Bad Dreams

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Gwens had enough of Ethan and throws her wedding ring at him. Fox threatens Eve when she encourages him to tell the truth. Endora tries to subvert Miguel. Sam wakes up with a surprise.

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Grace is worried about getting home in time

Kay is looking at herself in her veil and wondering if she is ready for the biggest day in her life. Fox knocks on the door and asks her if theyre really get married today. She lets him know that its true and that she loves him. He walks away when another knock comes. This time it is Miguel. He walks into the room and kisses her. She tells him to stop and leave her alone. He wont do that until she calls off the wedding. He pulls off her veil and they fall onto the bed. Suddenly, the alarm goes off and Kay wakes up. It was just a dream. She tells herself that she is going to marry Fox. Packing up all of her things, she goes to the door repeating to herself that she is going to marry Fox.

Grace returns to the airport to wait for her flight. The priest is there waiting for her. She tells him that shes anxious to get home to her daughters wedding and he pats the little bomb-filled briefcase at his feet.


Ivy gets thrown out of bed again

Sam wakes up beside Grace and kisses her good morning. She was worried that she wouldnt make it home for the wedding. He tells her that he never thought that he could be this happy. Im home now and Im never gonna leave you again. All the time that shes been gone has been like a dream for him. They both want to see Ivy rot in jail. Excited about Kays wedding, they think about getting dressed, but decide that theyd rather stay in bed awhile longer. They start to make love again until Sam realizes that he isnt in bed with Graceits Ivy! Shes happy that he forgave her and he cant understand what just happened. She explains that she came in while he was asleep and he grabbed her and made love to her. Leaping form the bed, he says that he was just dreaming that she was Grace and demands that she get out of the house. Opening the door, he pushes her out just as Grace calls. Shes afraid that shell miss the wedding, but should be at the reception. In the meantime, he should go to Kay and reconcile before the wedding commences.

Fancy jumps up in bed, startled by a nightmare. She starts to look forward to seeing Luis again and promises herself that she wont let Sheridan come between them. She falls back asleep and then wakes again with another nightmare. Pulling herself out of bed, she goes to the mirror where the masked rapist appears behind her. She starts to scream as he drags her across the room...then she wakes up. It was a dream again. Luis runs in to comfort her and says that hell make sure that shes protected. She wants him to go to the wedding though and he reluctantly agrees. After crawling back into bed, she begins dreaming agin. This time she sees Luis and Sheridan in bed and starts yelling at them to stop. Sheridan tells her that she could never make Luis as happy as she does. Fancy wakes up again and tries to tell herself that shes safe. She takes some sleeping pills as the door of her closet begins to move.

Ethan wanders into the kitchen and ducks behind some cabinets as Jared kneels on the floor proposing to Theresa again. She promised him an answer and gives it: Yes. He picks her up and they twirl around until Ethan jumps at them and grabs Jared. As they wrestle around the room, Ethan calls him a murderer. Ethan punches him in the stomach and throws him out in the hall before locking the door and adjusting his tuxedo. While Jared bangs away on the door, Theresa calls Ethan crazy and tells him that he cant keep the man shes marrying away. When she tries to open the door, Ethan pulls her back and tells her that he cant fight it anymore: They love each other and Jared is a killer. He tells her that can be dangerous too and they begin pulling off each others clothes and climb onto the table. Jared starts threatening to kill Ethan as they make love on the table. But Ethan is really lying in bed dreaming all of this. As he repeats how much he loves Theresa over and over, Gwen sits beside him watching and listening as she vows to kill her. She finally wakes him up and tells him not to deny that he was dreaming about Theresa. He starts apologizing, but Gwens had enough of his lies. He is lying to her every time that he says that he loves her. You are completely playing me for a fool, she announces and he tries to explain himself but she knows how stupid this is. Ethans convinced that JT killed Jared to protect his double life. He goes further and suggests that maybe Gwen and her mother killed JT because he had the goods on them like Theresa thought. Gwen takes off her wedding ring and throws it in his face. Shes sick of being second fiddle to Theresa. She stomps out of the room.


Miguel is desperate to find kay

Miguel arrives at Tabithas again looking for Kay. He looked for her all night without any luck; everythings a mess and Fox escaped with her before he could tell her the truth. Tabitha tries to say something but Endora zaps her again. He starts to rant about Fox being a Crane and how that makes him capable fo anything. Endora, dressed up in a dress and veil, giggles at them the whole time. He decides that hell go to the mansion and wait for Kay to arrive; hell stop the wedding if its the last thing he does. As he goes toward the door, Endora freezes him in position. Tabitha says that this will come back to the bite them; she should let the boys compete fairly. Endora refuses, but Tabitha says that its time for her nap before the wedding. Once Endoras asleep, Tabitha begins searching through hrr books for a spell. After he snaps out of it, she encourages him to hurry, although she worries what Endora and the boys in the basement will do.

Fox walks through the main room inspecting the preparations for the wedding when Eve arrives. To his surprise, she wants to talk about him and his terminal illness. She tells him that she discovered Miguel going through her files and he was making accusations about him faking an illness. After a few threats, he says that she has it all wrong; this is all an invention of Miguels. Eve believes that hes still lying and says that he should tell Kay the truth. He tells her to shut up. You have no idea what youre talking about. He tells her that if she backs up Miguel, hell destroy her; nothing will stop him from marrying Kay.

Jared and Theresa are sitting in the kitchen for breakfast. Hes eagerly awaiting her answer to his proposal. She doesnt know if she can answer that right now. He does make her feel happy, but her experience with marriage has been terrible (ie. Julian and Alistair). Im not them, he promises and she believes him, but its not enough. She goes on to say that she doesnt think that he killed JT and doesnt believe that he had anything on him. However, all of the marriages in Harmony have failed. She needs time, but he demands that she make the decision today. After he walks out, she turns around to see Ethan walk through the door. Before he can say anything, Gwen calls and hears Theresas voice. As she begins demanding to know whats going on, Theresa takes up the wedding ring that fell out of his pocket when he pulled out his phone. Looking at it, she realizes that it was Gwens and asks him if the marriage is over.

Next on Passions: Fox threatens Miguel with a gun. Grace is about to get on her flight. Theresa needs to know if its really over with Gwen.

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