The Marriage is Over

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Fox is in critical condition, Sam finds evidence against Miguel, Fancys attacker is unmasked, Gwen smashes Ethans ring.

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Miguel looks guilty

Kay, Simone, Charity and Miguel follow Sam out to Miguels car to see if there is any proof of an accident. Miguel insists that there will be no proof, but Sam quickly discovers that hes wrong. A shocked Kay rushes over to see that Miguels headlight is smashed in. He claims not to know anything about this and claims that everything he said about leaving Fox to die was just a figure of speech. Kay leaves for the hospital and Miguel tries to follow but Sam stops him and tells him to get a good lawyer.

Simone and Charity dont think Miguel should be going to the hospital with Kay, but they all get in her car and start to drive. Kay still cant believe that Miguel is lying to her, but she still doesnt believe that she married a Crane monster.


Julian chokes Miguel

At the hospital, Julian and Ivy storm in as Eve tries to revive Fox. She tries to throw them out as Fox flatlines. They finally go out to the hall, despite Ivys protests. She begins hugging Julian and asks him to pray with her. He declines the invitation. Eve comes out to say that Fox flatlined... but she managed to stabilize him. Hes still critical. Julian vows to find whoever did this to his son and kill them. They see Sam walk in talking on the phone about examining Miguels car. He is the the only suspect at the moment. Julian makes his way over and pressures him to arrest Miguel right away. Sam says they have to treat it like every other investigation. Oh? So the culprit will never be caught? Julian indignantly groans. Miguel and Kay run in and Julian begins choking Miguel for showing up at his sons death bed.


Luis tries to comfort Fancy

When Chad and Chris open the pantry door, the rapist tumbles across the floor and Fancy demands that they take off his mask. Chris reaches down and pulls it off to reveal Luis. Oh my god no! It cant be! Fancy exclaims. It doesnt even make sese to Sheridan. Luis starts to wake and seems completely confused about whats going on. Jared walks in, looks around and asks if hes interrupting. Chad tells him its complicated. Jared announces that hes leaving for good so Chad and Whitney take him in the other room to talk. Fancy tells Luis that shes been assaulted again. He tries to get up to comfort her but she moves away. Chris says she was attacked by the man in the ski mask and shows it to Luis. He begins demanding to know where they got it. They tell him that they found him wearing it. Sheridan explains whats happened and Luis cant understand it. He helps Fancy sit down and begins apologizing. She asks him where he went, but he doesnt know. He begins to blame himself for everything, but he cant comfort her and she walks away. Sheridan suggest that she isnt in shock; this might all be in Fancys mind and theres no evidence to prove that what she says is true.


Chad's not the best for advice

Jared tells Whitney and Chad that hes sick of competing. He wont live his life the way Gwen has; theres no room for three people in a marriage, I had that already. Whitney goes up to comfort her friend. Chad reminds Jared that hes threatened to leave before and couldnt do it. Things are different this time; now he knows that she will always pick Ethan. A marriage is about two people in love, not three, Jared says, nudging Chad and telling him that hes not being fair to his wife. Jared is ready to leave unless Theresa can prove that shes over Ethan.

Rebecca has arrived to find Gwen packing. She announces that shes leaving Ethan. Rebecca doesnt want Theresa to win, but Gwen cant do this anymore. Ethan arrives to beg her to stop. Rebecca points out that shes always waking up in strangers beds and it doesnt mean anything. Gwen cant put up with his sick and pathetic obsession anymore and needs to start fresh with Jane. Ethan stops her. She cant take Jane without a court order and Theresa will never allow it. Ethan thinks they should try and get the court order together and then move away. He begins making his excuses again as the rapist sits by the door and laughs. Gwen deserves a real marriage, she takes off her ring and tells him to give it to Theresa. Rebecca wants her to put it back on, but Gwen is serious. She takes out a hammer and smashes the ring. Our marriage is over.


Whitney thinks Theresa should go after Jared

Theresa wonders if her engagement to Jared can really be off. He cant be with her if she wont press charges. She cried while she thinks of all the times shes been with Jared. However, she realizes that it is Ethan in her heart. Whitney comes up to see her. Its a shame that shes throwing away a future with a wonderful man for nothing. Maybe Jared is right, Whitney suggests, and she should press charges. She wont do that, but she still loves him and its killing her.

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