Everyone's a Suspect

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Theres a corpse in the cake and everyones a murder suspect. Fancy bites Sheridans head off. Ethan vows that he will continue to go after Jared. Miguel has a plan to outsmart Fox.

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Cadaver cake

Luis is trying to comfort Fancy by saying that he loves her and will always be there for her. Fancy sees a shadow and Luis rushes out to see who it is. Its Sheridan. They give each other awkward looks. She says that shes there to see fancy. Luis says that she can use all the comforting she can get right now. They return to the room and Luis informs her that he was just about to take Fancy home. As Sheridan watches Luis comfort fancy, she begins to dig her nails into the back of her hand. They take Fancy home to bed and Luis leaves them alone. Sheridan takes her nieces hand and offers to get her whatever she needs. What I need is for you to get away you b@#*! Fancy exclaims to a shocked Sheridan. She heard everything that Sheridan said to her when she thought that she was unconscious. What kind of sick and twisted person does something like that? Taking advantage of her when she is sick and weak with subliminal suggestions that she break up with Luis; shes worse than Alistair.

At the wedding reception, Sam offers to go get his chainsaw since Chad us having so much trouble cutting the cake. Chad thinks that theres something in there and reaches in only to pull out a dead body. Whitney cant believe that theres dead body in her wedding cake. Kay starts to wonder if the wedding death that Tabitha predicated in her bowl was for Whitneys wedding and not hers. Noah imagines that this will put a damper on the wedding as he admiringly watches Paloma go off to help Chief Bennett. Eve examines the body and announces that its been long dead. Everyone starts asking Sam who it is, but he doesnt know. He thanks Paloma for trying to help him and Noah gets excited that shes almost a cop. The reporter starts taking photos and Sam grabs away his camera and has him thrown out. He sends everyone to the foyer for questioning. Eve cant figure out what killed the woman because theres too much icing on her. She and Sam make a few jokes before he rolls her over and theyre shocked to find that its... The media will have a field day with this, he says.

Rebecca tells Gwen she should be glad there was a cadaver cake to distract everyone. Now they just need to figure out who has the flashdrive. Rebecca starts to think that the flashdrive could have been hidden in JTs bra. Maybe hes dead by now...everybody wanted to kill him. Even Chad.

Theresa tries to comfort Whitney by telling her that whoever is in the cake might not have been very innocent. Chad asks Jared if hes okay and he admits to being spooked. Me too, more than you know, Chad says before repeating that hell do anything he has to in order to make sure that his secret is safe.

Ethan has gone out to badger his investigator to track JT down. He goes back in and tells Theresa that he has an investigator trailing Jared. Youre too late, she tells him, but he doesnt understand.


Miguel's suspicions force him to act

Kay is worried that her wedding doesnt bode well. Simone tells her that she doubts these two thing are connected. Noah tells Miguel that Fox seems like a decent guy and isnt as deceitful as most of the Cranes. Jokingly, Noah suggests that Miguel play catburglar and break into Eves office to look at Foxs medical records. Miguel takes this suggestion seriously. He uses the distraction to steal Eves keys from her purse and tells Kay that he will find the proof that Fox is lying. Kay starts to wonder if Miguel might be onto something and Simone says that it sounds like she really wants Miguel to find evidence against Fox. Simone tells her she to be careful or shell have Fox and Miguel knifing each other at the altar. Meanwhile, Miguel has already gone into Eves office to begin searching. When he finds the file, someone is seen lurking outside the door.

Sam comes out to announce that theyve identified the body and everyone starts to file back in. Sam unveils the body and announces that its JT. Rebecca falls on him and begins feeling up his off the rack clothes for the flashdrigve while she rambles about their love. Luis tries pulling her off while Ethan is disappointed that hell never get the information he needs. Everyone else seems happy. When they pry Rebecca off the corpse, the bra comes with her and theres nothing there. She starts licking the cake off while Sam asks who might have killed him. Ethan comes forward to accuse Jared. Gwen and Theresa tell him to stop and Sam says that he should wait for some evidence before he makes accusations. Ethan tells Theresa again that shes making a mistake and she reminds him that she cant be with the man she wants. Jared wonders if this incident has destroyed the mood too much for a wedding proposal but Whitney encourages him to go ahead. He walks off thinking that this actually might be the best opportunity, especially now. Chad and Whitney seem happy anyway and he goes off to get their room ready. In the kitchen, his lover calls him and he tells them that hell figure out a way for them to be together on New Years. He turns to see Whitney standing in the door. So I was right? She slaps him across the face.

Rebecca plays up her grief some more and wipes herself on Sams chest before walking out. Sam tells Luis that, if he can solve this case, hell be a detective again. Luis mind is elsewhere right now. He wonders how Fancy and Sheridan are doing.

Outside, Gwen is trying to convince Ethan to go but he wants to stay and look for dirt on Jared. Gwen reminds him that JT was blackmailing lots of people, but he trudges off to look for evidence again. Meanwhile, Theresa discovers Jared in a room full of candles. He wants things to be special and he keeps getting interrupted. On his knees, he holds up a ring and tells her that he wants to spend the rest fo his life with her.

Next on Passions: Fancy warns Sheridan to stay away from her and Luis. Whitney realizes that shes made a big mistake. Fox calls off the wedding.

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