Chad and Whitneys Wedding

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Chad and Whitney get ready. Gwen makes Ethan promise not to make a scene. JT plans his escape. Tabitha and Endora receive an unwelcome gift. Luis gets a Christmas miracle

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Chad and Whitney finally make it to the altar

Fox is talking to his actors on the phone and berating them for exposing themselves in public. Luckily it was only Jessica that saw them without their masks on and she was drunk so nobody believed her. He still doesnt think anything will go wrong with his plan. He knows that Kay wont speak with Miguel and that way, theyll never figure it out.

Miguel runs up to Kay to tell her how excited he is that they can spend their first Christmas together with Maria. He grabs at her and she pushes him away. She has no interest in talking to him about anything except Maria.

JT and Rebecca wake up in bed wearing matching bras. He tells her that getting in touch with his feminine side is amazing and Rebecca starts to think that Simone must be on to something. She wants JT to always wear a bra when theyre together, but she needs to take him shopping. She continues trying to guess who hes blackmailing, but hes not giving anything away. He tells her not to worry though; he has a lot of cash cows to milk before he gets to her and Gwen. Rebecca says its no wonder so many people want to kill him...even me, she says to herself. When he goes into the shower, she begins to search through his things for the flashdrive. Realizing that she would kill him herself, he starts to make other plans. Once he gets dressed he heads for the door. Rebecca says that he shouldnt go out alone because he might be the victim of a hate crime, or at least he should leave the flashdrive with her for safe keeping. He promises her that it is somewhere that nobody will find it.

Once he gets out of the room, he decides to leave town right away. Dead is not a good look for me. He puts the flashdrive in an envelope to send to Daily Private Lives. All of this dirt will dramatically increase sales and, being a major stock holder, that means a lot of money for him. While he pushes the envelope under a door, a figure appears in the background.

Ethan rolls out of bed and starts making calls for JT when Gwen interrupts him. He insists again that hes only doing it to protect little Ethan. Gwen tries to distract him with sex, but he finds it hard to get JT off his mind. After Gwen has given Ethan his early Christmas gift, she begs him not to make a scene at the wedding. He reluctantly agrees, but vows that, after the wedding, he will return to his quest to bring Jared down

Theresa brings Whitney breakfast. She can hardly believe that shes getting married to Chad, finally. She starts giggling. Later, Eva arrives with Simone and tells her daughters that this is the day all mothers wait for. Whitney wonders if TC will be able to walk her down the aisle but it isnt certain yet. As she goes off to get into her dress, Simone is upset because she cant give her mother a wedding day too. Eve tells her that there are lots of other things that they can share. She and TC are just happy that Simone has someone to make her happy.

Jared finds Chad in his room, laying face down with condom wrappers and booze strewn across the floor. He wakes him up with coffee and Chad wonders how he can keep doing this to himself. Chad goes into the bathroom to clean himself up and prays that the wedding will go off without a hitch, but it would be a miracle. As he ane Jared dress for the wedding, he says that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that the wedding goes ahead.

James has fixed Christmas Eve breakfast for Sheridan. Chris is excited that it will be their first Christmas together as a family. She looks at a Christmas ornament and thinks about Luis and how Fancy could never love him as much as she does.

Luis arrives at the hospital to visit Fancy. Eve stops him before he goes in to tell him that she is in a coma. They have to run more tests before they know how bad it is, but it would be a miracle if she came out before Christmas. Luis says that Christmas is the time for miracles. After he has gone in to sit with fancy, Sheridan arrives and watches from a distance. Luis says tells Fancy that shes changed his life by simply being herself and begs her to come back to him. Before she came into his life, he had lost all hope. He prays to God for her to return and her fingers begin to move as her eyes slowly open. Once she is awake, Sheridan has vanished leaving only Poinsettias behind. Fancy begins asking Luis questions, but he tells her that theyll speak of everything later. Shes a Christmas miracle. They put on Santa Claus hats and exchange I love yous as a music box plays.

Tabitha starts to wonder if Norma and Ednas time touring lesbian bars has made them more interested in their careers than burying a hatchet in her. She thanka Endora for getting rid of all the Christmas decorations just as theres a knock at the door. They go out to see who it is and discover a huge crate from the North Pole sitting there. Endora zaps it inside and gives her mother a crowbar so that she can pop it open. Before she does, she finds a note that says this is a piece offering from Norma and Edna. A worried Tabitha gets Endora out of the way and tells her to take care fo everything in case anything happens to her. When the crate opens, Norma and Edna appear in costume and ready to sing Slaying Songs while Norma brandishes her axe.

At the church, Kay anxiously tries to talk to Sam about her mother. Grace has been delayed because of bad weather and Sam is still angry. Fox and Noah arrive and Fox apologizes on behalf of his mother. Sam says that its Christmas and he loves his daughter despite everything shes done. He and Noah walk away as Miguel and Pilar enter but keep their distance. Fox tells Kay that theyll be walking down the aisle soon. Pilar says to Miguel that she knows it must be hard to see them together. He still has no idea whats going on.

Paloma finds Noah wandering around the room. He gives her an envelope and asks her to open it. When she does, she finds two tickets to see the Scissors Sister inside. He asks her if shed like to go with him and she giddily accepts.

TC arrives with Eve and his daughters are thrilled to see him there. He wishes them both all the best before Theresa tells everyone that Father Lonigan is ready to begin. The two friends are so happy that their childhood dreams are coming true. Ethan watches, vowing to never let her marry Jared Casey. As TC takes his daughters arm, Jared and Chad stand at the altar and all the couples gathered give each other knowing looks. When Whitney arrives at the altar, the congregation sings Hark the Herald Angels Sing and the couple prepare to make their vows.

Next on Passions: Chads secret comes out. Rebecca threatens to kill JT. Fancy needs to talk about what happened.

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