealousy. She asks Ethan to choose between the two women. Ethan is speechless, his silence infuriates Gwen. Gwen says she going to file for divorce because he won't give her an answer. Ethan tells her that he doesn't want Theresa, that he loves Gwen. But Gwen isn't sure that Ethan can make a clean break from Theresa. Ethan's phone rings, and Julian tells Ethan there's a problem with little Ethan, to come to the mansion.

Jared takes Theresa back to the Crane mansion where he is overwhelmed at the enormity of it all. He's very touched at how modest Theresa is, what a good mom she is, feels like an idiot for giving Theresa a hard time about being a Crane. Julian walks in as Ethan kisses Theresa, telling them to get a room. Julian says he's taking little Ethan to a baseball game tomorrow, but Theresa says he's not. An angry Julian says, ...We'll see about that.... He tells Theresa that if she tries to deny him time with little Ethan, she'll lose him forever!

Ethan and Gwen arrive at the mansion. Julian tries to persuade Ethan to take his side. Ethan tells Theresa she's being unreasonable, and Jared comes to Theresa's rescue against Ethan and Julian. When Ethan says that Julian, being the boy's biological father, has rights, Theresa blurts out that Julian has no rights when it comes to little Ethan! Ethan asks how she could even say such a thing?! Julian threatens a custody suit against Theresa, but she doesn't back down. Jared and Theresa leave the room and go outside. Jared tells her that he'll be there for Theresa, to help her fight Ethan and Julian. Theresa says she'll crush them both if they try to get in her way when it comes little Ethan.

Spike pleads with Luis, telling him he didn't shoot Pilar. Luis says he's going to find out who helped Spike. Spike looks down at a wooden chest. Once opened, Luis finds it empty! He tells Spike he'll find the proof he needs to prove Spike did it. Suddenly Spike reveals that Chris is his alibi! When Luis questions Chris, he's very nervous, but gives Spike his alibi. Even though Luis knows there's more to Chris and Spike's story, he has no choice but to let him go. Fancy un-cuffs Spike, and Luis tells him to watch his back, that he WILL get the dirt on Spike. Luis, Fancy, Chris and Sheridan leave. Jessica questions Spike about what really happened.

Sheridan reassures Chris that what happened to Pilar wasn't his fault. Sheridan is worried about what Luis said: That the person who shot Pilar may have shot Chris, too. Sheridan says Luis won't rest until he makes an arrest. Chris wants to change the subject, comments on how good Luis and Fancy looked at the fair.

Fancy and Luis arrive back at Fancy's where Luis is very frustrated with having to let Spike go, says he doesn't believe Chris. Fancy says that Chris would never give Spike an alibi if he didn't see him at the fair. She notices that Luis is tense. Fancy wants him to relax, tells Luis to strip and follow her! As they sit in the sauna, Fancy massages his back, trailing light kisses on his shoulders. Luis turns, their lips touch, and they find themselves trapped in a passionate kiss!

Next on Passions: Pilar tells Ethan that he belongs with little Ethan and Theresa, Theresa offers Jared an executive position, Luis is questioned about what he knows about Chris...

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