Fox's Surprise

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Sheridan imagines that shes doing the right thing. Miguel desperately searches for Kay. Chad tries to talk to Whitney. Tabitha is getting tired of Endoras tricks.

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Whitney can't believe what a fool she's been

Fancy is in bed wondering what kind of fool her aunt must think she is. She vows never to let Sheridan tear Luis away from her. Theres a knock at the door and she tells them to go away before Luis pops his head in. She happily asks him to come in and, after he gives her a glass of water and tells her how bad he feels about everything, she tells him things could have been worse. To change the subject, she asks about the investigation into JTs murder. They still havent narrowed anything down, he confesses and Fancy gets a worried look on her face. Shes surprised that JT could have had dirt on so many people in town. She thanks Luis for saving her life again and tells him that she can now look forward to them being together.

Sheridan is returning home and continues to tell herself that shes doing the right thing: Fancy is all wrong for Luis; she is his soulmate. When she walks in, she finds Chris waiting for her with champagne to ring in the New Year. Shes impressed by everything that hes done and he raises a glass to toast to his beautiful wife and the family that hes always dreamed of. They start to dance and she imagines that she is dancing with Luis. She thinks back to all the poison that shes been feeding Fancy about her relationship with Luis and starts to giggle. Chris wonders whats so funny and she tells him that shes just happy. He smiles and promises that they will spend the rest of their long lives being happy together. They toast to the new year and she continues to imagine that she is with Luis. He tells her that things could never have worked out between him and Fancy. It was a shame he had to hurt her, but he belongs with Sheridan. She tells him that she would hate herself if it was her fault that her nieces happiness was destroyed, so he reassures her that he was only doing the right thing. They kiss and fall onto the couch. Outside of her fantasy, Chris pulls away for moment to tell her that shes never kissed him as passionately as she is right now. Its only love, she tells him.

In the kitchen, Jared continues to remind Chad of what a mistake hes made, but Chad is sick of talking about it. Hes just glad that JT is dead; thats done everyone a favor. Jared seems relieved as well, but is dismayed when Chad announces that hes going up to see Whitney. I didnt get married to sleep alone. He continues to insist that he really does love Whitney but Jared thinks that he has a peculiar way of showing it. Chad cant help himself though; his lover is an addiction that he cant shake. Jared says theres treatment for that, but Chad refuses to consider it. Whitneys just in shock and he knows that he can make her see sense if he can talk to her.

Whitney can hardly believe what a two timing jerk Chad is. Theresa still wonders if she misunderstood what she heard, but Whitney is convinced he was speaking to his lover. This doesnt make any sense to Theresa, but Whitney says that they obviously dont know who Chad really is. If you dont know who Chad is, then I certainly dont know who Jared is, Theresa says as they both begin to suspect that these men may have had something to do with JTs death. To cheer her up, Theresa says that they can pretend that theyre having a sleepover. Whitney reminds her that they arent kids anymore and a slumber party really wont help anything. She cant believe what a fool shes been. Then, Chad starts to bang on the door and threatens to knock it down. The women tell him to go home but he refuses. Whitney yells out that there is no explanation for whats hes done. Jared runs down the hall to grab Chad and pull him back. He tells his friend that he is only making things worse. Theresa comes outside and tells him again that Whitney will not see or speak to him. Chad refuses to accept this. He insists that Whitney has misunderstood, he loves her and only her. Theresa cant believe that this is happening and Jared tries to assure her that it would never happen to them. Appalled by his time, she tells him that this isnt the best time to discuss his proposal. She even tries to give him his ring back while she thinks it over. He wont take it though. She just wants him to get Chad out of there right now. Jared nods and manages to wrestle Chad away from the door as Theresa slips back into the room with Whitney. She promises her that the new year will be better for both of them and they embrace.

Miguel wakes Tabitha up in the middle of the night to demands to know where Kay is. He begins begging her for information and explains that he has proof that Fox has been lying. He broke into Eves office and stole Foxs medical files. He know knows that Fox is faking his terminal illness and has to show Kay right away. Tabitha finds it all very interesting but, when she tries to help, Endora casts a spell to stop her. As she tries to stutter out an answer, he continues to ramble about how vile Fox is...hes a Crane after all. None of this nasty talking is sitting well with Endora, who is half Crane of course, and even when Tabitha tries writing down where Fox and Kay are, Endora turns it into nonsense. Finally, Tabitha pushes Miguel out the door and points at the Bennett house. Believing that Kay must be there he runs over just as her voice comes back and she says that she isnt. Miguel searches through the Bennett house without any luck and then heads out across town. He ends up at the harbor before shouting at the sky for Kay.

Tabitha sits down at the table with Endora and tells her that they have to let Miguel and Kay be together; its the only way that they can protect themselves and their powers. Endora wont budge however, even when her mother tells her that its dangerous to meddle in the love lives of mortals; its always ends in tragedy. Besides, she adds, Fox is a nasty piece and his plan wont work now that Miguel knows the truth. She demands that Endora stop casting these spells on her, but her daughter doesnt show much interest in these demands and simply smiles.

Fox has whisked Kay away to a little hotel. He puts a blindfold on her and twirls her around. When she takes it off, he reveals her wedding gown to her. She tells him that its perfect and he promises again to make the rest of their life together happy. Overwhelmed by everything that hes done for her, she begins to cry and wants to do everything she can to make sure there life really is perfect. They begin to undress each other and spread out on the bed. As they kiss, she starts to imagine that he is Miguel and suddenly pulls herself back. Looking for an excuse, she tells him that its past midnight, which means that he shouldnt be seeing her now that its a day before the wedding. Somewhat baffled by this request, he gets up and dresses. When he walks out into the hall, he congratulates himself on how well his plan is working and thinks about how long their lives together will actually be. Inside, Kay stares at the wedding gown. It is everything that she ever dreamed of, and yet, she still loves Miguel.

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