Fox's Warning

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Fox warns Eve and pulls a gun on Miguel. Ivy and Eve try to convince Julian to stop the wedding. Kay and Sam reconcile. Ethan refuses to let Theresa go.

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Ivy tries to convince Julian to stop the wedding

Fox repeats his warning to Eve not to tell anybody that he isnt really terminally ill. She cant reveal whats in his files. But you should, she says before Julian drifts in to tell him to go and take care of Miguel while he looks after Eve. Shes disappointed that Julians going along with these lies, but he takes her by the hand and drags her to one of his rooms. She mourns that the Julian she once knew, the one who had morals, has died; how can he let Fox use deceit to get Kay to marry him. This cant go well. Julian doesnt believe that any relationship can survive without deception, even Eve and TC have survived despite or because of it. He wont let her ruin Foxs chance at happiness. When she tries to leave the room, he grabs her and pulls her into a harsh kiss. After a moment, she pulls away and tells him never to do it again. He throws he out, but not before reminding her that she cant betray the confidence of a patient. She just feels sorry for Fox; hell have to pay for his lies just like they have. When she leaves, Julian starts to curse to himself before Ivy walks in and tells him to stop the wedding. Kay doesnt have what it takes to be a Crane wife, Ivy insists. Julian laughs, but Ivy thinks that Grace will try and turn Fox against all of the Cranes. Julian wont budge though; he wants at least one of his children to be happy. He asks her not to drive her car through the window and she throws a shoe at him.

Sam gets a call from Grace anxious to hear if hes reconciled with Kay. He wishes she was there and shes just praying that the flight would leave soon. The priest looks down at the bomb in his case.


Sam and Kay reconcile

Kay, Simone and Jessica are carrying all of her things in so that she can start preparing. Simone asks Jessica if Spike is coming. Of course, she says, hes outside or around... but hell behave and shes staying sober. Simone wonders why Kay doesnt look more like shes having the happiest day in her life. Kay tries to be happy, but Simone knows that she still loves that lying jerk Miguel. Kay finally gets her dress on and Simone remarks on how beautiful she is. Simone asks her if shes sure that she wants to marry Fox and Kay tries to convince herself that Fox is the man who is good for her and truly loves her. Sam knocks on the door and asks for a word alone with his daughter. Theyre uncomfortable, so Jessica has to encourage them to talk. Sam admits that hes still angry but, this is her day and he loves her. They embrace and Kay starts to cry. He wants them to be a happy family again. Grace calls to says that she wont make it home for the wedding. She tells Kay how much she loves her and looks forward to seeing her. The priest eavesdrops and mumbles to himself, I wouldnt count on it. You know too much and we cant allow you to live.

Miguel goes through the kitchen searching for Kay. Luis finds him and tells him to calm down; Kay made a choice and he has to respect it. He stalks off after her before Fox walks in. He asks the guard if he saw Miguel and the guard tells him that he just went looking for the bride. Seeing the guard wears a gun, Fox commands him to take it off so that he wont frighten the guests. Fox locks it in a drawer until the guard leaves and then takes it. I will stop Miguel from ruining my wedding one way or another, he vows.


Fox won't let anything stop his wedding

Miguel runs into Simone in the hallways and they start to fight as he demands to see Kay. She chases him down the hall as Fox appears and pulls out his gun to follow close behind. She chases him into the kitchen while he rants, but she says that shes sick of his lies and wont let him near Kay. She storms off and Fox walks in as Miguel lunges at him. Swiftly, Fox pulls the gun and Miguel jumps back. Hell do whatever it takes to marry Kay; he doesnt even have to shoot him, he can already have him put away for break and enter and stealing personal information. Miguel doesnt believe hes serious, so Fox puts the gun in his face. As Miguel begins to back away, Fox stops him and locks him in the pantry. Its too bad hell miss the wedding, but he can eat whatever he wants. Fox locks the gun in a drawer and walks out.


Fancy isn't taking chances

Luis has posted a guard outside of Fancys room. He hopes that now he can relax knowing shes protected. Inside, even after taking sleeping pills, Fancy cant fall back to sleep and senses that someone is in the closet. Believing that shes heard a noise, she looks around her room and down the empty hall. After completely closing the drapes, she hears a sound from the closet. Picking up a blade from her table, she walks to the closet door. A look inside reveals nothing to her, though someone hides in the back and begins to move once shes shut the door. She pours herself a drink, although she shouldnt have one with all the sleeping pills. Once she closes her eyes, the shadow of a figure moves over her. She leaps up and begins stabbing at it, but its only Luis with flowers he stole from the wedding party. She tells him that she heard something in the closet.


A telling moment

Theresa asks Ethan if Gwen really gave him back his ring. Ethan hangs up on Gwen so that he can explain. Gwen cant believe that he just did this and realizes that, while he has his ring the little tramp will take advantage of my stupidity and try to get him back. He looks down as Theresa asks him if he and Gwen have really broken up. Its important, she begs. He raises his head to say theyre having real problems and then starts to pace around the room. He explains that he had a dream that he was making love to her and called out her name. Gwen was furious and threw her ring at him. She says that he should divorce Gwen, but he only wants to talk about Jared the fraud. She puts Gwens ring back in his hands and tells him to go back to his wife. He chases her outside. He turns to say that he has a private investigator trying to find out what JT had on Jared. While hes at it, he should see what JT had on Gwen, she says. She wants him to stay away but he doesnt believe she means it. He points out their initials carved into the rail and asks if she remembers. She asks him again to leave her to be with Jared, but he grabs her hand and sees the ring that Jared gave her. Cupping her face in his hands, she tells him to stop as Gwen interrupts. Theresa pulls away and tells him to talk to his wife before she runs off. Ethan runs after her.

Fox sends Father Lonigan to get Kay and begin to ceremony as Miguel bangs on the pantry door screaming.

Next on Passions: Chad takes a lie detector test. Fancy tries to convince herself that shes safe. Fox and Kays wedding goes ahead.

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