What Jessica Saw

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Jessica tells everyone what she saw. Chad decides to deal with his problem. Ethan continues to search for JT. Ivy and Julian get close.

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Tabitha is worried about Norma and Edna

Noah and Paloma are gleefully decorating while Miguel continues badgering Kay. She refuses to talk to him. Tabitha and Endora walk in, appalled by the holiday dcor and ask Kay why she hasn't stopped them. Tabitha announces that she can't get a flight out and the car batteries dead. She jumps when there's a knock at the door, fearing that Edna and Norma may be there. It's only carolers and Endora drags her out to listen. Paloma tells Kay to cheer up while they listen to the singing. Two of the carolers seem familiar to Tabitha. She and Endora go inside as Paloma wishes the singers Feliz Navidad and they leave. Kay shuts the door and spots Tabitha hiding in the corner. Endora thinks that her mother is being paranoid, but Tabitha can feel their presence. Outside, Norma and Edna play with their ax in the yard.

Miguel asks Fox what's wrong with Kay. He says that she might have pre-wedding jitters and should be back to normal after they get married.

The actor's take off their masks for some fresh air while Jessica watches, unable to believe what she's seeing. The actress thinks that Fox's plan is cruel, as she recounts it, Jessica gasps. Hearing her, they run off before Jessica heads off to tell Kay what she just heard. She rushes through the door, still drunk, and tells everyone what she just saw. Fox panics and his eyes dart around. But even Miguel thinks she's just drunk. 'It made no sensebut it was so real,' Jessica claims. Noah says that this is absurd and Fox opens the vodka bottle in her hand to show that she drank the whole thing. He suggests that she's hallucinating and she claims that he was behind the whole thing. Tabitha perks up at this and Endora starts shaking her head. Jessica thinks that it must have been aliens and then collapses on the couch. Fox starts to worry that she might say the same thing when she's sober. He tells Kay they need to start helping Jessica out with her problems. Miguel starts staring daggers at Fox.

Ethan and Gwen are searching through JT's room. He vows to track him down to the ends of the earth, but insists that this is about little Ethan, not Jared. Gwen thinks this is actually about the fact that she can't give him any children; he wants Jared out so that he can have a family with Theresa. He apologizes and says that he's just trying to protect Jane's brother. He suspects that JT is at the seedy motel on the edge of town.

Chad is encouraging Jared to propose. Plucking up the courage, he asks Whitney to leave him alone for a minute with Theresa so that he can ask her a question. Before he can, a man interrupts delivering gifts for the wedding. She asks him if what he has to say can wait and he says 'sure.' Chad returns and tells him to hang in. Jared asks him again about the blackmail letter. Chad says that he'll do whatever it takes to make sure that Whitney never finds out. He gets up and tells Whitney that he has some business he has to take care of. At the door, Jared tries to stop him from going to the motel, but Chad can't help himself. Jared leaves soon after and Theresa gives Whitney a surprise for the big day: The wedding dress she's wanted since they were kids. Whitney hopes her wedding day will be perfect, but she suspects that something will stop her from ever walking down the aisle.

JT and Rebecca are hiding in the hallway in case the shooter followed them. He says that he has a very good idea who it was. He begins adjusting his hair while Rebecca compliments him on how 'strangely sexy' he looks. They start making out while Edna and Norma walk by. Edna says that the kissing couple remind them of the lesbian bar scene in Europe. Edna recognizes Rebecca and starts to imagine that the place must have some class; it can't be any worse than Norma's. They trudge off to their room while Ethan and Gwen start down the hall. They spot the two women making out and Ethan wants to get a closer look but Gwen dissuades him and they move along. Rebecca peaks out to see Chad going into one of the rooms. She and JT sneak into his room just as Ethan comes back down the hall knocking on doors.

Eve tries to revive Fancy while Luis and Sheridan, Ivy and Julian watch. Luis begins to pace before Eve comes out. She tells Julian that Fancy is alive and stable for the moment. She promises to find out what the monster did to her. They all file in to see her, but Eve stops Sheridan and asks her how she feels. Sheridan says that she cares about her niece, but Eve points out that this will make Luis and Fancy closer. Eve tells her to go home to her family; she's worried that Sheridan will do something crazy.

Luis takes Fancy's hand and tells her that he loves her. Julian assures Ivy that Eve's a good doctor. Ivy says that she hopes he hasn't gotten the wrong impression with her clinging to him. He tells her to forget about that and to forget about Kay and just concentrate on Fancy. Luis goes off to look for leads. Ivy feels guilty for what happened. Julian admits that he wishes they'd kept their children closer sometimes and they share a drink from his flask. Eve appears to interrupt the reunion and tells them that they may be able to get some DNA from the attacker. They can go now. As they walk away, Luis asks Eve for an update and promises to get whoever did this to Fancy.

When she's left alone, Sheridan walks in and sits beside Fancy. She tells Fancy that she can't really love Luis. She assures her that she'll be okay and they can be friends, but Luis is not the man for her; she can find someone else. Eve walks in on her saying this and Sheridan begins to insist that she isn't 'a monster.'

Julian and Ivy go back to his place for a drink. He offers her the use of her old room, 'squatters haven't taken over the entire mansion yet.' She's tempted and is touched to find that Julian has a picture of Fancy in his room. He feels bad that she was closer to his father than to him. 'We were terrible parents,' Ivy confesses while they hold each other. She tries to leave, but he asks her again to stay 'close.' She begins kissing him.

In the motel, Chad begins to threaten his lover and promises that they won't be able to stop his wedding from going ahead.

Next on Passions: Whitney has wedding jitters. Eve has bad news for Luis. Things look grim for Chad.

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