Through the Looking Glass

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Sam remembers Graces warnings, Whitney and Chad come to Fancys rescue, Noah tries to confront Jessica and Spike, Fox is left for dead, Jared wants to destroy Ethan.

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TC pays his condolences

TC visits Sam to pay his condolences. He tries to apologize for Eve, but Sam doesnt want to talk about that. Hes worried about what will happen to Jessica now. TC wonders what someone could have been seeking to gain by killing Grace. Sam remembers what Grace said about knowing something worse than he could imagine and realizes that someone is out to destroy everyone that we love in Harmony. He remember more, how Grace said that things arent really the way they seemed; things are just horrible. He gets up and looks at her picture, wondering what secret she knew. TC wonders who could be after them. Sam says theyve gone through the looking glass and what they always thought was real, isnt.


Spike and the family

Noah is getting drunk at the bar. Paloma comes to take him home. He says its good Grace is dead that way she didnt have to see Jessica with her husband. Spike stops a guy from trying to pick up Jessica, telling him that hell have to pay if he wants to play. Jessica says that hes disgusting and accuses him again of being Fancys rapist. Spike insists on his innocence and that, compared to Kay and Ivy, hes a saint. Spike wants to go home and have sex, but Jessica reminds him that her mother just died. Noah and Paloma come over and ask if she needs help. Noah wishes Spike was dead but Jessica defends him; Spike has always been there to help her. Noah says that she has her family to help her, but she believes that its her family that chased her mother away and got her killed. Noah tells her that he loves her and she should leave Spike for someone who knows how to love. He asks her what Grace would of thought if she met Spike? She should leave him, thats what Grace would have wanted. Spike tells them to stop upsetting his wife while she mourns her mother now resting in pieces. Noah continues trying to justify Grace leaving them, but Jessica is unconvinced. After Spike lists the many problems of the Bennett family and puts his arm around her, she says that shell look out for herself. Noah is depressed that he cant take sense into his sister. Paloma cant understand it and doesnt believe anything will change as long as Spike is around. Noah says all of this has reminded him of what he wants. He pulls Paloma onto his lap and kisses her.


Fox is run down

Miguel and Fox continue to fight and level accusations. Miguel says that Kay wont be his wife for long and smashes a lamp on him before trying to drag him to Tabithas. Fox flips him over and declares that hell never lose his wife to the likes of him. Escaping from his clutches, Fox walks the streets and tries to think of a way to convince Kay that Miguel is lying when a car comes at him and runs him down.


Simone and Kay confront Charity

At Tabithas, Simone tells Charity that shes got some nerve showing up. Charity tries to apologize when Kay cuts to the chase and demands to know if she slept with Miguel on Thanksgiving. She insists that she never did and wasnt even there on Thanksgiving. The only contact she had with Miguel was him calling her to say that he didnt love her anymore. She sees the remnants of the wedding and is confused to see that Kay is now married to Fox. Kay thinks this must be the real Charity, after all, nothing happened to the dark side and everything she says matches up to what Miguel claimed. She and Simone arent sure Fox could really be evil enough to pull off a stunt like Miguel alleges though. Suddenly, Miguel walks in and says that he just took care of Fox and hell never bother her agin. He turns around and sees Charity.


Gwen and Jared are both sick of Ethan

Gwen and Jared stand in the doorway watching Theresa and Jared in bed. She smashes a lamp which makes Theresa and Ethan finally snap out of it. Theresa thinks shes been having sex with Jared. Gwen doesnt buy it and slaps her husband. Whitney and Chad walk in shocked. Ethan starts to claim that he has no idea what hes doing there. Jared tells him to get his clothes on, but they cant find them. Jared starts to yell and Chad tries to maintain calm. Ethan pulls on a blanket and tries to explain himself to Gwen. She doesnt want to hear it. Theresa says she doesnt know how any of this happened. Jared forces Ethan to get dressed and tells him: You accused me of being a murderer. Im going to prove you right and kill you. Jared punches Ethan down and then asks him to get up so that he can do it again. Gwen cheers Jared on, but Theresa wants them to stop. Ethan tries to explain himself again when they suddenly hear screams from down the hall. Whitney wishes Theresa good luck before she and Chad leave to check on Fancy. Ethan and Theresa repeat their rather unconvincing excuses before Jared starts accusing Ethan of being a sexual predator. Jared asks if Theresa actually asked to be made love to and said his name because, if he didnt ask, its sexual assault. Theresa cant say that she asked Ethan into her bed. This is enough proof for Jared to take care of him for a long time.


Fancy's attacked again

Fancy continues to wrestle with her attacker. She stops for a moment and the attacker lets his guard down. She manages to get out from beneath him and scream before he knocks her down and tapes up her mouth. He binds her hands and puts her back in the bed where she starts to struggle again. As he punches her, the door opens and Chad and Whitney come in. Oh my God! I cant believe it... They turn the lights on and see that Fancy is alone and all the sheets are messed up like shes been having a nightmare. She jumps up wide awake and says that shes been attacked again. Chad and Whitney didnt see anyone leave and the windows are locked. He must still be there. In the closet, we see him hiding with a knife.

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Gwen tells Ethan to go with Theresa.

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