Someone is Having a Christmas Wedding

Monday, December 18th, 2006

Whitney tells Chad her decision. Foxs plans almost fall apart. Luis rushes to help Fancy but may be too late.

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Jared is trying to ask Theresa something

At the Seascape, Chad continues to press Whitney for an answer. She hates ultimatums, but hes been patient and done everything he can to prove himself; he needs a commitment. Edging her way past his worried demands, she finally agrees to marry him; shes taking a leap of faith and will trust him. Shes made him the happiest man on the face of the earth. He promises her that, after the honeymoon, they can get a house and a dog; be the all-American family. They kiss intently. All of her suspicions are in the past now, but when she looks in his face, she senses that something is wrong. Thoughts of his deception pass through his mind and he tries again to hide his worries.

JT tells an agitated Ethan that he dug and dug and got some good dirt on Jared. Ethan opens the envelope JT hands him, but is dismayed to find it empty. Angered, he grabs JT by the throat and demands the dirt. JT says that he has it, but Ethan wont get it until he gets a clean bill of health from the IRS. He insists that what he has is good and, if Ethan really cares about Theresa, he wont want Jared anywhere near her.

Looking at Theresas face, Jared is nervous and coy. He wants to ask her something but is having trouble. He talks about how they havent known each other long, but hes already attached to her and little Ethan and wants to spend more time with her. The best way for that to happen is...a phone call interrupts his slow attempt at a proposal. Its an excited Whitney on the line, exclaiming that shes getting married on Christmas Eve. Theresa gets excited and tells Jared that theyre invited to the Seascape to celebrate. She loves a Christmas wedding. Id like to try it, he says to himself. But it can wait. Theresa is worth waiting for.

Miguel talks to Charity on the phone and asks her to call Kay and tell her the truth: That they havent seen or spoken to each other since she left. She says that she cant come back. All of her memories of Harmony are painful. Shes started a new life and is finally happy. He wants happiness too, but that wont happen if she doesnt help him. She wont come back, but she will talk to Kay on the phone. Miguel eagerly accepts this offer and says that hell rush off to find Kay.


Fox's plan begins to falter

Kay is eavesdropping on Miguel and Charity as Fox coaches them through his script, but the actress is breaking with the script. She starts refusing to speak the terrible dialogue filled with volcano metaphors but Fox continues to pressure her. The dialogue culminates in a series of kissing sounds which force a disgusted Kay to hang up. The actress asks him if hes gone a little too far, but hes sure that this was for the best. He tries to usher them out of the house but Kay begins coming down the stairs and they have to hide in the closet. She asks Fox where Miguel is and goes into the sunroom to find him. When Fox tries to get his actors out, he has to jump into the closet with them when Miguel runs in looking for Kay. He pulls her into his arms and starts kissing her. He tells her that he has found Charity and shes waiting to talk to her. Fox is listening in the closet and starts to worry. Funny how the truth always comes out, the actress teases him.

Luis watches continues to call Fancy without response. The officer meant to go out on stakeout is on her way out the door when Luis stops her. She explains that Fancy took her place and Luis worries increase. She tries to reassure him that Fancy will make a good cop, but he can only think of the last disastrous time she went on a mission. Luis imagines that Fancy must be avoiding him and starts calling Burt who is still tied up in the snow trying to get free. Luis finally gets tired of unanswered calls and drives out to see whats going on.

The masked peeping tom has Fancy with her mouth taped shut on bed. She manages to kick him off and head butt him but he gets up and slaps her to the floor. He pulls the unconscious Fancy from the floor and drops her on the bed. He tries to wake her so that shell know what hes doing.

Luis arrives at the stakeout and finds Burt in the snow. He unties him before going into house with his gun drawn. He approaches the bedroom door and begins whispering Fancys name as the attacker stands on the other side of the door with his knife out.

In his office, IRS agent Dave happily stamps returns for audits when his old school friend Ethan knocks on the door. He regales Ethan with the story of how working for the IRS became a religious calling for him. Ethan barely pretends to be interested before explaining that hes there for a client, JT Cornel. Agent Dave looks up JTs file and snickers that they have a cell waiting for him in Guantanamo. Ethan wants it sorted, but the agent says that will only possible if everything his owes is paid off with interest. He calculates the cost and hands the total over to Ethan who agrees to pay it off without a quibble and writes a cheque.

JT is looking at a photo of Jared and shaking his head, remarking that he is even worse news than he is. Ethan calls him to say that his bill is clean. JT says that now that he is clear, he can be seen in public and will meet him for lobster at the Seascape. Glancing again through Jareds file he smirks about what a naughty boy hes been; Ethan wont just get his moneys worth-- hell be shocked.

Theresa and Jared appear at the Seascape with excited congratulations for Chad and Whitney. The soon-to-be newlyweds run off to get more champagne when Jared announces to Theresa that he wants to make a toast. Ethan storms in looking for JT. Glimpsing Theresa with Jared, he pulls her away from him and claims that hes got the goods on Mr. Casey this time.

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