Jared plans on popping the question

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Jared plans on proposing to Theresa, Tabitha has proof Miguel did not betray Kay, and Fancy lies to Luis.

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Kay still loves Miguel

At the tuxedo shop, Fox takes time to talk on the phone to his father about how well his plan is going. Kay has no idea that what she witnessed were two actors making love not Miguel and Charity. Soon he will be married to Kay and they will live happily ever after.

Noah and Miguel arrive at the tuxedo shop to be fitted for tuxedos. They talk about how strange Kay is acting. "One moment she says she is calling off the wedding and now she won't even talk to me." The only thing Miguel knows for sure is that he is losing Kay.

The three men are in their tuxedos now. Fox is very pleased at how well the tuxes turned out. He leaves to talk with the shop owner. After he goes, Noah mentions that he can't get over Fox's attitude. For a man about to die he is amazingly happy. Miguel feels he would be happy too because a month with Kay is like ten years with any other girl.

"This is insane! I am about to be Best Man to the man who is marrying the girl that I love." Miguel feels horrible. He's racking his brain trying to think of ways to stop the wedding. Maybe he should just come clean and tell Fox the truth about his feelings. "As a matter of fact I think I should right here, right now."

Miguel rushes off to find Fox but Noah stops him. He reminds Miguel that Kay told him not to tell Fox. If he does, she will be even more upset. Noah asks Miguel if he is sure he didn't do or say something to make Kay change her mind. Miguel is sure. Their only problem is Charity. He suddenly has an idea. Maybe it would help if he proves he is completely over Charity. He decides to find Charity and have her tell Kay they have both moved on. Even though Miguel didn't have luck after searching for Charity for a year, he is sure will find her. He has to. He will ask Luis for his help.

Fox hides behind a rack of tuxedos, eavesdropping on the men. He hears Miguel's idea about Charity. There is no way Fox will let that happen! Fox vows that he will do anything to stop Miguel from being with Kay.

Simone finds a listless Kay stretched out on the couch in the parlor. Kay is hurting because of Miguel but Simone wants her to snap out of it. Miguel cheated on her and then acted like it never happened. Kay knows she should concentrate on making Fox's last months of life great. She does love him but Miguel is in her heart. He is the man she really wants to marry.

Kay feels stupid for still loving Miguel after what he did. Simone encourages her friend to stand firm and not let Miguel ruin what she has with Fox. She wants her to flaunt the wedding in Miguel's face so he will see what he missed" Don't let Miguel hurt you ever again." Kay considers what Simone tells her.


Tabitha sees the truth

After a shameless network plug, Tabitha gets back to work on her problem. She sits down with Endora at the table in her kitchen and looks at all the spellbooks in front of her. She has been pouring over them trying to find loopholes in the prophecy concerning Miguel and Charity making love. They all confirm that the Dark Side will come to an end if the two do the deed but so far nothing has happened. Tabitha and Endora agree that something is wrong. Even the boys in the basement concur. They blow smoke through the vent and roar in agreement.

Endora telepathically tells her mommy that maybe it wasn't the real Charity that everyone saw. Tabitha is sure she saw Charity but decides to rerun the footage in her bowl one more time to make Endora happy. She sees Charity in the bowl again. She would recognize that vacant stare anywhere. Endora suggests using "x-ray vision." With a little juice and extra light courtesy of Endora, Tabitha reruns the bowl again. "There they are. Taking off their clothes again!" She zooms in and gets a better look. "You were right Endora. It wasn't Miguel and Charity." She now sees that they are imposters with latex masks. Miguel didn't betray Kay!

Tabitha is so excited and overjoyed. She wants to tell Kay right away. She is certain Kay will forgive Miguel once she knows the truth. Tabitha goes to leave the house but Endora uses her magic and locks the door. Tabitha pleads with Endora to let her out but Endora wants Fox to marry Kay and won't cooperate. Tabitha believes that Kay belongs with Miguel and Fox with a woman that truly loves him. Endora may be a stubborn little devil but this is one fight she won't win. "I am going to tell Kay the truth!" Simone and Kay have come into the house and hear this last statement. "What truth?"

Tabitha is so happy to see Kay. Now she can tell her the sensational news. Tabitha opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out. Tabitha turns and looks at Endora. The child won't let Tabitha tell Kay. Tabitha tries time after time to speak but no words come out. Kay suggests that Tabitha write down the news. Tabitha runs to the counter and gets some paper to write on. Kay grabs the paper and reads it. Her face frowns as she concentrates on the words.

Kay takes Tabitha to the side and asks her why she wrote the things that she did. It was a list of witchy things, something Simone shouldn't see. She decides that Tabitha isn't feeling well and leaves with Simone to check the bridesmaid dresses. As soon as they leave, Tabitha's voice returns. "We have to tell Kay that the people she saw making love were imposters! You are just going to create trouble for the three of them for years and years to come."

Little Ethan bounces into his mother's office with Theresa and Jared behind him. They talk about what a great time they had skating. Little Ethan hugs Jared and thanks him. "I promise that we will do this again," Jared says to Little Ethan. Theresa watches them both, beaming with happiness.

Little Ethan is at the laptop while Jared and Theresa sneak kisses. Whitney interrupts the happy threesome for a talk with Theresa. Jared takes Little Ethan to the Book Caf so the women can be alone. After the boys leave, Theresa gushes about how well her favorite guys are getting along. "I can't see how anything could go wrong for us now."


Theresa wants Whitney happy too

Whitney is happy things are going well for Theresa and Jared. Theresa wishes that her friend could be happy too. She knows Whitney loves Chad. She just needs to stop these suspicions. Chad must be serious because people don't give ultimatums unless they are. That's all Whitney can think about but she still doesn't trust him. " Well, then you need to break off your engagement to Chad."

Theresa wants her friend to have a fantastic wedding but Whitney doesn't want to marry just because it would be fun. Theresa offers an alternative. She can have her private investigator find out if Chad was cheating on Whitney. Then she will know for sure either way. Theresa holds the phone receiver in her hand, ready to call the investigator. It's up to Whitney.

Whitney tells Theresa that she doesn't want to have the investigator check out Chad. "I love him so much but I can't shake this feeling." Theresa tells her best friend not to lose Chad over some feeling. "You have to take a leap of faith and trust him, the same way that I trust Jared."

Little Ethan is beating Jared at checkers. They are having a blast. It is cut short when Little Ethan's nanny appears. Before Jared leaves, Little Ethan asks, "Do you really like my mom?" Jared lets him in on a little secret. "I love your mommy." Little Ethan asks him if that means he is going to be his dad. First Jared wants to know if he would like that. When Little Ethan answers yes, Jared tells him he hopes so too.

Ethan is sitting in The Book Caf talking on the phone to JT. He tells him that he has already called his friend at the IRS. Now JT has to deliver on his part of the deal. Ethan wants to know every detail he can find about Jared but he has to be discreet. No one is to know that Ethan is behind the investigation. Chad walks into the restaurant and hears Ethan badmouthing Jared again. "Who are you talking to about Jared?"

Ethan pretends that he is talking to Gwen and gets off the phone. Chad sees right through him. He knows it's killing Ethan watching Theresa with Jared but he needs to let her find love again. Ethan admits that he wants Theresa to be happy. Chad gets up to get something to eat. Ethan talks to himself. "I do want Theresa to be happy, just not with Jared. He is not the Mr. Nice guy that everybody thinks he is. And I am going to prove it."

When Chad returns, Ethan brings up Whitney. Chad tells Ethan not to ask. "You know I can't go on like this so I gave her ultimatum. Either we get married by Christmas or we are through." This makes Ethan recall their conversation about adultery. "Does Whitney have reason to be suspicious?"

Chad is resentful that Ethan would question his loyalty to Whitney. Ethan studies him and gives him a warning. It's hell losing the woman you love. Chad could lose Whitney for good and then where will he be. Can he imagine her with another man? Chad wonders if they are still talking about him. Their conversation is interrupted by a call on Chad's cellphone. Chad tells the caller he is on his way and leaves. Ethan ponders whether Chad knows what he is doing.


Jared plans to propose

Chad waits at a jeweler and soon Jared arrives. Jared is flashing his dimples. "I need you to help me pick out an engagement ring for Tess."

Ethan sees Little Ethan and his nanny at the restaurant. He stops by to talk. Little Ethan tells about all the fun that he had with Jared. Ethan offers to take Little Ethan on a play date real soon. Little Ethan shares a secret with Ethan. "I am going to have a new daddy." Ethan looks dumbstruck.


Luis and Fancy can

Fancy is at the police station thinking about graduation and how great it will be when she is a police officer. Not only will it be something she achieved on her own, it will also mean she can start her life with Luis. Luis enters the station and tells Fancy that he is so proud of her. They get closer and closer to each other until they are in each other's arms, kissing passionately.

Fancy pulls away from Luis. Someone might see them kissing. They're both having a hard time keeping their hands to themselves but they know they won't have to suffer much longer. "When you graduate, I have a surprise for you. I have booked time off for the both of us." Luis pushes Fancy under some plastic mistletoe and uses the Christmas tradition as an excuse to kiss again.

Sam is setting up a trap to catch a peeping tom and needs a female officer to be at the house as bait. Fancy eagerly volunteers but Luis won't hear of it. Since Luis is in charge of cadets, Sam defers to him and picks another officer.

Sam calls Luis over so he can talk with him alone. Fancy decides to go over to the undercover cops and ask them about the operation. The officer who got the job over Fancy tells her that she had to cancel a special date with her boyfriend to do this sting. "He is going to be really disappointed." Fancy tells the girl to go. "I will take the assignment for you." She has no plans.

The officer is thrilled to let Fancy take her place and runs off to tell her boyfriend." Bert, the other cop, worries that Fancy won't be ready for this but Fancy is sure she can handle it. She thinks it will be a walk in the park.

Fancy and Bert are at the house. Bert instructs her on how the sting is going to go down then leaves her alone in the house. Her phone rings. It is Luis and he asks what Fancy is doing. She lies and says she is wrapping presents. He hopes that she doesn't mind that he didn't let her go on the sting. Sex crimes are too dangerous.

Outside Bert radios in that he and the other undercover officer are in place. To the left of Bert, a man dressed in black appears. He wears a ski mask and carries a switchblade, which he snaps open. He watches unsuspecting Fancy through the window.

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