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    Passions - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Passions' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Calling All Passions Fans!

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    Have you ever wanted to make history? Sure you have, but even if you haven't, here's something you can get excited about. In celebration of our beloved soap's move to its new home on DIRECTV 's the 101, fans are encouraged to come out to a special Halloween event. The upcoming haunted holiday will also mark one other thing worth celebrating: The birth of Harmony's ultimate witch, Tabitha Lenox (Juliet Mills). Show your support and come out to see... » Read More

    Former Passions Stars Go Primetime

    Tuesday, October 09 2007

    Former Gwen Hotchkiss, Natalie Zea, can currently be seen on ABC's new critically acclaimed prime time soap Dirty Sexy Money . Airing on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM, the show concentrates on the descent into decadence of an idealistic lawyer as he's brought into the all-consuming orbit of the ludicrously wealthy Darling family of New York. Zea plays the serially divorced middle daughter Karen Darling. The show also stars Peter Krause, Donald... » Read More

    Passions Now Available Online

    Friday, September 28 2007

    Since Passions ' move to DIRECTV was announced, fans of the show have been asking if the show would continue to be available online. After a few months of hints and speculation, the network has made public that it will indeed be offering the show. It shall be streamed online as before on the official NBC page which is where it will continue to be available. The only catch is that the show will now be offered on a subscription basis. Fans... » Read More

    Passions: McKenzie Westmore's New Gig

    Monday, September 24 2007

    Passions ' McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan Crane) is going to become a much more visible face on television screens soon. Her new gig is a long way from the streets of Harmony, however,or any other soap for that matter. In fact, it will mostly be visible to the world of Wall Street, at least for now. The multi-talented McKenzie has managed to become the current face for Zippi , in a campaign targeted to the financial district to be figured... » Read More

    Jamie McMurray Guest Stars on Passions

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    Passions will be getting a surprising guest star next week when renowned NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray drops in. The script for the episode called for 'a real NASCAR driver' and, well, they really got one. McMurray recently won the Pepsi 400 in a photo finish finale that was the closest in their history. On his way to another racing event, the thirty-one year old Joplin, Missouri native dropped by the show's set at Studio City in California to... » Read More

    Passions at

    Tuesday, September 11 2007

    We've been receiving a lot of concerned notes from people about Passions so far this week. Just so that there are no more misunderstandings, here is what is happening. Passions completed its airing on NBC on September the 7th. After that date, the show will no longer be airing on NBC or any of its affiliates. The show will continue to air its new season beginning on September the 17th. From that date on it shall air exclusively on... » Read More

    Passions: Casting News. Who is recurring?

    Wednesday, September 05 2007

    Although I'm sure that you all know, for those who don't, Passions ends its run on NBC this week with the final episode airing on September the 7th. After that date, the show will be available on DIRECTV beginning on the 17th of September. There are also plans to continue making it available online but not all details have yet to be released.

    Now to the casting information. First, if you are interested in who is continuing... » Read More

    Heidi Mueller Blogging Event

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    You can catch the always enchanting Heidi Mueller (Kay Bennett) online this Wednesday, September the 5th at 4 PM PST. She'll be doing an online blogging event over at the official NBC site . Anyone looking to get the lowdown on the future of Harmony's most incompetent witch will want to check it out. With rumors still floating around about the future of her two great loves, Miguel and Fox, she's sure to have something to tease the fans of either... » Read More

    Passions pre-empted on Labor Day

    Thursday, August 30 2007

    Passions shall be pre-empted on Monday, September the 3rd (Labor Day). In its place, you can watch the PGA Golf's Deutsch Bank Championship, if you are so inclined. The show will return to its regular time on Tuesday.

    And...just a reminder to Passions fans that next week is the last week that the show will be airing on NBC before its move to DIRECTV . After Friday, September the 7th, Passions will only be airing on... » Read More

    The Head Floats Into Harmony

    Monday, August 27 2007

    As Passions reaches the end of its run on NBC , faces old and new have been passing through the crazy little town of Harmony faster than they have in years. With the 'end' looming, a death or two in store and a small exodus of characters amid catastrophe, the future may be looking grim for some. Perhaps the best character to give some answers in the chaos is expected to arrive on the scene soon. This week, we'll see a reappearance of the... » Read More

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