Whats happened to you Aunt Sheridan?

Friday, December 29th, 2006

Jared gets his proposal out. Kay tells Fox that she knows his secret. Miguel steals Foxs medical records. Grace is nervous about coming back. Fancy and Sheridan try to outmaneuvre each other.

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Miguel discovers the truth about Fox

Eve catches Miguel going through her files after hes broken into her office. She tells him that he better have a good excuse for being in there. He needs to know if Fox really has a terminal illness. Eve doesnt know what hes talking about so he jumps to the conclusion that Fox has been lying. Eve never said anything like that and she wont talk to him about this. Hes not about to give up the files and goes through them as Eve protests. I knew it! he exclaims when he cant find any proof of illness. Eve says that if he leaves with that file, he could be in very serious trouble. She starts to chase him as he leaves.


Fancy lets Sheridan know what she thinks

Whats happened to you Aunt Sheridan? Youre just as bad as grandfather, Fancy wonders. Instead of offering support, all Sheridan can do is try to undermine her relationship. Luis interrupts and asks whats going on. Fancy says that she keeps having flashes of the attack and Luis tells her that, at least, she has her favorite Aunt for moral support. He tells them that JT was murdered downstairs and there are lots of suspects. Hes going to have to go, but hes glad to have Sheridan there since she loves her so much. After he leaves, Sheridan asks why Fancy didnt tell Luis whats been going on. She says that she cant hurt him by showing him what a b*@% she is, but if she doesnt stay away, she will. Sheridan thinks shes blowing this out of proportion and misunderstood what she was trying to do. She explain all the pain that the Cranes have caused to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds and then asks Fancy why she thinks that she married Chris? Fancy doesnt understand, but her aunt explains that it was because she couldnt bear putting Luis through more of the suffering that comes from involvement with the family. Fancy reminds her that Alistair is dead and Sheridan says that isnt enough; he could still come back. Sheridan begins to explain that, even if she feels strong with Luis now, he wont be able to get the image of her violation out of his mind and every time he touches her, thats all hell think about. Fancy now believes that Sheridan was doing all of this to help her and she should have known better. She thanks her for all her help and closes her eyes. Sheridan is surprised that she bought it, but once shes walked out, Fancy sits up in bed and says not quite-- shes got her aunt all figured out.

Whitney finds Chad on the phone setting up a date and realizes that shes caught him out. He protests that hes not having an affair with another woman and tries to explain. She tells him to get away. She cant understand why he married her if hes sleeping with another woman. Although he tries to stop her, she runs away and he smashes a champagne bottle on the floor.

The maid is cleaning up the floor where the body was. Ethan wanders around the mansion and starts talking to Sam. He asks his son why hes so interested in JTs death. Ethan admits that he wants to know Jareds secret so that he can protect little Ethan. Sam isnt terribly convinced. Ethan admits that he hates seeing Theresa with someone else, but its his job to protect his godson. Day and night, all he can think of is Theresa, he admits. Sam says Gwen has good reason to be worried and, if Ethan is serious about his vows, he should let all of this go.

Luis comes back down after the forensics unit have left. Ethan is still hanging around and Luis cant understand what hes got against Jared. He tells him that Theresas a grown woman and Ethan will have to accept her decisions.

Fox is reassuring Kay that their wedding will be perfect and nothing will get in the way. Kay is ill at ease though and cant pretend that she doesnt know anymore...I know everything. He tries to stop her so that he can explain but she wont let him. She is in shock and cant understand how he can be dying. Hiding his relief at this point, Fox stops her incessant apologies and says that he should have told her that he was dying, but he was afraid of her pity or her upset. And he wanted her and Maria taken care of after he was gone, which she would be if she was a Crane. Kay says that is the most generous thing a person can do. He tells her that he loves her too much to put her through his long death so hes calling off the wedding. She should go and find someone else, but she refuses to abandon him to his death sentence and vows to be with him till the end. As she embraces him, he can hardly believe how well this is working.


Jared pops the question but...

Jared is on his knees proposing to Theresa so that she can make him the happiest man in the world. She looks down at the ring hes placed on her finger and... then Whitney runs into the room crying and jumps into Theresas arms. Jared excuses himself and Whitney explains everything that happened in the kitchen. This has been the biggest mistake of her life. Whitney thinks that shes a fool, but Theresa says that its Chad thats the fool. She realizes that shes crying all over Theresas engagement ring and apologizes for interrupting. What was her answer? Theresa didnt have time to answer. Shes glad that they were interrupted anyway because she doesnt know what her answer is. Ethans gotten to her maybe hes right about Jared. Whitney starts to suspect that Chad and Jared might have killed JT.

Jared finds Chad in the kitchen. He swears that he never meant to hurt Whitney. Jared still doesnt understand what he could be thinking by continuing his affair. Chad insists that things are different with the other person; its just sex, but its completely separate from what he has with Whitney. Hes worried that hes lost her forever now. After a dead body falls out of your wedding cake, you dont expect things to get worse, but they can. Jared says that, at least now, no one will think that he killed JT. A lot of people wanted him dead, Chad repeats.

Sam is talking to Grace on the phone. Her flight has been delayed by the weather. Shes eager to get home, even if it will hurt people. While she waits, a priest sits with her to talk about her problems. She says that shes found out something terrible which is going to hurt people back home. She wont keep secrets; the truth has to come out no matter what the consequences. Sam calls again and she tells him that shes been delayed until the morning. Shes upset: Theres something she needs to tell him, but it has to be in person. The phone dies and she hopes that she can get home before its too late. Meanwhile, the priest sitting in the corner looks into his bag to reveal a time bomb. Youre not going to tell anyone because youre not going to make it home, he whispers to himself.

Chad tries to bring Whitney home after she locks herself in the bedroom. Are Sheridan and Luis about to reunite?

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