Can Fancy be saved?

Friday, December 15th, 2006

Miguel locates the real Charity, Chad wants an answer from Whitney right now, Ethan has his proof, and Fancy is attacked.

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Whitney feels pressured

Julian watches Eve from a table in the restaurant. He is having dinner with Fox who notices how his father can't take his eyes off Eve. He mentions that Julian is still hung up on Eve. Julian changes the subject to Kay. Fox assures him that everything is alright for now. She is still his fianc. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from a police officer. The cop is at the police station keeping an eye on Miguel for Fox. He informs Fox that Miguel has gotten a hit on Charity's passport.

The officer tells Fox the name of the island where Charity is. Fox knows he has to do some damage control. He calls the fake Miguel and Charity and tell them to meet him at the house. He leaves his father to meet with the actors. Julian sits alone, brooding over Eve. Eve turns around to stare at him.

Eve and Whitney are seated at a table in the restaurant. They have a mother/daughter talk concerning Whitney's suspicions about Chad. Whitney tells her mother she can't trust him. Almost on cue, Chad arrives bearing roses for both Eve and Whitney. Eve is very impressed. but Whitney feels pressured. She doesn't have an answer yet for Chad. He leaves the women to enjoy their dinner but he doesn't go far. He will be waiting at a table to talk to Whitney.

Eve doesn't believe Chad was at the motel. When Whitney tells her that Rebecca was her source of information, Eve is convinced Chad is innocent. Whitney isn't. Rebecca just confirmed her suspicions. Eve goes over Whitney's reasons for thinking Chad is cheating on her and concludes there is another explanation besides cheating. She advises Whitney to get pass her fears and follow her heart. Chad drops by the table with chocolate this time. Whitney still isn't ready to talk with him but Eve prods her to go.

Chad and Whitney talk. His hovering over her isn't helping. She needs space. Chad pulls out a scrapbook he made of their time together. She is touched by his efforts until he gets to the tabloid clippings about their scandals. He kept those clippings to remind himself that they can get through anything. Chad has done everything he can to prove how much he loves her. He needs her to make up her mind tonight. Marry him by Christmas or let him go.


Eve and Julian are both blackmailed

Julian immediately sits down in Whitney's vacated chair. Eve slaps him hard across the face. He knows he deserved the slap. That's why he came over. He wanted to apologize for attacking TC. Eve doesn't care for his apology. She wishes he would leave her alone. As she gets up to go, her blackmail letter falls out of her purse. Julian picks it up and recognizes it for what it is. Eve jumps to the conclusion that Julian is her blackmailer.
Julian tells her he didn't send it because he got one himself. They are both determined to find out who the blackmailer is.

Miguel has assembled a list of all the hotels on the island where Charity is staying. He plans on calling each and everyone until he locates Charity. Luis' mind is more on Fancy. He is worried because she never returned his call. He reassures himself that she is just too busy Christmas shopping. Miguel works until he narrows the search to rental houses.

He finally finds Charity and gets connected to her by phone. The real Charity is surprised to hear from him. Charity reminds him that they have no future together. Miguel gets that now. He called because he is in love with Kay and he needs Charity's help.

The actors and Fox walk into Tabitha's parlor. Fox hands them their new scripts. He plans on having Kay overhear their conversation so that she will be completely disgusted with Miguel. Just then Kay comes downstairs with Simone and hears Fox's voice. The actors hide quickly before she comes into the parlor.

Kay asks who was he talking to. Fox lies and says he was practicing his wedding vows. She buys the answer. Fox gets her to go back upstairs. After she leaves with Simone, Fox calls the actors out. He is glad to know they have learned their lines already. He heads upstairs to make sure Kay listens in on the scripted conversation.

Kay and Simone are back in the bedroom. Kay is feeling guilty for wanting Miguel while Fox is dying. She's hedging her bets though. She won't tell Fox how she feels until she is sure Miguel is over Charity. Simone leaves and bumps into Fox who is on the way into the room. He couldn't wait to tell her that he heard Miguel on the phone talking to Charity. He leaves soon afterward, knowing she will pick up the phone to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Fake Charity and Fake Miguel talk on the phone as Kay listens. The man says they need to talk about their future and Kay's future.

Theresa and Ethan are kissing passionately in her office. Jared has entered the outer office and is separated only by the door. He opens it slightly but stops before going in. He wants to be sure of how he words his proposal to Theresa. He suddenly remembers some business he needs to take care of right away and leaves. He shuts the door on his way out.

Theresa hears the sound of the closing door and pulls away from Ethan. The moment is gone. Ethan tells her to stay away from Jared. Theresa replies if he can't find the backbone to leave his wife, she doesn't want to see him. She orders him out and he goes.

Theresa calls Whitney. She wants some moral support but Whitney doesn't answer. She is surprised by someone behind her. She immediately assumes it is Ethan returning. "Why did you come back?" It's not Ethan. It's Jared and he is puzzled about who she thought he was. Theresa lies and says she thought it was Whitney. Jared accepts her explanation and tells her he came back for something. He plants a big kiss on her.

After coming up for air, Jared tells her he is there for another reason. He wants to ask her a question. Behind his back, he holds the ring box.

JT sits at his counter working on another blackmail note. There is a knock at the door. He clears away the magazine clippings and goes to answer it. It's Ethan. He is getting impatient for dirt on Jared. Ethan reminds JT of their deal. Even though JT didn't have much time, Ethan is sure that he already has some information. JT wonders why he is going through all of this. Is it because he is still in love with Theresa? Ethan will not share his personal feelings with JT. He just want the dirt on Jared. JT hands over an envelope to Ethan.


Fancy is attacked

Fancy is at the undercover house surfing on the computer. She stops to radio Bert to find out how things are going. Unfortunately, Bert is all tied up with duct tape over his mouth. The peeping tom picks up Bert's radio and answers Fancy instead. The perp tells Fancy that Bert can't talk right now. She realizes she is in trouble and tries to radio the police station. The perp jammed the frequency so she can't get through. He also cut the land phone lines so she can't call out or send an email. What's worse, her cellphone's battery is dead. Fancy realizes she will have to handle this on her own. She steels herself and reaches for her gun. She goes outside with her gun pointed. The perp crouches behind a bush willing her to come to him.

Fancy's first instinct is to help Bert. She goes to untie him but the perp grabs her from behind. She struggles with all her might against his grip. Fancy's gun has been knocked to ground during the struggle. She manages to get free and grab it. She points it at the perp who yanks Bert up and uses him as a shield. He orders her to put the gun down or Bert dies. The perp has a knife to Bert's throat so she puts down the gun. The perp picks it up and points it at her. He yanks her by her hair. He has plans on having some fun with her which means Fancy is in serious trouble.

Inside the house now, the perp pushes Fancy into the bedroom and onto the bed. He holds the gun on her as he starts to undress. She screams and sobs under the duct tape that covers her mouth.

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