A Warning

Friday, January 26th, 2007

Miguel looks for proof that Fox was lying, Charity has a surprise, Chris is growing weary of his wifes obsession with her niece, Valerie warns Jared, Theresa has something bad to tell Ethan.

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Ivy continues to accuse Miguel

At the hospital, everyone worries as Eve hurries Fox into surgery. Kay signs some final paperwork while Miguel tries to convince her that he didnt run him down. Ivy cuts in to accuse him of being a murderer; everyone knows that hes guilty and he left Fox as roadkill. Sam stops her just as Eve comes out with more paperwork for Kay. Miguel goes after her again, but Sam stops him for questioning. Miguel suspects that Fox set all of this up. Overhearing this, Julian calls him a punk and reminds Sam that Miguel has been singing this song for awhile despite evidence to the contrary.

Kay worries about the operation. If Fox doesnt survive, someone will be charged for murder. Kay tells Charity that her father hates her because shes destroyed his life. Charity says that its all really Ivys fault. Kay feels guilty though, especially about abandoning her husband on his wedding night. She goes and sits with her father who still doesnt want to speak to her.


This is why Charity came back

Eve returns to say that theyve finished the first part of the surgery and Fox is doing well. Miguel runs up to her and asks her to check for evidence that he was actually ill. Ivy and Julian watch and worry. Youll see that Im telling the truth, Miguel mutters to himself before Charity creeps up on him. She confesses that she didnt come to Harmony because of her aunts death; she came because she wanted him back. Putting her arms around him, she pulls him into a kiss as an appalled Julian watches from a few feet away.


Luis tries to help

Fancy, Luis, Chris and Sheridan all arrive at the hospital. Luis is still apologizing. The men walk off to find someone to run the tests on Fancy. She tells her aunt that, when she gets through with these tests, she will prove to Luis how evil she really is. Sheridan isnt impressed by the threat; shes confidant that, after this, Fancy wont be able to prove anything to anyone. After they pass some more threats between themselves, Luis and Chris return with a doctor who takes Fancy away. Chris tells Luis to stop blaming himself before Sheridan sends him off to get coffee. Luis feels like hes remembering things that didnt happen. The rapist peers from behind a door at him saying that it was me on the couch with you Luis, not Fancy. Luis still blames himself; hes failed the woman he loves again. Sheridan touches his face and says that hes the bravest, most caring man shes ever known. Both Fancy and Chris are dismayed to see their intimate connection before they interrupt.


Chris is concerned

Chris takes his wife aside and tells her that she seems a little too worried about her niece. Sheridan makes her regular excuses, but he is unconvinced. This seems to have more to do with Fancy and Luis being a couple. To him, it looks like Sheridan would leave him for Luis in a heartbeat. Sheridan acts insulted at this suggestion, but the doctor returns before she can get theatrical. The results prove that Fancy was assaulted. They got a semen sample so they should be able to identify the attacker. Fancy and Luis embrace while Chris smirks and Sheridan bites her lip.


Valerie warns Jared

At the office, Chad walks in on Jared packing. He wont stay in the town any longer if he has to play second to Ethan. Chads never seen him so mad and yet he still believes Ethan is telling the truth. Jared cant stand it though and, even if this isnt Theresas fault, he cant forgive her. Still, Chad urges him to imagine that they are telling the truth and, even if Jareds ego is bruised, he shouldnt leave town. Whitney calls Chad and tells him to keep Jared there. After he explains the situation with Theresa to his friend, he gets a call from his lover and has to leave. Jared is appalled that he can continue doing that to his wife and child, but Chad leaves anyway. Later, Valerie arrives to see how he is. He tells her that hes leaving and is surprised to find her telling him that he cant walk out on Theresa. You dont understand. Something terrible is happening in Harmony, especially to the Cranes, she insists. He laughs, but Valerie is deadly serious. If he cares about Theresa, he has to stay and protect her.

In his room, Ethan looks at the wedding ring that Gwen smashed and sadly admits to Theresa that his marriage is over. Whitney encourages her friend to put the plan into action; get Ethan back with Gwen and help them move away so that she can get back with Jared. But there is doubt in Theresa eyes. Watching Gwen say goodbye to Jane is the saddest thing Ethan ever saw. He refused to let her take Jane because he thought it would keep her there, but it didnt. Theresa is surprised by this and asks how Jane is. Ethan goes into the other room to check and Whitney starts to worry that Theresa is having second thoughts.


Whitney worries about Theresa's second thoughts

When Ethan returns, he tries to apologize and Whitney leaves them alone. They both have tears in their eyes. He tells her that he knows how he got in her bed; he may not know hoe he got there physically, but emotionally he was there because he loves her with every fibre of his being. Gwen knows that and thats why she left after trying to live with this fact for years. As Ethan cries and Theresa remains silent, Whitney pokes her head in to say that Jane is fine. Ethan walks out to get a drink. Whitney doesnt want Theresa to get sucked in again and walks out when Ethan returns. When Theresa tries to talk to him, he stops her to finish saying that its over with Gwen. He shows her the wedding ring she smashed. He asks her for forgiveness, but she says that there is nothing to forgive. Theyve gone through so much together, it feels like time for a fresh start. She smiles at him when he takes her face in his hands and she begins to shake. There is something bad that she has to tell him.

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