It's a Drag to be JT

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Everyone starts to hope that JT gets killed. Noah and Paloma try to spread holiday cheer. Jessica makes a shocking discovery.

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Whitney and Chad look forward to the wedding

Outside, Fox is sending his actors off to have changes done to their masks. The actress is still bothered by his plot but he tells her stop complaining when he's paying her. Inside, Kay is thanking God that Fox still wants to marry her since she now knows that Miguel still loves Charity. Tabitha tries to tell her the truth, but Endora puts another frog in her throat. Paloma, Noah and Jessica arrive from the church. Noah says that Christmas is the time to start over. Kay wonders if that means they've forgiven her. He and Jessica say that they will try and be nice for the season. Miguel marches in to ask Kay again if she wants to go through with the wedding to Fox. She says that she should never have wavered. Fox walks in and she kisses him passionately while Miguel looks in disgust. Fox gets a call and breaks away while Kay asks Jessica about her bridesmaid's dress. It's being sent over and they're all going next door to get decorations to do up Tabitha's for a 'perfect Christmas.' Kay says to herself, 'It would have been more perfect if the man I loved didnt stab me in the heart.'

The jovial Noah and Paloma return and start decorating. Jessica is bored and wants to go outside but Noah panics. She says she'll be fine outside for ten minutes. She goes down to the waterfront while a series of perfect couples walk by depressing her. She sees a bar and goes in for a drink. Fox's actors appear and sit down to rehearse their lines. Half-drunk, Jessica comes out with a bottle in a bag and thinks that she hears Charity's voice. She turns the corner and is shocked to see the actress taking off her mask.

Noah and Paloma hope that Tabitha likes the way they've decorated the place, but the boys in the basement are starting to make noises. Kay goes to the vent and promises them that they'll get rid of the holiday cheer after the guests are gone. Jessica's dress arrives and they wonder where she's gone to.

Tabitha is trying to get her and Endora out of town before Norma and Edna return. She tries to tell Miguel the truth about Kay and Endora puts another frog in her throat. He declares himself a wreck and can't understand why Kay changed her mind. Tabitha tells him not to take anything Kay says at face value and encourages him to dig around. He walks away while Tabitha tells a sighing Endora that secrets always come out.

Eve has returned to the church to talk to Sheridan. She's worried that she's till in love with Luis and working for the destruction of his relationship with Fancy. Sheridan says that Fancy is too young and immature; she is her own worst enemy and never seems to learn.


Fancy is taken to the hospital

At the crime scene, Luis tries to comfort a traumatized Fancy while the ambulance crew arrives to take her away. They arrive at the hospital where Eve is waiting for them. He begs Eve not to let her die while a disturbed Sheridan looks on. Luis blames himself for all of this and Sheridan tells him not to do this to himself. Fancy is immature and never listens to anyone, she tells him. Eve comes out to tell him that Fancy was raped and she doesn't know if she'll recover. Eve stares at Sheridan while she watches them.

'I've lost so much alreadyno one is going to get away with blackmailing,' Julian vows while looking at a photo of he and Eve. Ivy stomps in and tells him that he's made a big mistake in encouraging Fox to marry Kay. Julian's already drunk and chuckling at sour faced Ivy. 'Get a life ex-wife,' he quips. Ivy says that he doesn't know anything about love and she doesn't want Fox to end up a loser like them. Lies and manipulation always backfire. There's a call: Fancy's been attacked and might not make it. They run off to the hospital. As they arrive, Fancy begins to flatline.

JT is trying to pack up the rest of his money before the shooter comes back to finish him off. Rebecca starts knocking at the door and he hides under his desk while trying to think of a way out. She stays outside of his room until a strange looking woman walks out. Rebecca walks in through the open door and demands to know who he's sleeping with but, seeing the room empty, chases after the woman. She follows her to a motel and slaps at her before she turns around to reveal that 'she' is actually JT. 'You're a drag queen and you never told me!' Rebecca exclaims. He tells her that someone took a shot at him and he has to hide out. She begins to consider the possibilities.

Chad asks Jared again if JT has anything on him. Jared insists that he doesn't but he is still worried about his future with Tess.

Gwen is in the Seascape with Ethan. She tells him to stop everything. She's sick of it. Will he ever get over Theresa? He tells her that he's been helping out JT, but only so he can protect little Ethan from Jared. He calls JT again as his anger mounts.

Theresa and Whitney watch and wonder what would happen if JT walked through the door and spilled all his secrets. Theresa isn't sure what she'd do and Whitney isn't sure she wants to know. Theresa can't imagine why Ethan is so insistent if there is really nothing there. Jared has overheard her say this and ask if she trusts him. She tries to reassure him before Ethan comes over and baits him again by telling him that JT is on the way. However, JT is refusing to come now that someone has started shooting at him. He hangs up and Ethan tells Jared he's in more trouble than before and accuses him of shooting at JT. Theresa accuses Gwen of shooting him to cover up her crimes and she strides off as Theresa runs after her. She tells Gwen that when Ethan finds out the truth about her, she'll have two incredible men to choose from and Gwen won't have a lump of coal. Gwen will lose everything and she might not even want Ethan anymore. Meanwhile, Ethan and Jared are about to get violent when Theresa jumps between them. Ethan promises that he'll get him.

Whitney goes to Chad whose counting the hours until their wedding. She just wants all the drama behind them. She leaves while he takes out the blackmail letter and looks at it again. Jared and Chad go to the bar to get drinks and Chad admits that he'd like to see JT dead. 'He's asking for it,' Jared adds. Whitney returns to Theresa and asks her what she'll do if JT makes little Ethan's paternity public. 'I'd kill him before he had the chance.'

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