Ethan strikes a deal with JT

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Eve receives a blackmail note, Sheridan seeks Eve's help, Ethan makes a deal for dirt on Jared, and Chad gives Whitney an ultimatum.

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Eve gets a blacmail note

Eve enters her office, ready for work. She sits down and goes through her mail. Her attention is caught by an envelope addressed to "Dr. Know-It-all" from letters cut out from a magazine. She reads the letter. "Oh no! Oh no this is impossible."

Eve sees that the envelope has no stamp and knows that it was delivered by hand. She calls the secretary and informs her that someone has been in her office without permission. Unfortunately, the secretary was away from her desk and didn't see who the intruder was. Eve advises her to keep the office locked when they are not around. After she hangs up, she worries about who could possibly have found out this information.


Ethan wants the dirt on Jared

Ethan barges into JT's apartment He grabs JT by the collar and kicks the door shut. He orders him to tell him the truth. JT feigns innocence at first which causes Ethan to get rougher. He pushes JT down on the table. He wants to know who sent that file revealing his true paternity.

Rebecca listens intently from her hiding place in the bathroom. "You better keep your big mouth shut, or you're a dead man."

Ethan proposes JT take a lie detector test but JT refuses. Ethan tightens his grip until JT remarks that strangling him for the truth won't make Gwen proud. Ethan lets go but informs him he isn't leaving without the information. JT won't accept that. He has places to go, people to see. Then they will see them together but first Ethan needs to use the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Rebecca panics. "Ethan can't find me in here. What am I going to do?" She looks around the room for someplace to hide. There is no place.

In spite of JT's protests, Ethan enters the bathroom. Randy Rebecca peeks from behind the shower curtain at Ethan doing his business. Ethan thinks that he hears someone and investigates. He pulls aside the shower curtain but finds no one.

Poor Rebecca hangs out the window, clutching the ledge with her hands. Ethan sees the open window and slams it shut. Rebecca screams as she falls to the ground.

Ethan comes out of the bathroom none the wiser. JT figures out that Rebecca escaped through the window and keeps silent about it. Ethan grabs JT again and demands the truth. When JT isn't forthcoming, Ethan pushes him away in frustration and heads toward the door. He spies a picture of Jared among JT's magazine clippings. "What do you know about this guy? Because I want to know everything about this guy. Everything."

He grabs JT by the collar again. "If you don't tell me everything that I need to know about Jared Casey, you are going to be in pain." Ethan is so focused on Jared, he has forgotten all about the tabloid leak. "You help me get the goods on Jared Casey so I can help out a friend of mine. I'll help you make nice with Uncle Sam." JT jumps at the deal. If there's anything rotten to find, he's the one to find it.


Gwen is concerned about Sheridan

Gwen tries to comfort Sheridan who is crying her eyes out. Sheridan feels like a fool for breaking down in such a public place like the park. She fears that she is going crazy because of all the bizarre things she has done lately. Gwen assures her that it is only human nature for her to be jealous but Sheridan believes her jealousy has gone to another level. "I can't help it. I just want to hurt Fancy."

"I feel like there's someone inside me, someone mean, cold, and she's just getting stronger." Gwen thinks that Sheridan should go and see Eve. Sheridan resists at first but eventually allows Gwen to take her to the hospital.

Luis and Fancy watch as Gwen leads a sobbing Sheridan out of the park. They don't have a clue about what is wrong with her. They heard her crying "I lost him." They assume she is talking about Marty when in actuality she is mourning losing Luis. Fancy feels she can afford to be understanding and suggest Luis go to Sheridan to comfort her.Luis doesn't think it would be a good idea since Sheridan blames him for Marty's death. He stays with Fancy and allows Gwen to help Sheridan. She's Sheridan's best friend anyway.

Fancy brushes it aside and is ready to enjoy herself. She suggests that they go skating. However, Luis mood has changed to guilt. "She didn't even look at us." He thinks it's all his fault. If it weren't for him, Marty would still be alive.

"Luis, I refuse to allow you to believe that. This doesn't help anyone." Luis still can't help feeling guilty.

Fancy doesn't have to go back to the station and offers to grab a bite to eat together. Unfortunately, Luis has to go back. He has a stack of paperwork waiting for him. They decide that they should play it safe and not spend any alone time together. Luis doesn't think he could keep his hands off her. They go their separate ways.

Fancy arrives home and discovers the flowers that Luis bought her are dead. She recalls what Sheridan said about every day a flower lives means a decade of love. She discounts this because that would mean their love never had a chance.

The phone rings. It's her girl friend, Esme. She is glad she called because she needs to talk to a friend. She tells her how much she loves Luis and that he says he loves her too. The question of sex obviously comes up and Fancy tells they're waiting until she graduates. She explains the cadet rule about fraternizing. "So we just have to wait. It's the right thing to do. But it is so hard. But it's worth it, though. So, please keep your fingers crossed for me, because Luis is the best thing that has ever happened to me. "

Sheridan sits down with a sigh. She is very sorry for how she spoke to Eve last. Eve understands.
Sheridan confesses, "You were right. What you said. Every word. I can't stand seeing Luis and Fancy together. It's driving me absolutely mad. Eve asks if she has done anything that she might be ashamed of. Sheridan remembers spying on Luis and Fancy and the salting of Fancy's flowers. "Yes, I might have done something."

Sheridan asks if Eve thinks she is sick. " No, honey. Not at all. I did think, however, that something like this might happen. "She only wishes Sheridan had talked to Luis about her feelings. Sheridan thinks that it is too late to talk to Luis now. He is in love with Fancy and she is sure now that she has lost him for good.

Gwen is back at home. She calls into work to get the rest of the day off. After she hangs up, she hears a noise. By the smell of it, she thinks it must be rats. She opens a door and finds Rebecca. A filthy and bedraggled Rebecca falls into the room.

Gwen asks Rebecca what happened to her but Rebecca needs a drink before she can talk. Gwen gives her water instead over Rebecca's protests. She explains everything that happened at JT's including Ethan showing up. Luckily, when she fell out the window, a garbage truck broke her fall. Gwen is more worried about why Ethan was at JT's apartment than her mother's predicament. Rebecca tells her that Ethan wants to know the truth about the tabloid information. "I paid JT to keep his mouth shut, so he better." Rebecca is sure that JT won't spill his secrets and tells Gwen that she has nothing to worry about.


Jared couldn

Jared, Theresa and Little Ethan continue to bond at the park. Little Ethan and Theresa talk a reluctant Jared into skating with them. He never learned how and is terrified to start now. Theresa and Little Ethan are happy to teach him how to skate. With a little coaxing from Theresa, he decides to give it a try.

Jared is very shaky on his skates but this is part of the fun. Everyone is having a great time. When they think Ethan isn't looking, the two steal a kiss. "Eeeww," Little Ethan caught them but they think his reaction is cute.

Theresa and Little Ethan laugh at Jared's attempts at skating. Little Ethan offers to give Jared more lessons but Jared has had enough. He doesn't like being so unsteady. Theresa tells him all he needs is to take a leap of faith. She offers her hand and he takes it. They skate off, holding hands.

Jared is finally getting the hang of it especially the part of learning from each other. Little Ethan suggest they do it again tomorrow. Jared smiles broadly.

Whitney and Miles are at the park playing in the snow when Chad arrives. He sees this as a perfect opportunity to enjoy the day as a family. Whitney doesn't know if she can do that so Chad forces the issue. "Let's start fresh today. And I was hoping that the light of day would let you see how wrong you are." Unfortunately for Chad, after thinking about it the night before, Whitney still can't trust him.

Chad stares at Whitney, making her uncomfortable. He doesn't understand where all these suspicions are coming from. They can't be because of what Rebecca said. She's a nut job and a world class liar. Whitney agrees but Rebecca only confirmed what she was thinking all along. Besides, Rebecca had nothing to gain from telling her about Chad at the motel. Chad suggests that she is a troublemaker and a drunk. "People tell the truth when they are drunk, Chad."

Whitney changes the subject and turns her attention to Miles. "He is having the time of his life," Whitney says. Chad points out that he is playing alone when it should be the three of them. He asks her to have faith in him. Chad tries to convince Whitney to come home with Miles and have the life they always dreamed of. Whitney stands firm. She can't help the way she feels.

Whitney needs more time to think but all Chad needs is Whitney. "I need you in my heart and in my bed." He is sick of her putting up barriers between them. He gives her an ultimatum. "Marry me by Christmas, or we're finished."

At first, Whitney can't believe he is serious but he assures her he is. Her actions are killing him and he won't take it any longer. Whitney finds his ultimatum unfair. That is her choice. She needs to make up her mind. Whitney can't believe he is doing this but the ultimatum stands. Chad kisses Miles and then walks away.


Chad's a dirty, dirty boy

Whitney watches Chad go and then starts shouting for Theresa. Jared tells her to go to her friend. He will take Little Ethan to get some hot chocolate. Theresa runs to Whitney to find out what's wrong. Whitney tells her it's Chad. She thinks she has lost him.

Whitney tells Theresa about Chad's ultimatum. "Chad is not cheating on you. We both know how much you love him. Don't you dare lose him."

Chad is back at the infamous motel, He calls to his lover who is already in the shower. Chad hurriedly undresses. "Hurry up in there. I can't wait much longer. I need you so much!"

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