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Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Luis comforts Fancy and has to tell Sam the news about Grace, Sheridans plans go in a strange direction, Jessica begins to suspect Spike, JTs memory stick is floating around and everyone wants to find it.

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Fox is happy he

Kay and Fox are finally married. He wants to skip the reception and go straight to the honeymoon. Kay apologizes for doubting him. All of thats behind them now. For as long as we have..., Fox says. Miguel still stands outside the window watching them, convinced that Kay will soon regret her choice. Fox takes Julian aside and, after thanking him, asks how he pulled off getting the doctor there; it was like something Alistair would do. He accepts the mixed compliment and Fox glows about Kay finally being his wife. They toast to winning by an meany necessary.

Miguel comes back in and takes Kay aside to tell her that he wont give up that easy. Hes still the best man and wants to make a toast. Kay doesnt want him there and doesnt believe anything that he has to say. Miguel reminds her that anybody can be bought. She tells him to concentrate on his own love life while she looks after her husband.


The reporter gives them some news

Whitney, Theresa, Chad and Jared split up at the reception while the women go to congratulate their shared ex-boyfriend Fox. They stop when they spot the tabloid reporter from Whitneys wedding. Whitney set him up with Valerie in order to keep her away from Chad. Theresas a bit disappointed that her friend still doesnt trust Chad, but she understands. Whitney asks her if being with Jared will keep her away from Ethan; Theresa cant ever promise that. Whitney remarks that Theresa must be glad now that JT is dead; shes benefited from it more than anybody. Jared and Chad return and become uncomfortable when they see the tabloid reporter. Unfortunately, he comes over and starts chatting. He tells them all that the memory stick is floating around somewhere. Chad and Jared look very worried.


Rebecca and Gwen can't stop worrying

Rebecca and Gwen are startled to see the tabloid reporter at the reception. Maybe he somehow got a hold of the flash drive? Rebecca overhears the reporter telling Theresa that the memory stick is out there somewhere. Now she knows that shell have to work fast. She runs to Gwen, who is not at all happy with the news. Now Ethan believes that, if he can find it first, he can stop Theresa from marrying Jared.


Spike is bored

Sam and Jessica are eagerly awaiting Graces return. As the reception progresses, hes disappointed that she still hasnt arrived. There was something important she had to tell him, he says to Noah before teasing him about getting married. Noah jokes that hes waiting to be tamed by the right woman. They look over at Spike wrestling around with Jessica. He thinks that shes boring now that shes sober. She cant turn the clock back though; she cant be a goody-two shoes anymore. Jessica was happy back then. Spike tells her that she didnt know what happiness was until she met him. Hes bored and decides to leave. A black ski mask falls out of his pocket and Jessica wonders if hes Fancys rapist. Shes got to tell her dad it could be Spike.


Sam makes a toast

Sam gets up on stage to make a toast to Kay and Fox. The only thing that he and Grace ever wanted was for their children to be happy. Theres a lot more truth in the tradition of the father giving the daughter away than he ever thought. Its tough to let her go, but the day would come when she figured out that he didnt hang the moon. Then Sam slips up and starts talking about the day Kay came home in love with Miguel. The married couple start to cringe, so he hurries to the end and finishes his toast. Everyone starts to clap. Meanwhile, at airport security in London, they start making calls to the families of the victims of the explosion. They call Sams empty house and leave a message.

Luis and Fancy continue to search the grounds for the figure she saw. He walks off and soon exclaims gotcha! But hes only found George the cat. Sheridan peeks around the corner and hides in a shed while Fancy and Luis head back inside. They arrive in her room and he wants to give her a bubble bath. She doesnt know what shed do without him. As he runs the bath, she thinks back to all the times theyve almost made love. Shes worried that he wont want to wait, but hes not going to put any pressure on her; theyll get through this together.


Sheridan has a plan

Meanwhile, Sheridan has stayed in the shed to wait for Luis and Fancy to go up to her room. She looks over in the corner and sees a black suit. After arching her eyebrow, we see the rapist walking through the grounds toward Fancys room. Fancy gets in the bath while Luis lights candles. She asks him to get in the bath with her. After he does his little strip show, he climbs in and hold her. As they relax, the phone starts ringing and Luis reluctantly answers. Its bad news: Grace is dead. How can he tell Sam that in the middle of his daughters wedding. Hes afraid to leave Fancy alone, but she tells him that he has to take care of this. They dress and Fancy wonders how Noah will feel when he hears. She hugs him and locks the door before crawling into bed. As soon as she closes her eyes, the rapist has already appeared by her bed. She begins to wake as the figure draws closer. She jumps up in bed.

Kay is dancing when a drunken Miguel demands a turn. Fox wont like this, Kay warns. Hell live...this should be our wedding reception, Miguel says before she walks away from him. Julian has to stop Fox from picking a fight when he spots him; he won, he doesnt need to spoil it with a fight. Jared and Theresa dance by slowly while he asks her to sneak away. She says that theres something she needs to do first.


Luis has to break the news

Paloma tells Noah how frustrating it is that there are no leads on Fancys attack. Noah seems uncomfortable, but lets her know that Fancy is ancient history. Paloma talks about how she was almost raped and how no woman will feel safe until this is solved. Luis comes down to speak to Sam in private. They go into the kitchen and Luis slowly explains that there was an explosion in London and Grace was killed. Sam is shocked and sits down. He cant believe it; just as she was about to come home to him. He begins to cry.

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