Chad Beats the Machine

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Ivy looks for a way to stop the wedding. It looks like Grace wont make it home. Chad proves his for Whitney with a lie-detector test. Gwen tries to talk to Ethan as he stalks through the mansion after Theresa.

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The guests arrive

Noah and Pilar are chatting with Tabitha at the wedding. Pilar still thinks Kay should be marrying her son, but Endora is very happy that the wedding is going ahead. Julian appears to tell them that theyll be sitting with him. He looks forward to spending time with his daughter. Tabitha thinks this is a big mistake. To Tabithas relief, Ivy interrupts the family get-together to urge Julian to stop the wedding. He threatens to kick her into the street. It wouldnt be the first time. Tabitha still wants to tell Kay that shes marrying a deceitful man, but Endora continues to threaten her.

Miguel is still banging on the pantry door and shouting that Fox is a liar. Fox tells him that the next time he sees Kay, shell be Mrs. Nicholas Foxworth Crane.

Kay uses Sams phone to send Grace a picture of her in her wedding gown before Father Lonigan arrives to tell her the wedding is about to start. Kay starts dancing around giddily and Simone says that shes marrying the right guy, the honest guy. Grace talks to Sam. She tells him she has some disturbing news, but wont go into details because she doesnt know who is listening. The priest tells her that theyre being sent to another airport and will take off from there. She takes her bus ticket and the priest quips that she has her ticket to paradise. She hangs up and Sam worries about how worried Grace sounds. He turns and takes Kays hands to tell her how proud he is before escorting her out.


The end for Grace?

As Grace is about to get on the bus to the airport, she gets a call threatening her, but she refuses to stop; no matter who it hurts, she will tell the truth. Shes sure that Sam will know what to do. The priest is waiting only feet away and confident that he will be the one to stop her. As the bus is prepared to move along, Grace tells herself that everything will be out in the open soon. The priest puts his bag on and arms the bomb before walking off and returning to the station to watch it drive off. After saying a quick prayer, he detonates the bomb and the bus explodes. At the wedding, Sam has an uncomfortable feeling.


Luis tries to reassure Fancy

Fancy is telling Luis that shes overreacting to everything. She even thought there was someone in the closet. He offers to check but she says that she already did. He tells her again that shes absolutely safe, but she jumps whenever she sees a shadow. After telling her to get some rest, he leaves and she crawls back into bed. Once she closes her eyes, she flashes back to the attack again and wakes up. Telling herself that shes safe, she tries to go back to sleep as the door to the closet begins to open. She finally decides that shes spent enough time in bed and will quickly get dressed an go down to her brothers wedding. Yet, when she gets out of bed, the lights go out. She jumps for the phone, but the peeping tom grabs her before she can make a sound.

Sheridan, Chris and James arrive. She wonders if Fancy will make it to the wedding but Chris thinks thats doubtful. Luis says hello before going to sit with his family. She doesnt look well and Chris asks if shes alright.


Gwen thinks she's lost this time

Ethan walks away from Gwen because theres something important to take care of. She feels crushed and, lucky for her, Rebecca is close by telling her to take deep breaths. Gwen is sure that she has lost him for good and explains how she threw her ring at him. Her mother tells her shes been stupid: Dont get angry, get even. Instilling all the rage she can in her daughter, Gwen gets some backbone starts moving.

Ethan wanders around the mansion looking for Theresa. Rebecca and Gwen catch up with him and he tells them that hes busy. Gwen tries to apologize at Rebeccas prompting. Jessica tells them to sit down because the wedding is about to start. Ethan gets a call as the ceremony begins. I always knew he was no good, he exclaims before getting up and leaving a distraught Gwen and Rebecca trailing behind.

Chad and Jared are setting up a way for him to prove his love to Whitney. Theyre both their for a wedding again, which feels weird considering Chad just had one. Jared hopes that Chad can make Whitney happy; its the only way that Theresa will make up her mind and decide to marry him.


Chad takes the test

Theresa paces her bedroom wondering if things might really be ending between Gwen and Ethan. Whitney wakes up from a bad dream with a headache. She still wishes that she could believe Chad. Theresas not sure that she wants to leave Whitney alone while shes at the wedding. Chad starts knocking at the door and Theresa answers it. She tells him to go call his mistress, but Jared says that they should let them talk it through. Chad explains that he was just scheduling a business meeting and can prove it. Jared shows in a man to administer a lie-detector test. Whitney asks him not to do this but he insists. After explaining how the test works, the questions begin. Whitney eagerly watches and the test proves that hes telling the truth; there is no other woman in his heart. He asks her to come back to him; theres no way he could beat the machine. Whitney has a question of her own though: Can you ever forgive me for doubting you? They kiss. Now she promises to give him the benefit of a doubt. They gleefully run off to start their honeymoon.

Leaving the newlyweds alone, Jared tells Theresa the ring looks beautiful. She wont think about this until things are resolved (not with Whitney, with Gwen, she thinks to herself). After they see that Whitney and Chad have reunited and run off together, Jared continues to pressure her and realizes that the problem is really Ethan. He proposes again, but before she can answer, Ethan walks in.

Pilar prays to God that the wedding wont take place. Ivy rushes around the house praying for divine intervention, or at least a good idea to stop the wedding. She wishes for Knight in shining armor to stop her son from marrying that witch. She doesnt have her car keys, so she decides to look for the fire alarm. In the kitchen, she hears Miguel yelling that hes the only one that can stop the wedding. She frees him and he runs out.


Miguel stops things just in time

Fox and Noah are at the back of the room. He says that Miguel has vanished and asks Julian to be his best man. Julian would be honored and the three of them walk to the front. Sam brings Kay in while Julian congratulates Fox on finally becoming a real Crane. When she arrives at the altar, the couple exchange I love yous but shes disturbed to see Miguels face when she looks at Fox. She asks where Miguel is and Fox says that he couldnt stand to watch them marry. Father Lonigan begins the service and, just as its about to end, Miguel runs in and yells for them to stop. Endoras furious and her mother tries to pull her out of the room before she makes trouble. Miguel tells Kay that she cant marry Fox because hes been lying to her. Pilar and Ivy both look relieved.

Next on Passions: Ethan tells Theresa that Jared is a cold blooded killer. Fancy tries to escape again. Sheridan is determined to get Luis back.

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