Miguel Tells Kay Everything

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Miguel tells Kay everything that he knows. Sheridan and Luis have doubts about Fancy. Ethan refuses to let Theresa marry Jared, but he may have little choice.

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Kay isn't sure what to believe

Miguel barges in on Fox and Kays wedding proclaiming that Fox is marrying her under false pretenses. Pilar and Ivy think theyre getting a miracle. Julian tries to drag Miguel out, but he wrests away. He says that shes marrying him for all the wrong reasons and didnt want to do it this way, but Fox locked him in the pantry. Fox confesses to locking him in the pantry and Kay demands to know why. He explains that Miguel has been acting crazy and he didnt want him to destroy the ceremony. Miguel explains that Fox was just scheming: Hes never been ill. A flustered Kay looks around, but Miguels hard to believe, though this doesnt stop him from telling her his entire story. Fox repeats that Miguel is a liar and that he would never lie to her; hes the one that loves her. Sam tries to stop the argument, but Miguel continues to say that he can prove it. Since Eve cant say anything, he wants a doctor to perform medical tests on him so that they can prove whether hes healthy or not.


Sheridan admits that she wants Luis

Luis is tired of the stalemate and decides to go up and check on Fancy. Sheridan decides that she should check on her niece as well and follows. She catches him as he heads up the stairs and tells him how worried shes been. Luis says that shes been an angel, but hes starting to believe in the Crane curse. The wedding downstairs reminded Sheridan of the ceremony the two of them had in Mexico. She wonders if anything could be so perfect again...but life is good she insists, though she almost bites his head off when he suggests even the thought of marrying Fancy. Covering up, she offers him any help he needs as he goes upstairs. Eve has walked in on this exchange. She knows that it looked selfless but couldnt be farther from it. Sheridan admits that shes done some nasty things, but she cant help it. The thought of anyone with Luis is something she cant bear. If something happened to Chris and Luis was single... she wonders. Eve asks her if shes considering divorce, but that isnt what Sheridan had in mind. All she knows is that she wants Luis.


Sheridan and Luis can't find any proof

Fancy jumps out of her bed after she decides to go downstairs. She picks up the phone but its dead and the lights go out. The peeping tom suddenly grabs her from behind and wrestles with her. She bites his hand and tears a button from his shirt as they struggle. She screams, but no one hears her. Later, Luis arrives and discovers her on the floor unconscious. She sits up as he sits beside her. Shes convinced that the man who attacked her before was just there, but there is no sign of him. He didnt have a chance to hurt her. Luis picks up the phone, which now works, and calls security to scour the grounds. Sheridan walks in and turns on the lights. Security calls to say that there is no one on the grounds. Fancy becomes more distraught when she can see that they doubt her story. She remembers the button that came off and starts to search for it without luck. Sheridan points Luis to the bottle of wine on her table and Fancy accuses them both of just thinking that it was all her imagination.

Chris and James get tired of waiting for Sheridan to come down and decide to go home. Spike arrives and Jessica tells him he missed the ceremony, or what there was of it. He drags her in to have a drink although he says that he just had one.


Ethan interrupts again

Jared asks Theresa again to make him the happiest man in the world, but Ethan says that the answer is no. Hes a calculated, cold-blooded killer and I can prove it, he states as worry creeps through Theresa. Ethans PI found a paper with Jareds name on it in JTs room; he was being blackmailed by him. Jared says that JT did have his name, but only because Ethan had asked him to dig up information on him. This is just another of Ethans attempts to keep her from having her own life. Theresa looks tortured as Ethan starts grilling her about letting little Ethan be raised by a murderer. Jared wont take this lecture on family values from a guy who spends most fo his time cheating ion his wife with his ex-girlfriend. However, from the look on Theresas face, he can see that she doesnt want him around her little boy. He withdraws his proposal; hell leave Harmony immediately. He walks out.


The newlyweds try to forget their troubles

Chad and Whitney are kissing as she apologizes for believing that he cheated on her, but he doesnt want to talk about it again. He just wants to get the honeymoon underway. They make love and, after, Whitney says its different when youre a married couple. She thinks that she can hear Miles crying and gets up to check on him. Chad cant resist checking his phone messages. There are any and hes disappointed as he wonders where his lover. When she comes back, they have some champagne and then Jared interrupts to say goodbye... for good. Whitney tries to talk him out of it by insisting that Theresa does love him. Jared refuses have a relationship that isnt based on trust. Whitney tries to talk him out of leaving. She blames herself; all of her fears must have rubbed off on Theresa. She wants him to give her another chance.

Ethan tries to comfort Theresa. He tells her that it hurts when you learn that youre wrong. He couldnt let her marry someone who didnt deserve her. They begin kissing, even though its wrong. But Theresa stops because she needs more than sex; she needs a marriage, family, security. She wont stay alone just to be available to him; thats not love, its selfish. Jared returns with Chad and Whitney. He announce that hes returned to take back the woman he loves.

Next on Passions: Fancy cant believe that Luis is taking Sheridans side against her. Chad wonders if Jared did kill JT. Kay is convinced that fox has been lying.

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