Ethan Hasnt Been the Best Husband Lately

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Miguel speaks too soon, Fox flatlines, Fancys attacker is unmasked, Gwen leaves Ethan, Jared wants Ethan charged for sexual assault.

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Welcome back Charity

Miguel is welcoming Charity home with a hug. Simone interrupts their warm get-together to ask again if they had sex in the shed at Thanksgiving. Charity repeats that Miguel called her to say that he only loves Kay, thats why she cant understand how she married Fox. Miguel dismisses this; the marriage is over, he took care of Fox for good. He explains his theories about Fox to Charity. Sam walks in, happy to see Charity and tells Kay that the mansion called about Fox. She doesnt know where he is. Miguel says that he knows, he was fighting with him and left him to crawl away and die...I hope I killed him. Sam asks where his car is and then tells him that Fox was run over and it sounds like Miguel just confessed. Miguel tries to defend himself, but Sam wants to take a look at the car. They all go out to the street and look at it. The headlight and fender are smashed.


Fox doesn't look well

After being run down, Fox lays on the side of the street covered in blood. An ambulance arrives and the medics are surprised that hes still alive. They take him to the hospital and tell Eve that he must have been the victim of a hit-and-run. Fox starts to flatline.


Everyone wants to help

Chad begins searching Fancys room for the attacker but finds nothing. She encourages him to go further into the closet when Sheridan and Chris run in to ask what happened. Sheridan asks Whitney if Fancy was dreaming again. Whitney nods and Fancy starts yelling at her aunt. There is no proof, yet again, that anyone was there. Chad and Whitney saw no signs either; Fancy must be in shock. Fancy is sure that aunt Sheridan is playing tricks and trying to come between her and Luis. Whitney finally notices that Fancy has a huge bruise on her cheek. Fancy finally has some proof. She jumps up and thinks that she hears something in the closet. She goes in to search with a candlestick in her hand. Chad and Whitney think shes crazy. Fancy comes out and Whitney wants her to go to the hospital. She refuses and Sheridan suggests that she may have hit herself in her sleep. Looking around, she realizes that Luis isnt there. She believes that he must have run after the attacker. Chad calls security to check, but Luis hasnt been seen and no ones being chased. Fancy doesnt care; security on the estate is a joke anyway. Meanwhile, the rapist is still in the closet with a knife drawn.


Everyone is shocked to see...

Fancy begins searching the halls for Luis. Everyone follows her and tries to convince her to go back to her room. Chad call security again and they say that motion detectors have picked up movement in the kitchen. They all rush down and begin to search. They find nothing and are about to take Fancy back to bed when there is a bump from the pantry. Sheridan tries to say there was no noise, but everyone heard it. Chad and Chris open the pantry door and discover someone dressed all in black laying on the floor. Fancy begs them to take off the mask. As they pull it off, a look of dread fills the faces of everyone present. O my god! It cant be!


Jared wants Ethan charged

Ethan is defending himself against Jareds accusations that hes taken advantage of Theresa. Jared punches Ethan again before Theresa stops him and claims that Ethan didnt do anything that she didnt want. She asks for Gwens help, but all Gwen can say is help you? Its all I can do to stop myself from helping Jared neuter my dog of a husband! She thinks he just snuck over to get what hes been dreaming about. Jared punches Ethan again and Theresa repeats her excuses. Gwen says Jared should learn from her stupidity. This has been going on for years; its time to give them what they want. Ethan tries to stop her, but Gwen is drowning in his lies and is sick of him. She leaves and he follows her. Jared wants him charged for assault, but Theresa refuses. Hes disgusted that she cant even tell the difference between he and Ethan. Jared takes out his phone to call 911 so they can have Ethan charged with sexual assault. She refuses and he asks her if she wants her daughter raised by a sexual predator. He places the phone in her hands, but she cant do it. He accuses her of lying to him; she must have known that she was making love to Ethan. Shrugging, she admits that she knew... deep down. He tells her that, if she still loves Ethan, theyre finished. When she tries to convince him that she loves him, Jared demands she press charges. She refuses: The engagement is off. He walks out, she pushed him too far.

Ethan chases Gwen down, but shes tired of talking to him. If she waited her whole life for him to love her, shed still be out of luck. Their marriage may have been a mistake. He needs to admit it, but he wont. You dont need to live a lie anymore. Im setting you free, she declares. Shes loved him her whole life, but cant do this. I havent been the best husband lately but... Lately? Hes always put Theresa first and shes ending this now. He asks her to move away with him. Shes been pathetic enough to put up with him this long, but, she cant make him love her and she deserves a man who will. She lost Ethan a long time ago and, even if he could get over Theresa, she wouldnt want him back; hes hurt her too many times. She walks away and Ethan can hardly believe it. He runs after her, but she tells him to leave her alone and shuts the door.

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