Whose For Cake?

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Luis tries to get a description of Fancys attacker. Julian and Ivy wake up to a surprise. Chad and Whitneys wedding reception has a disturbing surprise. Tabitha wonders if Norma and Edna have really changed.

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Julian and Ivy had a night they'd rather forget

Luis doesnt want to push Fancy into talking about her attack but, he needs to catch the gut and he needs information. Maybe it would help to talk about it... she cant even give a description and refuses to remember anything. She blames herself for becoming a victim when she should have known better. He tells her that its not her fault and he needs her help to make sure this never happens to another woman. Still, she cant do it and begins to cry and lash out at Luis while he holds her tight, telling her that he loves her. He tries to get her to rest, but every time that she closes her eyes, she can only think of what happened.

Tabitha, Norma and Edna are drinking and she starts to wonder if these old dogs can learn new tricks. When the two lunatics start Eskimo kissing, Tabitha tells them that they should keep it to themselves. Edna says that Endora reminds her of someone and she tries to figure it out while she and Norma wrestle around. Tabitha decides that its time for Endora to go to sleep and puts her down, happy that theyve buried the hatchet. Norma still clutches her axe. Good things come to those who wait, Norma tells Edna. Theyve just been waiting for the little witch to go to sleep so that they can have their way. They tell Tabitha to get comfy-cosy while they go to get her dessert and she wonders if the Christmas spirit has changed them. Norma and Edna soon return and begin chasing her around the house with a butcher knife while Tabitha throws food at them and then money, which Edna begins crawling on the floor to pick up. Tabitha manages to wake up Endora and begs her for some juice. once Endora zaps her, she lassoes them and then sends them down to Hell. She and Endora laugh while Norma screams from below.

The wedding party returns to the mansion for the reception. Whitney thinks its like wonderland. Jared congratulates Chad and says that hell propose to Theresa by the end of the night. Chads relieved that nobody tried to stop the wedding. He just hopes that everybody holds their peace forever. Theresa gathers everyone together for a toast and the newlyweds kiss and glide around the floor. TC cuts in for a dance with his daughter while Chad dances with his new mother-in-law. Rebecca starts to cry, Its the first husband you always think of when youre low. Ethan and Jared exchange smirks while Rebecca tells Gwen that, at least they wont be the only ones exposed. Noah asks a miserable looking Miguel who died? as he stares at Fox and Kay, convinced that hes lost her forever. He cant understand why she hasnt even given him a clue. Fox doesnt even look like hes dying; its just too convenient.

A very hung over Julian peers out from the eiderdown to see Ivy laying in bed with him. They begin screaming in horror. It takes them a moment to piece together what happened. I fear that we have been very, very bad, he intones while she covers her head with the sheet and chants no over and over. They pop pain killers and he tells her that this all makes perverse sense; they were married for twenty years and have both been recently hurt by lovers. The party downstairs is giving them a headache and they get up to investigate. They get downstairs wearing nothing but a sheet and throw the doors open to demand an answer to what is going on. The whole wedding party gasps in dread while Julian has to stop Ivy from running away. Rebecca almost faints as she proclaims at least you could have disgraced yourself in public sexcapades with me. Eve and Sam shake their heads while Rebecca still cant believe what shes seeing and starts to list all the insults Julian uses to describe Ivy. As both women start slapping, kneeing and kicking him. Fox rescues his father before he and Ivy wish Whitney and Chad good luck and rush off.

Jared pulls Theresa away to ask her something, but hes interrupted when Simone announces that all the ladies must gather at the bottom of the stairs so that the bride can throw the bouquet. She throws it and Simone catches it as everyone claps. Since she isnt about to get married, she tries to give it to Paloma who tells her that the laws might change for her soon. Noah asks Paloma why she didnt try and catch it and she says that shes already turned down one proposal. She has to fall in love before she gets married. Noah leans in and kisses her. Miguel stalks over to Kay to comment on how her wedding must be cursed since she didnt catch the bouquet. Leave me alone, she says as she walks way. He imagines now that he can discover what Fox is really up to and change things around.

A man walks through the door and Ethan greets him. He says that he used to work for JT and is looking for him. He found an envelope from him shoved under the door but it was empty. Gwen and Rebecca have been listening and sigh in relief. Theresa announces that the cake is about to be cut and the crowd gathers around as the newlyweds start. Its hard to cut into the cake and people begin to laugh and tell them to keep trying. Chad starts to think that theres something in the cake and reaches in to start pulling. The cake collapses as he pulls a dead body out onto the floor.

Next on Passions: Whitney cant believe that there is a dead body in her wedding cake. Fancy accuses Sheridan of being a heartless b***.

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