Gwen Panics, Spike Smirks and Endora Gets a Present

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Gwen and Rebecca realize they may have more problems. Luis tries to save Fancy. Ethan tries to get the truth to Theresa. Tabitha and Endora get a Christmas gift.

Gwen Panics, Spike Smirks and Endora Gets a Present image

Is it too late for Fancy?

Rebecca is sitting in Gwen's room tired from the hell of Christmas shopping when you're poor and you don't have a limo. Gwen is worried that JT will start blackmailing them again, but Rebecca reminds her that he already has all of their money. Gwen still believes that everything will backfire and demands that her mother call JT.

JT is counting his money, pleased that his problems with the IRS have been solved. He goes out to meet Ethan and give him the report on Jared with his last blackmail note to mail on the way. As he approaches the door of the Seascape, Rebecca calls and he informs her that, now that he's in the clear, he doesn't have to go anywhere. Gwen begins shouting and Rebecca says that her daughter is just afraid that he'll double cross her. JT tells them that Ethan helped him with the IRS because he wanted information on Jared. Gwen says this can't happen because it will break up Jared and Theresa leaving her free for Ethan. They decide that they have to rush out and stop them.

Chad and Whitney spot Ethan and Jared about to punch each other's lights out. Chad gets in the way and Ethan tells Theresa that this needs to stop. He protests and asks for a chance to show her how awful Jared is. Theresa says that he's out of line and interrupting their celebration Chad and Whitney's wedding. Ethan continues to claim that Jared is a fraud. Theresa thinks that he's finally gone mad.

To calm him down, Chad takes Jared away and asks him what JT has on him. He insists that it's nothing. A letter arrives for Chad. Its another blackmail letter. Jared tells him that he better be more careful.

Theresa asks Ethan to go home to his wife and their daughter, but he's furious and says that he'll get the bast*** now. However, she doesn't trust anything coming from JT anymore; he'll just manufacture something for money. Ethan starts to cringe impatiently. Theresa says that she's not going to waste more time waiting and Ethan goes off looking for JT.

JT goes back toward the door and turns around just as a shot rings out. He runs away to his apartment with surprising speed and tries to barricade the door shut. He looks down at his briefcase and can see where the bullet ricocheted. He starts to wonder if his money making venture is kaput.


Kay wants to move up the wedding date

Miguel is trying to convince Kay to talk to Charity, but she doesn't want to talk to her or Miguel ever again. Fox listens from inside the closet with his actors, praying that she 'sticks to her guns' Kay calls Miguel a monster and throws his phone at him before striding off with him chasing behind. Fox tries to chase the actors out of the house before Kay returns. Miguel follows Kay back in and tries grabbing her as Simone starts shouting at him from outside. Kay slaps him and runs off while Simone hangs onto him. She tells him to get over Kay. Kay walks in on Fox as he tosses one of the actor's masks out the window and she asks him what he's doing. He tells her that he was just looking for her and then she hugs him and says that they need to move up the wedding date.

Tabitha coughs a frog out of her throat and tells Endora it will take more than that to stop her from telling Kay that Miguel wasn't with the real Charity. As she rushes off to find Kay, Endora zaps her with another frog in her throat. She's impressed by her daughter's talents but reminds her that she is going to get them both killed. She coughs up another frog and wonders what she'll do with all of these frogs. Endora threatens to put snails in her throat if she doesn't leave Fox and Kay alone; she's excited about the wedding. Tabitha explains that they won't be going. It's almost Christmas which means than fat un-jolly Norma and her crippled elf should be along some time soon. While she makes plans to get away, a gift mysteriously appears on the doorstep. Tabitha starts packing up her potions. When she opens the door, they see the present sitting there. It's for them,. They take it in and Tabitha drops it when she suspects that its a bomb from Norma. Endora starts to laugh before they open it and find a doll. She reads the card; it's from Norma and Edna. Tabitha wonders what the 'wackos' are up to now.

Luis begins to push the door open as the peeping tom hides behind the door. He glimpses Fancy lying on the bed and moves in before the attacker jumps him, knocking him to the floor with a knife to his throat. Burt rushes in and pulls them apart. The peeper jumps out the window while Burt rushes out to call an ambulance and Luis looks for Fancy's pulse. He gives her mouth to mouth and a weak pulse develops as he begs her to come back to him. Her eyes flicker open for a moment before she goes out again. Burt comes back and says that the ambulance is coming but the perp got away. Fancy comes to and begins screaming.

Sheridan, Chris and James are at the church to help Father Lonigan and Eve with gifts for the orphanage. Eve takes Sheridan aside to talk. She insists that she isn't crazy with jealousy anymore, something Eve finds hard to swallow, but she says that she should be happy about giving Luis and Fancy 'peace for Christmas.' Sheridan says she just realized how silly she was being: It's finally over. Eve wonders where everyone else is. Unable to help herself, Sheridan says that Fancy and Luis won't show up unless People magazine is there. It won't work out between them: Fancy is too silly. Eve starts to worry again

Father Lonigan tells Chris and James that he's glad they're there to look after Sheridan. Paloma, Noah, Jessica and Spike all arrive. Jessica tells the father that she has a lot to make up for. Jessica is worried about Grace coming back; Spike isn't exactly an ideal son-in-law. Noah tells her not to worry about that and Spike blows him a kiss. Paloma and Noah wander around the church and he talks about how much he hopes that his mother will help Jessica get away from Spike. Paloma ask him what else he wants for Christmas. 'This,' he says as he kisses her.

Spike sneaks away to talk to Chris who tells him to stay away. Spike sizes up the gifts and imagines selling them out the back. He sits down with an uncomfortable Chris again and asks him to steal the money faster. Chris is still worried that Luis is after them, but Spike assures him that, at the moment, Luis won't be thinking about them at all. Chris asks him what he means and looks down to see a black mask sticking out of Spike's pocket.

Next on Passions: Kay ignores Miguel. Jared tells Ethan that he'll never get anything on him. Luis is afraid that he'll lose Fancy.

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