Pilar Gets Shot!

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Pilar is in danger, Theresa gets a pie in her face at the fair and Siren's secret is out!

Pilar Gets Shot! image

Teresa tells Jared she's sorry for lying to him, sorry she didn't tell him who she really was, asks for another chance. He'd like to believe her, but he can't give her another chance because they live in two different worlds. He needs to be with someone who can be them self. Chad and Whitney try to console Theresa. Pilar reassures Theresa that she needs to be with Ethan, the father of their children. But Theresa fears that he'll sue her for custody, that he and Gwen would take the kids away. She leaves her daughter to deliver a boat to little Ethan.

No one knows where Siren is, as they wait to be put to work at the fair. Miguel goes ahead to the hospital booth to get ready without her. Luis and Fancy talk about how they stopped those guys from raping Jessica. Fancy is excited that Luis includes her in the police report. She tells him she wants to be a cop more than anything.

Spike gloats about the upcoming robbery, tells Chris to keep Sheridan away from the mansion. Chris tells Spike to stay away from Sheridan, to just get the job done! Spike threatens to tell Sheridan about Chris's involvement in the robbery. Sheridan walks in the room! Chris tells her that no one was at the door, then goes back out to give Spike the code to the mansion. Chris makes it clear that Spike is to stay away from the kids!

Tabitha is at the fair with Endora. Endora magically brings the stuffed animal prizes from the milk jug booth to her stroller! Tabitha is shocked to see that Endora has the prizes. The man behind the booth accuses Tabitha of stealing them!

Siren and Kay fight over Fox. Siren says once she has Miguel under her spell, he won't want Kay either! But Kay is determined to show everyone who Siren really is... A Mermaid! Kay makes arrangements for Siren to work the dunking booth. She tells Miguel that Siren's a mermaid, that soon he'll see for himself!

Luis tells Fancy to go home to get some rest, but Fancy can't sleep. Luis asks her out to dinner. Fancy is thrilled with the night she's had. While Sheridan and Chris are out having dinner together, Luis and Fancy take the table next to them, making Sheridan uncomfortable. Fancy tells Sheridan she's falling for Luis!

Whitney asks Theresa to work the pie-throwing booth. Ethan asks Chad what's going on with Theresa and Jared, but Chad tells him that Jared is leaving after the fair. Ethan tells Chad that he still loves Theresa!

Spike enters the mansion, excited about making away with the goods. Little does he know, Pilar is upstairs, unaware of his presence, too!

While Kay and Fox are about to make love, he goes into a trace. Kay damns Siren for putting him under her spell! The minute Theresa gets in position at the pie-throwing booth, Gwen comes up to throw the first pie. Jared witnesses Theresa taking it in stride, encouraging for more pies to be thrown her way. Jared steps up to throw a pie and surprises Theresa by smashing it in his own face. Siren tries getting out of the dunking machine, but Kay's right there to make sure she doesn't. With Siren's first dunk, her secret is out... Everyone sees she's a mermaid!

Pilar hears a noise downstairs, brushes it off as her imagination... Chris calls Spike to check in. Spike says he's hit the jackpot. As Pilar leaves the kid's room, she hears a noise, calls out, tries to call the police, but Spike comes in and shoots her to the ground.

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