Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Luis hunts down the shooter, Kay breaks Siren’s spell and Ethan's actions toward Theresa angers Gwen.


Galen Gering

Kay scrambles to reverse the curse. Fox stops her, accuses her of wanting to be with Miguel instead of him. Kay insists that she doesn't love Miguel. A cop shows up at the fair asking for Miguel. Fox feels bad, thinking Kay was only looking for Miguel because of the shooting. After Fox leaves, Kay and Tabitha open the spell book and see Siren and Miguel about to make love.

Ethan asks Whitney where Theresa went. Looking to Gwen, she says that Theresa went off with Ethan, that their plot worked. Ethan questions Chad about Gwen and Whitney's plot. Chad admits that he, too, had a hand in it. Ethan pulls Gwen aside, furious that she went behind his back. Gwen has no remorse, says she'd do anything to protect her marriage. Ethan defends Theresa to Gwen. Theresa shows up, throwing herself into Ethan's arms, upset about the shooting. She tells Ethan she's going to the hospital. Gwen is angry when Ethan wants to follow, tells Ethan that he refuses to let Thersea go. Despite her remark, Ethan goes for the car.

Sheridan watches Luis and Fancy get close and sexy on the dance floor. As he looks into Fancy's eyes, he pictures Sheridan. Chris isn't ready to go home at Sheridan's insistence, he worries that Spike will rat him out! Back at the mansion, Spike has a hard time getting off the property without being seen.

Theresa is devastated at the news of Pilar's death and Jared is there to comfort her. At the mansion, the police see that Pilar is still alive, they call it in to the cop who then informs Theresa.

Sheridan hears of Pilar's shooting. Luis notices the cop, lets go of Fancy. Sheridan tells him his mother's been shot, then takes him in her arms. Just then, Chris gets a call from Spike, wanting him to help get him off the Crane property. Luis questions Chris about the phone call, demanding to know who's on the phone, but Chris tells him it's none of his business. Although Luis doesn't buy it, he's more concerned about his mother. He heads to the mansion.

Kay tries stopping Miguel, but Siren has put a spell on him. He can't hear her. Siren tells her she's too late. When Miguel doesn't respond, Kay tells Miguel she loves him, breaking the spell! Fox walks in, sees Kay with Miguel. She reminds Fox that they need to get Miguel to the hospital. Kay and Miguel head for the hospital leaving Fox thinking his father may have been right about Kay still having feelings for Miguel.

At the hospital, Theresa is told Pilar may die. Luis calls, promises to find out who shot their mother. Fancy and Sheridan are with Luis. He wants to know where Chris went. Little do they know, he's outside with Spike! Spike reassures Chris that Pilar didn't see his face, but Chris knows Luis won't let this go. Suddenly, Sheridan finds Chris outside with Spike!

Back at Chad's, he tells Whitney how much he loves her. After making love, Chad relives a phone call, telling a mysterious person that his marriage to Whitney won't come between them! With Whitney asleep, Chad makes arrangements to meet this person at a motel!

Gwen tries getting Ethan to leave the hospital, but he goes into the room with Theresa. Just as Ethan enters, Pilar flatlines! Ethan holds Thersea.

Next on Passions: When they see Thersea and Jared kiss, Gwen tells Ethan to move on with his life, Fox is warned not to be so nice...