Dreams and Nightmares

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Kay confides in Simone, Miguel goes after Fox, Gwen and Jared search for Ethan and Theresa, Luis and Fancy are attacked.

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Simone wonders about Kay's sanity

Kay searches for Tabitha, but finds that shes asleep. Before she can run upstairs, Simone knocks and comes in. She was so sorry to hear about Grace. Kay almost seems to have forgotten and instantly starts blaming herself again. If she doesnt tell someone everything thats happened, shell explode. She tells Simone that she just slept with Miguel on the same night she married Fox. Simone asks her when she decided she picked the wrong man. Kay didnt make a choice; she just couldnt help herself. She loves both of them. Simone thinks that shes crazy; she cant even keep to her vows to her terminally ill husband for a couple of hours. Kay says that Fox is faking it because Eve would have had to have some indication that Fox was sick. Simone isnt convinced; Kays hormones are stopping her brain from functioning. The one thing we know is that Miguel is a two-timing jerk, she reminds her friend, but Kay says Miguel swears hes never been with Charity. Now, she wants to have her marriage annulled. None of this makes sense to Simone. How can Kay believe Miguel when what he says is impossible? They start to wonder if Jessica wasnt drunk and she really saw impersonators. She doesnt know who to believe. The only way to know the truth now is if Charity showed up. The doorbell rings. Its Charity.


Miguel wrestles with Fox

Fox is getting drunk and talking to himself about how he needs to find Kay. Miguel walks in and tells him that its too late, he knows all about the lies Fox has been telling. Now, hes there to bring Fox to Kay so that he can tell her the truth. Miguel refuses to leave when Fox tells him to. He demands to know how Fox convinced Kay that he was with Charity. Fox wont say anything. To goad him, Miguel tells him that Kay spent her wedding night with him rather than her husband. Fox punches him and they begin fighting until Miguel holds him down and demands again that he tell the truth.


Theresa and Ethan

Theresa is making love to Ethan, but imagines that hes Jared at first. Meanwhile, Jared drives through the night thinking of Theresa and how happy he is to finally have the woman of his dreams. He recalls their relationship through a long eighties-style montage before he smiles to himself. The honeymoon will start early...tonight. He imagines crawling back into bed with Tess and gets excited.


Gwen and Jared know what's inside

Gwen wakes up and discovers that Ethan has vanished. She tries calling him and leaves a message on his voice mail. After looking around for him, she starts to try and convince herself that hes not with Theresa. She calls the landlady to come and look after Jane while she goes searching. She arrives at the mansion at the same time Jared does. After she explains why shes there, they both head upstairs ready to kill Ethan if hes doing what they suspect. As Jared rushes to the door, Gwen stops him, still hoping that this cant be true. Jared says that if Ethan is with Theresa, its only because hes forced himself on her. Whatever, says Gwen, knowing Theresa hardly even needs encouragement, as they throw open the door to see the awful truth.


Luis is attacked

Luis wishes a sleeping Fancy sweet dreams before he curls up on the couch. As he begins to fall asleep, the rapist comes out from beneath the toys where he was hiding. Moving past Fancy, he approaches Luis and injects him in the neck with a needle. His eyes open, but he cant move. The rapist tears off Luis necklace and then tears his shirt open before taking out a condom and slipping it on. Luis starts to imagine that the rapist is Fancy.


Fancy's dream

Meanwhile, Fancy is having a dream that shes a cheerleader and Luis is the star quarterback. He finds her in the locker room doing a routine. Shes embarrassed at first, but they begin to flirt bashfully. She does a routine for him, but falls on her ankle. He starts to rub her while they smile at each other. They begin kissing and the sleeping Fancy smiles as the rapist drags Luis out of the room. He returns and starts pull off her robe. She wakes up and he stifles her screams.

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