Deal of No Deal

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

An argument leads to a passionate kiss between Ethan and Theresa, Jared selects an engagement ring for her, Miguel finds Charity's location and Fancy is in serious danger.

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Kay wants to believe Miguel

While Kay and Simone inspect the bridesmaid dresses in her bedroom, Miguel calls. He just wanted to tell Kay that he is going to prove to her Charity isn't in the picture. Kay yells at him to quit trying. She is still marrying Fox. She hangs up on him and begins complaining to Simone about the gall Miguel has. She can't believe he won't give up on her especially since she knows he had sex with Charity.

As Simone looks in the mirror. checking the fit of her dress, Kay vows this time she won't let Charity win. Simone points out that if Charity slept with Miguel, she already won. Kay flops on her bed at the truth of this. "I'm always going to love him." Simone asks her a hypothetical question. What if Miguel came clean about sleeping with Charity and swore he wouldn't do it again? Would you forgive him?

Kay decides she would forgive Miguel if he met all those conditions. Even though Fox is dying, she would break up with him to be with Miguel. She loves Miguel that much. Kay's problem is she doesn't know if she would believe Miguel if he told her what she wants to hear.

At the police station, Luis talks to Fancy on the phone about the peeping tom operation. He apologizes for keeping her off the sting but he thinks it could be dangerous. He doesn't know she exchanged places with the other police officer and is at the undercover house. She lies and tells him she's going Christmas shopping. After she hangs up, she checks her gun. She hates lying to him but she will be careful.

Miguel meets Luis at the station. He needs his help to find Charity. At first Luis refuses to search for him. It's against the rules to use police equipment for personal gain. Miguel pulls the momma card to twist his arm. Luis still refuses but agrees to advise Miguel on his search.

Luis sits down at the computer with Miguel and shows him what database to go to and what questions to ask. Miguel narrows it down to a thousand Charity Standish. Luis gives him some more pointers before calling Fancy. He gets her voice mail and leaves her a message. As soon as he hangs up, he gets a bad vibe but discounts it because Fancy is just out Christmas shopping.

After much searching, Miguel hits pay dirt. He finally found Charity..

The peeping tom is right outside the house where Fancy is. He is all in black with a ski mask covering his entire face. Bert, the undercover cop, and the peeping tom watch Fancy as she starts to undress in front of the window. She pretends she is putting on a strip tease show for Luis.

The perp watches Fancy, breathing heavily and grasping his switchblade at his side. He picks up a large rock from the ground and slams it over Bert's head, knocking him out cold. He turns his attention to Fancy who has finished her strip tease for imaginary Luis. She hopes it did the trick and lured the peeping tom. Now it's up to Bert to nab him so they can call it a night. Fancy sits down at the computer to surf the web while she waits for Bert to complete the operation.

Luis check with the police dispatcher about the undercover operation. There has been no word from Bert. Outside the perp heads toward the house but is stopped in his tracks by the police radio checking on Bert. The perp pretends he is Bert and answers the call but he doesn't give the right protocol code. Luis insists he give it. The perp remembers what Bert said on his radio call and gives him the right words. Luis is satisfied that everything is going alright. The perp heads for the house. Fancy has her back to the window and has no idea what danger she is in.


Theresa still loves Ethan

Whitney and Theresa are in Theresa's office discussing what answer Whitney should give Chad. Theresa wants Whitney to focus on Chad's love for Mile and her and not her suspicions. She speaks of how well things are going for her and Jared. Suddenly Ethan barges in the office. He is livid about something he heard and wants confirmation. "Are you really going to marry Jared?"

Theresa wants to know where he got that idea. He informs her that Little Ethan told him he was about to have a new daddy. Theresa confesses this is news to her. Ethan commands Theresa not to marry Jared. Theresa tells Ethan that she is just dating Jared for now. This calms Ethan a bit. Now he will have time to prove that Jared is not good. Using Little Ethan is proof enough to him of Jared's lack of character.

Whitney gets the text from Chad and at Theresa and Ethan's urging, goes to call him. As soon as she leaves, the two take their argument to the next level.. Why doesn't she believe him? Theresa makes a deal with him. Believe her without proof and she will believe him without proof. "Deal or no deal."

Ethan doesn't take the deal. Theresa can leave Jared at anytime but he is married. He can't divorce Gwen without proof. "Then why should I trust you when you don't trust me?" Jared could be her husband some day.

Theresa tells Ethan to back off. All he wants is to keep Theresa as his piece on the side. Ethan is hurt by this remark. It is more than sex to him. He loves Theresa. Theresa points out that she has wasted enough of her life waiting for him. Ethan tells her he can't let her go. They are now inches from each other. He caresses her. He wants her to be happy with a man that will move mountains for her. Theresa knows that Ethan is that man and they end up in each other's arms, kissing passionately.


Chad has another plan

Jared is at the jeweler's with Chad, feeling nervous about popping the question to Theresa. Chad tells Jared about his latest proposalan ultimatum to Whitney to marry him by Christmas or walk. Jared thinks that was a gutsy move since Whitney's suspicions are correct. Chad claims the other person is just about sex. He loves Whitney. Jared advises him to stop cheating then.

The sales clerks comes in and mistakes Chad and Jared as a same sex couple. Jared sets her straight about who and what he is buying an engagement ring for. While Jared looks at rings, Chad leaves for a second to text Whitney.

Jared selects a very expensive ring but he knows Theresa is worth it. He thanks Chad for all his help and tells him by tomorrow he could be waking up engaged. He leaves Chad at the jeweler. Chad is disappointed that Whitney didn't call until she shows up in person.

Whitney accuses Chad of bribing her with jewelry. This hurts Chad to the core. She apologizes but she can't get rid of her nagging suspicions. Chad admits the ultimatum was a mistake but he wanted to show her how much he loves her. " I love you. Have faith in that. Take heart in that. Marry me. Please."

Whitney is nor ready to give him an answer. Chad is glad that at least she didn't say no. Whitney leaves alone to have dinner with her mother. As soon as she goes, Chad gets on the phone. He has a plan to convince Whitney to marry him.

Jared has arrived at Crane's. He is eager to go inside Theresa's office to show her the engagement ring. Little does he know that Theresa and Ethan are locking lips next door.

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