Fancy and Luis get a long look at the other's 'charms'!

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Luis and Fancy get an eyeful, Simone is cut by one of the thugs, and Jared refuses to forgive Theresa.

Fancy and Luis get a long look at the other's 'charms'! image

Luis and Fancy both get an eyeful when Fancy enters Luis shower stall by accident! Fancy is not the least bit self conscious and the two stare each other down. Fancy likes what she sees.

As he comes out of the shower, his ego speaks volumes! Before she enters the shower, Luis gets another glimpse as her towel catches on something. She accuses him of gawking and shows herself to him! He likes what he sees, but doesn't let her show!


At the Wharf, Jared and Chad are working on the fair when they discuss Theresa and how Jared feels that Whitney needs a new best friend. Chad asks Jared to stick around in Harmony.

Whitney thinks to herself that she's going to get Theresa to come to the Wharf to show Jared who she really is!

Gwen and Ethan show up at the Wharf, and discuss getting Jared to stay in town.

At the mansion, Pilar and Theresa discuss joint custody for little Ethan. The two are cut short by Whitney's call, asking her to come to the Wharf. Once she hears that Ethan is at the Wharf, she jumps out of her chair and the two head to the Wharf.

At the bar, Simone and Paloma discuss having a party to celebrate cadet training, but Paloma asks instead for the girls to go dancing, and they agree to pick Jessica up at the Lobster Shack.


Outside, the two thugs are man handling Jessica, as she struggles from their grasp and screams for help.


At the Lobster Shack, Paloma and Simone look for Jessica. They're puzzled that she is not there. The bartender tells the girls that the manager left, and the girls hear Jessica's screams. They tell the bartender to call the cops, and run to Jessica's rescue. The thugs deny any wrong doing, and when Jessica cries ...Rape..., they pull a knife on the girls!

At the Wharf, Gwen and Whitney bond over their matchmaking, but Theresa walks in on them, wondering what's going on. Whitney covers, showing her gorgeous ring to Theresa. The two girls tell Theresa that Jared is there, and how much of a help he is being.

Theresa offers her help to Jared, who brushes her off. Whitney asks her to give Jared some time.

Theresa asks Ethan to speak in private. Ethan lets it slip that he and Gwen will be leaving town by the end of the year. Theresa is distressed at the news, thinking to herself that if she is honest, she'll lose little Ethan. When Ethan asks what she wanted to talk to him about, she covers, telling him that she's sure Eve and Whitney are thankful for his help.

After she leaves, Ethan realizes that this is the second time she has tried to tell him something.

At Salem PD, Luis gets ready to go on the call to the Lobster Shack.

Fancy tags along, and on the way over there, he tries to persuade her to go back to designing. She admits that she enjoyed her first day, and he confesses that she did a good job.


Back outside of the Lobster Shack, the ladies thrash the thugs, and Simone gets knifed!

Luis shows up just in time, with a gun trained on the attackers. More police arrive and take the punks away! While Jessica helps Simone get cleaned up, Luis agrees to let 'Cadet Lopez-Fitzgerald' watch the process of booking the thugs. In order to find the knife, Fancy has to get into the dumpster to search! She's appalled and disgusted, but goes to work!

Fancy finds the knife, and Luis tells her that he is proud of her and gives an apology for being so hard on her.

Pilar meets up with Theresa, who shares Ethan's news. Pilar still has a positive outlook that the two could be together, while Theresa stomps on that notion. She tells her mom that she can't bear to lose Jane, and little Ethan, and refuses to be honest.

Whitney tries to talk to Jared on Theresa's behalf. Chad pitches in to tell them about Theresa's history, and how she is a good person. Jared is deep in thought, but since he can't trust Theresa, he can't forgive her.

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