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    Passions - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Passions' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    There were no news for selected period, you are looking at the news archive.
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    Passions Fan Fiction: Theresa, Ethan & Whitney Confess Their Secrets.

    Monday, March 26 2012

    Theresa faces prison charges, Ethan denies an affair, and Whitney reveals a shocking truth.

    "Passions" has been off the air for quite a while but has attempted to resurrect the over-the-top storylines, and corny magic of this soap by writing fictional stories about what is happening in Harmony.

    The first Passions Fan Fiction installment reminded us that there is no place like Harmony. In our last... » Read More

    Passions Fan Fiction: Secrets, Lies, and No Alibis

    Monday, February 13 2012

    The Children Escape, the Adults are Captured, and Secrets are Revealed.

    Now that "Passions" is no longer on the air, is honoring the show by offering fans a chance to imagine life in Harmony from a fictional perspective. Hoping to recapture the over-the-top storylines and corny magic of this soap, we began fantasizing about our beloved soap in 2011. When last visited our version of Harmony, the children were being... » Read More

    Passions Fan Fiction: Mischief and Mayhem Around Harmony

    Monday, January 16 2012

    Endora Battles Hecuba, Fancy Plots Against Sheridan, and Julian Fights to Save the Crane Fortune.

    Now that "Passions" is no longer on the air, is honoring the show by offering fans a chance to imagine life in Harmony from a fictional perspective. In December 2011, we imagined that Tabitha was praying for her powers to return as the adult residents discovered that their children were mysteriously vanishing. Be sure to... » Read More

    Passions Fan Fiction: Ethan and Theresa are not Fated.

    Wednesday, January 11 2012

    Final decision.

    "Passions," despite being outlandish, unpredictable and completely over the top, was built on a few certain truths. One of those truths was that Ethan and Theresa ─ like Luis and Sheridan and Miguel and Charity ─ were "fated" to be together. But what if, like an elaborate dream sequence customary on the show, this couple was not meant to be together. How would that have changed things for them? Probably not with... » Read More

    Passions Fan Fiction: Saving Harmony.

    Wednesday, December 21 2011

    Can Tabitha Regain Her Powers To Fight Evil And Save Harmony Once Again?

    In the series finale of "Passions" in August of 2008, we watched Tabitha relinquish her powers and confess all of her sins in order to save the great town of Harmony. It is still hard to imagine Harmony without Tabitha’s delicious tidbits of evil as she manipulates her neighbors through spells and potions.

    When we revisit Harmony in 2011, we... » Read More

    Ex-Passions' Justin Hartley In Castle.

    Tuesday, November 29 2011

    Another Primetime gig.

    TVLine is reporting that former "Passions" star Justin Hartley (ex-Nicholas Foxworth Crane) will be making a guest appearance on the ABC hit show "Castle." Though "Castle" returns on Monday December 5, Justin will air in the 13th episode titled "An Embarrassment of Bitches" as the boyfriend of a Kim Kardashian-like reality TV star.

    Since leaving Daytime behind, Justin is best known for his... » Read More

    Ex-Passions' Adrian Bellani Sells Heath Ledger's Home. (Video...

    Friday, September 23 2011

    On the market.

    Former "Passions" actor Adrian Bellani (ex-Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald) is currently selling his Hollywood Hills home, which was previously owned by Heath Ledger "The Dark Knight," "Brokeback Mountain," "Lords Of Dogtown," and "The Patriot"), who passed away back on January 22, 2008. Prior to Heath, Ellen Degeneres of "The Ellen Degeneres Show" owned the home.

    'The Treehouse' is listed for $2.995 million.... » Read More

    Ex-Passions' Justin Hartley To Chuck.

    Tuesday, August 09 2011

    Primetime gig.

    Former "Passions" actor Justin Hartley (ex-Fox), who's married to "All My Children's" Lindsay Hartley (Cara), has landed a guest starring role on the last season of "Chuck." Zap2it is reporting that Justin will appear in Season 5's second episode as Wesley Sneijder, a Dartmouth and Oxford-educated anthropologist who has walked a clean line unlike his brother, played by "LOST's" Jeff Fahey. Look for Justin's... » Read More

    Passions: Vote in the Third Annual Sudzies! (Votes are in!)

    Wednesday, August 05 2009

    Thanks for all who voted! The Sudzies are now over. You can view the complete list of winners in's Third Annual Sudzies Awards Winners !

    Welcome to the Third Annual Sudzies!

    These awards are for the 2008 season, so keep that in mind before you vote! Please be aware that this is the last time Passions will be a part of the Sudzies, as the show is no longer on the air. Note that if you post more... » Read More

    Saying Goodbye to Passions

    Thursday, August 07 2008

    As everyone knows, this has been the final week for Passions , barring some surprise resurrection in the future. Unlike some of the characters on the series, I have little faith in such things and have been watching the show quickly move to its fated conclusion. Now everyone has seen the conclusion and has gotten the ending they wanted or didn't want. Tonight, we can each say a little goodbye to all of our favorite characters. I know I'll say... » Read More

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