Monday, August 21st, 2006

Theresa gets the news that her mother is dead, TC pushes Eve away, Siren escapes being exposed and Luis and Sheridan are on fire!


Lindsay Hartley

Eve stands outside, looking through the window as TC tries taking a few steps. When he fails, she runs in to help him, only to have TC yell for her to go. Eve begs for TC to let her help him, but he doesn't want her pity. TC throws her out and says to never, ever come back!

When Theresa asks Jared why he hit himself in the face with a pie, he admits it was because he deserved it for jumping to conclusions, for not giving her a chance. He apologizes for misjudging her. Theresa forgives him and they take a walk together. Jared tells her that all her money and power will prevent them from getting serious. As strange as it is, she's happy knowing he doesn't want to be with her for the money, tells Jared she doesn't care about the money. She expresses how her mother gave up her own life to take care of and give her children a good life. Jared sees Theresa in a new light.

With everyone watching, Siren falls into the water of the dunking booth, as Kay points, yelling that Siren is a mermaid. When Fox and Miguel go to look, Siren creates a fog around the dunking booth and disappears, making Kay look ridiculous. After what Kay did, having made away unnoticed, Siren plans to seduced Miguel tonight!

Fancy and Luis walked through the fair, going over the day's events when they spot the Latin dance contest poster. Fancy doesn't know the dance, but tells Luis to enter. However, he doesn't have a partner. As luck would have it, neither does Sheridan! They agree to sign up as a couple to raise money for a good cause.

Julian tells Fox that he shouldn't trust Kay and Miguel together, to marry Kay as soon as possible, to not make the mistakes he did with Eve! Fox leaves Eve and an angry, resentful Julian alone. Julian warns Eve that TC is using his illness to get her back, showing Eve Julian's true colors.

Kay tries to convince Miguel of Siren being a mermaid, but he thinks she's nuts. Tabitha accuses Kay of still loving Miguel. Endora makes the spellbook appear and Kay hurries to reverse the curse on Fox and prevent Siren from seducing Miguel. But it may be too late, for Siren calls to Miguel through her beautiful voice, asking him to make love to her.

Fancy and Chris stand back watching as Luis and Sheridan dance, unable to hide their passion as they light up the floor with the tango! When Sheridan leaves, Fancy congratulates him and Sheridan for their win. After seeing Chris kiss Sheridan, Luis takes Fancy in his arms to teach her the tango.

A police officer finds Theresa with Jared, informing her that her mother, Pilar, has been shot! When she leaves to go to her mom, the officer tells her she's been killed! Jared takes her in his arms...

Next on Passions: Spike calls for Chris to help him get off the Estate before he gets caught, Luis questions Chris about the clearly disturbing phone call and Kay makes a confession.

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